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The Annoying Alarm Clock

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Okay, so I'm leading up to the real story and I really hope that I haven't been boring y'all. Remember, as an author I would reeeeeeeeaaaalllly love for people who read to REVIEW! It's a great source of encouragement and motivation :)

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Emily's POV

My mom pulled out a wad of printer paper from her purse, a.k.a., she showed them our tickets. Section 4, Row K, Seats 30-35. Fun. I was still slightly pissed at myself for not buying at least ONE really expensive ticket to get up front.

"Hey mom, we're going to go to the other stage," I said motioning for Maria, Lisa, and Amanda to follow. My mom wasn't planning on moving unless she had to go to the bathroom, so we just left her there.

We dashed to the Zippo stage; I remembered it since this was the same amphitheatre where Buzz Bakesale was held. "Guys, trust me." I said as they all looked at the mess of crammed, sweaty people as the band was setting up. I started with a side approach, usually works for a while to go around the side as close as possible before weaving in between as many people as possible. I aimed for the hot guys just to give my friends a show. Everyone looked down as I squirmed my way through, muttering some nice remarks and some nasty ones. "Move it." I said to a girl I had seen laughing at my ensemble, she must not have been a fan.

"Are you lost?" one particularly large man asked me.
"Yes, I can't seem to find the way to the front of the stage." I replied, leaning on one side. He looked down on me, well, that wasn't new, and asked how old I was.
"Thirteen," I replied sweetly, "and yourself?"
He looked at me funny and walked away. "Thanks for clearing the way." I smiled as he walked away, seeing a new path ahead of me. Looking behind to see that everyone was still there, I gestured for them to hurry up so that we don't get separated.

Panting, I grasped my hand around the metal bar by the front of the stage. I looked back and screamed, "LET THEM IN!" as the pathway began to close up. After 3 wrestling minutes, we were reunited (and it feels so good! Sorry, couldn't resist... anyway). "Who's playing?" I asked the girl with the purple Mohawk next to me.
Without so much as a glance she replied, "Saosin."

I looked to my posse, "I think they're good. Wanna stay?" I asked them all. Lisa was probably the only one who had decided to listen to them and hear what they're like, and she agreed, so we waited for the band to finish setting up.

"HELLO FLORIDA!" they shouted out with a response of even more screaming from the crowd.

"Getting squished," Maria gasped. I scooted over so that she could get more room up front, hoping no one got annoyed.

"WE, ARE, SAOSIN!" they announced, diving into their set. Whether anyone knew the music or not, what happened next was just jumping and screaming our heads off to the pure raw energy of a live show. No one cared if they liked the music or not since there was too much energy not to get into it. I even saw Maria get crazy. She's not one to get crazy. I should know.

I suddenly shoved my hand into my front right pocket, finally grabbing a wad of paper. Unfolding it I showed everyone else the list. "Okay, these are the bands. We're probably going to see everyone on the main stage no doubt, unless they're having a meet My Chemical Romance thing. We saw Saosin which I wanted to anyway, I think Mindless Self Indulgence is supposed to be good, same with Madina Lake, any input?" I asked showing them the list. It went as follows:

Main Stage:
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Taking Back Sunday

Revolution Stage:
Mindless Self Indulgence
The Bled
Styles of Beyond
Madina Lake

Everyone looked over it and we agreed that we would listen to the first song of the set at least and decide if we wanted to stick around or not. Next up was the Bled. Scrunching my face the minute they began, we forced our way out of the crowd; I felt as though we couldn't get out of there quite fast enough. We rushed immediately to Starbucks by impulse, well, not so much impulse since I'd never actually had anything from Starbucks, but I knew a girl who knew a girl who also went to Buzz Bakesale and while at Starbucks, who was in line other than Bob Bryar, drummer extraordinaire. She even managed to get his lighter! Stalker-ish or not, I knew I had to spend some time at Starbucks just in case. Luck was not on our side, however.

"Another set I guess." I said disappointed. Amanda looked at me questioningly, I nodded my head slightly, confused but curious. She smiled, a plan no doubt.

Walking up to the man behind the counter, she slipped him a note. I have no idea what it said, but the person smiled and nodded. Amanda smiled, I had no doubt she was flirting with this guy. I couldn't contain my laughter, and in my attempt to, I began to shake uncontrollably.

"Oh shut up!" Amanda said, a grin stretched on her face signaling that her plan had somehow worked.

"What did you do?" Lisa said accusingly.

"What!" Amanda said innocently. She pulled out her phone, "Let's just say we don't need luck any more."

Not knowing exactly what she meant, I gave her a look. But in the end, as always, I trusted Amanda. If she had a good plan and it was set into motion, it usually ended up going well.

"Could you at least tell us what was in that note?" we begged.

Sighing in defeat, she leaned in close, "A picture of My Chemical Romance and my digits, then we exchanged a few words and let's just say he's the annoying alarm that wakes us up in the morning."

Finally realizing what she meant, I smiled gleefully, and evilly, jumping up and down clapping my hands like a fucking fangirl. Behind her sweet appearance, Manda had one hell of a brain.
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