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Chapter Four

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To the airport then the concert. Patrick and Alex bond. We meet Panic! Well, sort of...

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I love airports. People running around, getting pissed while going through security or trying to get on a flight. I found it all quite amusing. Flying with Patrick though meant that we didn't go through normal security. We also got on the plane last.

The plane was a regular jet, the 747 variety. I had flown several times before, so this really wasn't a big deal. However, I had never flown in 1st class. The seats were nice; large with more legroom than normal. Surprisingly, Hemingway got to stay with us. He got his own chair. Now that's what I call a spoiled pooch. He sure was adorable though. He had taken a liking to me, even though he protested his bath at first. Hemingway made himself at home between Patrick and I. Patrick looked completely composed.

"So have you flown a lot?" Patrick asked, hat pulled down over his eyes, head laid back, looking like he was going to fall asleep.

"Enough. Would you like some gum?" I asked. I hated having my ears pop.

"Sure," he said, taking the stick I offered to him.

"Are you going to take a nap?" I asked as we began to go down the runway. He looked over at me and smiled.

"Actually, do you mind talking for a while? These things are usually so boring I'm out in about fifteen minutes. I mean, if you aren't doing anything." He replied, after the annoying flight attendant's voice stopped.

"Well, as much as I love reading the sky mall magazines, I think I can pencil you in," I answered, putting the magazine back in the pocket.
For the next two hours we were joking like old friends. Sure, there were a few years age difference, but it didn't seem to matter. When we had landed, we were the first off the plane. We were whisked away in a private car.

"You can just drop me off at the entrance. I'll have someone pick me up." I said, patting Hemingway on his cute wrinkled head.

"Actually, I forgot to mention that. Do you have any plans tonight? Pete wants to you come to a concert tonight. He wanted to thank you in person and all. Plus, you'd get to see more of me!" Patrick said, saying the last part in a girly voice. I had to laugh.

"Actually that sounds like fun. I could use a little excitement. My break wasn't all it cracked up to be." I replied.

"Its all settled then. This is going to be great." Patrick said, settling back into his seat.

We were whisked away to a hotel, where I was able to change and freshen up a bit. Leaving Hemingway in the care of a friend of the band's, Patrick and I set off for the venue. It was large, and we had arrived after most people were inside. We entered through a backdoor and Patrick escorted me up a flight of stairs. Pete apparently had a private box. I vaguely knew what he looked like, but I smiled wider when a handsome man stood to shake my hand when I entered.

"Pete, you'll have to thank your groomer. This one's a charmer." Patrick said, and I gave him a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Or so he would like to think," I said, sitting down. Pete introduced me to the rest of the band who was in the box, along with some other people connected with Pete's label.

"So who's playing tonight?" I asked.

"Just some people on my label. You'll get to meet them afterwards," he said, lifting a beer bottle to his lips, taking a swig, then putting it down. "I figure you deserve a little something for your trouble."

"I cannot thank you enough. You've been so generous already! And Hemingway is a doll." I replied.

"Yeah he's a pretty cool dog. I hope you like this kind of music." He said.

"Oh she will," Patrick cut in.

The concert was amazing. I recognized the opening bands, and enjoyed hanging out with the people in the box. The venue was also nice, with beautiful architecture. Patrick noticed my interest, and I told him about my moment of insanity when I thought I wanted to be an art history major. He laughed.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked me, getting up.

"Some water would be good. Actually, I'll come with you." I said, following him to the bar. When we got back, I heard a voice that stopped me in my tracks.

"Who is this? His voice is beautiful! Wait, it is a he right?" I asked. Patrick laughed.

"Yes, it is a he, and yes his voice is beautiful. People say we sound a lot a like. Personally I think he's way sexier, but some people like the pudge," he said, poking his stomach.

"Oh Patrick you are like so totally dreamy," I said in a fake valley girl style. He laughed and pulled me into a hug. I pushed him off, and the rest of the concert went like this, a friendly brother and sister type banter. I happened to notice the band though, and I was surprised. They were really good, and I liked the sound. They had a lot of props and side stuff going on, which added to the feel.

Half an hour after the concert ended, the venue had been cleared out except for a cleaning crew.

"Ready to meet the band?" Pete asked, leading us to the stage.

The three bands were lounging around backstage. The rest of the people seemed to know everyone in the band, so I stayed near Patrick.

"Well my lovelies, I have a friend for you to meet. Now play nice," Pete said, pulling me forward in front of the group of musicians.

"What do you want me to do? Dance?" I asked after a moment of silence, doing a little jig. This evoked some laughs.

People began coming up to me, telling me their names and shaking my hand. I remember one in particular though.

"I am Brendon," a tall boy said, bowing, taking my hand and kissing it. He had beautiful dark hair and eyes, a gorgeous smile, and nice hands. I'm a hand girl, what can I say?

"Well aren't you debonair?" I asked, giggling at the gesture.

"This boy is my little heartbreaker. Isn't he cute?" Pete said, squeezing the boy's cheeks.

"Yes," I said to myself. "adorable."
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