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Horny Possums and Drumsticks

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Okay, from now on it's Emily's POV... pretty obvious though haha. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! I WILL SERIOUSLY STOP MYSELF FROM UPDATING FOR A WEEK IF YOU DON'T REVIEW! I think this one is longer than my previous chapters, and the excitement is just about to start. I think I already have the next chapter or 2 written out, so I'll put them up as soon as I'm done with this. Enjoy!

We found out that Styles of Beyond were after The Bled, and decided it wasn't worth it. Taking the opportunity to shop, since it was just like it had been at Bakesale. They had dozens of shirts, some for bands that weren't even featured at the concert. We ended up making the people at the registers extremely happy.

Smiling broadly at our buys, we headed back to the seats, flashing our tickets to the guards. We practically ran to my mother to drop our stuff off. Now, it would probably have been convenient if the Starbucks guy called right about now, but nope. So there we were, bored as fuck.

"Let's go back to the Zippo stage and get up front before the next performance." I suggested, everyone nodded in bored agreement.

Everyone filed out of the covered seated area as I looked behind me momentarily towards the stage. "Fuck" I thought to myself, discouraged to see the guards spread throughout the seats.

(Assuming the view is looking towards the stage)
The seats were arranged into 6 sections. There were 2 horizontal rows of sections with security guards separating them. In the row closer to the stage were sections 1, 2, and 3 (left to right); behind that was sections 4, 5, and 6 (right to left). So not only were we not as close as possible, but we were on the right side of the stage! Not that it was bad, but I knew that Frankie was always on the left side of the stage. Yes, I get pissed extremely easily.

Noticing how far ahead everyone was, and seeing as how I was the one supposed to be watching them since I had been to this amphitheatre before, I ran ahead to catch up. Apparently I walked in at the wrong time as they continued their conversation.

"Possums are fucking horny," I heard as I got into earshot.

"Um... what?" I asked bewildered as they looked back at me.

Of course, they all cracked up. I fumed, hating to feel left out.

Wiping tears away from her eyes, Maria went on to explain it to me. God bless her.

"Well, Amanda was talking about how much she LOVED Ray's hair. Then Lisa said there was probably creatures unknown living in it. Then I added the possibility of a family of possums renting out space in Ray's hair. Then Lisa said that possums were scary, then she told us about how her cousin Diego was attacked by possums and how Diego had told her that possums were horny which is where you came into the conversation" she said, a little out of breath.

"Of course! It all makes sense now!" I said in sarcastic amazement. These were the freaks that I called best friends... I need better standards.

We dropped the subject and walked in a comfortable silence to the Zippo stage.

"You guys trust me now?" I asked. They nodded in unison.

"Hey Emily?" Lisa asked before I started to lead the way.

"Um... yea?" I said, wondering what she could possibly say.

"Aim for that guy," she pointed devilishly to a guy who looked about 17 with green eyes, kind of skinny, simple clothing with her Black Parade Uniform hoodie, medium length messy black hair with and unnatural shade of red thrown in.

I smirked at her. "Your wish is my command." I stated, wiggling my eyebrows in amusement.

Heading toward him I could hear the band start. It was Madina Lake. He started jumping around and I had to agree with Lisa, he was hot. I bumped in to him, apologizing and lingering slightly. Then I continued only to have Amanda tap my shoulder and say, "I think Lisa made a pit stop."

Looking back, I could see she was right. Lisa was talking to that cute guy and I headed back. "Hey!" I said interrupting. Looking the guy in the eyes I said, "My name's Emily" and I offered my hand. Lisa had no idea what I was doing and looked at me like she wanted to strangle me.

"Hey, I'm Sean" he said shaking my outstretched hand. I must say, the name fit.

"Hi Sean. We're going to try and get up close, if you're daring enough you can come with." I said smiling kindly, leaving and snaking my way through. He must've been impressed by the paths I was able to find and followed, Lisa hot on his heels. I smirked to myself, I was good at keeping everyone together.

It took longer to reach the front this time since Sean had been hanging at the back in the beginning. Somehow he and Lisa were shouting loud enough to carry on their conversation. It stunned me, really.

Once again being sucked into the live music, I covered my head as I jumped up and down. In between songs, some girl asked why I did that. Smiling, I told her that being short wasn't fun when people were jumping because I had had many past experiences with being elbowed in the head. We laughed, my hand stayed on my head, we continued to scream and jump like fucking maniacs.

Then they started throwing picks but unfortunately towards the back of the crowd. However, the drummer threw his drumstick and it wasn't even close to making it over the fence, so I climbed up and reached out and down. Before security could stop me, I had snatched the drumstick... then I fell over. But the drumstick was secure in my hand, I can promise you that. As one security guard came to lift me up while the others caught crowd surfers, I raised the drumstick triumphantly.

"Hey, do you think I could get them to sign this?" I asked the security guard. Of course since I was short and adorable (and looked like I still belong in elementary school), he said yes.

"Wait, my friends are still in there, we can't get separated!" I said giving my puppy dog eyes. He sighed and made people clear a path so they could enter through the fence and go meet the band with me. Sean came too. I had a feeling I'd be seeing a lot of him.

We giggled like a bunch of fan girls for probably the 6th time that day (but who's keeping count?), even Sean pumped his fist in the air and hollered. Basically, we were rubbing it in everyone else's faces.

Stumbling towards the band, they smiled when I raised the drumstick proudly. "Dude, you need to throw farther," I said to the drummer as they approached us. He smiled, slightly embarrassed as he remembered his weak attempt to throw his drumstick into the crowd. I handed him a sharpie as he proceeded to sign the sacred stick of drumming, then he passed the marker and drumstick to everyone else in the band.

"Thanks! You guys were awesome!" I said as I took pictures of everyone with my camera. Sean eventually snatched the camera out of my hand so that I could get in some of the pictures.

I hugged each of the band members as a new security guard politely told us we should probably leave. We didn't see any other bands to bombard as we walked back towards the crowd, but we were content with the luck we had stumbled upon. Well, less of luck and more of my mad catching skills.

"That was awesome!" Lisa said hugging me as soon as we got out. "Seriously, I thought you almost died!" Remembering my how I had flip/ fell over the bar to catch the drumstick, I rubbed the back of my head.

It took about half an hour for Mindless Self Indulgence to set up, but we weren't going to move our sorry asses from the front row. They started with the usual greetings and saying how great it was to be here today, then started rocking out.

If you hadn't noticed the pattern before, we started jumping and screaming like a bunch of idiots. I occasionally sang if I remembered the chorus of a song and it was repeated.

About halfway through the second song, Sean fell and almost got trampled, but we managed to pull him up off the ground. He was pale as a ghost when we finally got him up, but all we could do was laugh.

Suddenly I felt someone practically ripping my arm out of my socket. Turning around, about to punch someone, I saw it was Amanda. She lifted her phone in front of my face; it took me a while to realize what she meant. I linked my arm with Lisa and she in turn grabbed Maria, apologizing to a confused Sean right before we ran like maniacs out of there.
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