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Chapter Five

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When Brendon let go of my hand, I noticed the time.

"Shit" I muttered under my breath. "I have to go. It was really nice meeting you all. Pete, keep your dog away from skunks. Patrick, you made the airplane ride much more enjoyable. Thank you."

"Hey can I give you a ride?" Pete asked as I turned to leave.

"Are you sure you should be driving? You've been drinking," I said, turning back.

"Good point. Do you want Patrick to give you a ride?" he asked again. I laughed.

"Patrick's been stuck with me all day. Plus, getting a taxi out here shouldn't be too hard." I responded. "Wait, I do have to get my suitcase. Fuck it, I can just come get it tomorrow."

"Naw, that's okay. I'm pretty tired anyway. Someone kept me from sleeping on the plane," Patrick teased, and I acted like I was offended. "I'll take you to the hotel and you can get a cab from there, okay?"

I agreed and we left the venue. We discussed the concert, and he told me more about the bands. Once at the hotel, he crashed on one of the beds. He was out in a minute, and I placed his hat on the bedside table and put a blanket over him. Grabbing the hotel stationary, I left him a note:


You were gone. You should sleep more...;)
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