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"Nope, these are all for me."

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"OUT OF THE WAY!" we shouted to everyone else's discontent. Finally escaping the crushing crowd of people, we let go of each other and ran like madmen, er... madwomen. Every fan for themselves. We slowed before anyone at Starbucks could see us, then approached the counter. Many people protested as we went straight to the counter. "Shut up, we're not buying anything," I told them, but they continued to piss at us anyway.

"Hey Ryan," Amanda said casually to the man behind the counter. He smiled, obviously he hadn't forgotten.

"Oh hey!" I said as I noticed who exactly was in line with us.

"Hey," Mikey said, smiling. Probably wondering how we found out about his coffee run.

"I'm Emily," I said, the same I had introduced myself to Sean. We shook hands, it was surreal.

"I thought you weren't supposed to be here," I said starting pleasant conversation as Ryan took his time with everyone else's orders before Mikey's. I'm guessing it was part of the plan, and hoped like hell for him not to notice. He looked at me, pleasantly confused.

"Sorry. I just mean that I read an interview about the tour and Gerard said you might not be accompanying the band again for this tour but that you join up at the next tour for sure." I quickly told him. He laughed. What?? He LAUGHED?

"Change of plans I guess." He said smiling. Wow, he was really smiley.

Before we could continue, someone else interrupted. I expected Amanda or Lisa, but to my disbelief it was... Maria?

"Hi, I'm Maria." She said introducing herself. Mikey laughed again as he shook her hand, but not in a mean way. I slowly remembered how, even though she didn't like MCR that much, Mikey was her favorite. Even without the glasses.

While they chatted, I took the opportunity to look at him in person. He actually looked great without the glasses... really really great. Not Frank great, but very good looking. Bits and pieces of information kept creeping into my brain, like how he had recently become bipolar. I think that was it...

Oh well, so we all pretty much had a blast talking to Mikey. I guess our small crowd hid him from anyone else's sights since no other crazed fans attacked him.

"Order up!" Ryan said, handing Mikey a tray of coffees.

I smiled wickedly at him, "So you guys send an errand boy." I said laughing. He was confused, poor Mikey. "I mean, you guys send one person for coffee instead of each coming to get your own." He laughed... again! I began to hate it when he did that, simply since I didn't understand.

Looking at the multiple cups of coffee, he shook his hand. "Nope, these are all for me."
I'm sorry. My jaw literally dropped. I waited for him to say, "Just kidding," but it never came.
"You're serious, aren't you?" I asked him. The look of shock on my face must've been incredible, but he actually didn't laugh this time.
"Yep." He said, then being pulled away as his phone rang. I grabbed his wrist while he was still talking, indicating for him to stay. Pulling my sharpie from my pocket and a napkin off the counter, I wrote down as quick as I could, then holding the napkin up for Mikey to see without interrupting his conversation.

"PICTURE?" it read in capital letters. To my disappointment, he shook his head. But not before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wad of small papers. I tilted my head as he counted us, then counted 4 slips. I couldn't tell what they were, but out of instinct I held up 10 fingers. He got the message and added what looked like 6 more pieces of paper. And he did it all on the phone.

We exchanged smiles and then he had to walk away. "Yea I'm coming, did I get the order right?" he asked reciting the coffee he had ordered. HA! So he was a messenger boy. I think... I smirked and tucked the papers safely into my pockets.

Amanda, Maria, and Lisa had turned away to order coffee the minute he got on his phone though, and hadn't seen a thing. The order came and they each grabbed a cup, Maria handed one to me. "Huh?" I asked confused.
"I ordered for you, trust me its good." She said, forcing me to trust her since I had never actually gotten Starbucks before. I sipped, it tasted like I'd had it before. I normally didn't have access to coffee and she told me that it was a Mocha Freeze with Caramel. I smiled and drank happily, it probably wasn't a good idea on her part since I was bound to become extremely hyper.

We headed back to the Zippo stage as they were finishing, but really, we couldn't be that bitter about missing the set.

The crowd dispersed, but we stayed to reconnect with Sean. Why? I honestly don't know. Lisa insisted though. He smiled as he caught sight of us, obviously he had come alone and hadn't planned on meeting up with anyone.

Approaching, he asked, "What was that all about?"

Lisa shook and squealed before screaming, "WE MET MIKEY WAY! MICHAEL JAMES FUCKING WAY!"

I laughed at her, but honestly, I felt the same. He was such a nice guy! Really, the shock that I had really met him JUST hit me. We all screamed like fan girls once again (7). Sean smiled, obviously slightly disappointed that we had left instead of dragging him with us.

"I'm sorry, we really have to meet up with my mom. Do you have seat or lawn?" I asked. He had lawn. I gave him our seat numbers and Lisa gave him her phone number, I knew it was for purposes other than just meeting up with him again at the concert. We began to walk off toward the covered seating area.

I stayed behind momentarily with Sean. Searching my pocket, I pulled out a slip of paper.
"We owe you, meet us there!" I said giving him the paper. I had managed to properly look at them while we were walking without anyone noticing. He scanned the paper and I swore he was about to scream.
"They don't know yet." I told him quickly. With his face lit up, he gave me a hug and let me run off to catch up as if nothing had happened. I turned as I ran and waved, only to see him doing a happy dance. I tried extremely hard not to laugh, but my attempts failed... miserably.

"What?" Maria asked suspiciously.
"Nothing! I just realized that we met Mikey Way, that's all! Seriously, he was soooo nice!" I said, and a whole conversation started. Lying was a gift to me, really.

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