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Chapter Three

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Vacation interrupted. This is all you're getting tonight!

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Some vacation. I had gone to this beach house on the shores of North Carolina with thoughts of relaxation and spending time with my cousins. However, I got stuck spending most of my time watching my cousin's daughter. Not that I didn't love Mallory; it just wasn't how I expected to spend my vacation. Mallory stuck to me like glue, realizing that I was the youngest female in the house. Somehow, that spelled out playmate. I was looking forward to going back to the Midwest to actually relax before I started school. As a college sophomore, I had big ambitions to be a veterinarian. The dog grooming was a side job I was hoping would look good on my resume. My grades and test scores were actually good enough that if I did well during the next four years, I was practically guaranteed a spot in the adjoining vet school when I applied. Oh yes, my future was bright and things were panning out just right.

While lost in a daydream about having my own private practice someday as well as packing my bags, Mallory bounded in and landed on the bed.

" Whatcha doing?" Mallory asked, picking up a pair of my black lacy panties and stretching them a little.

"What am I doing?" I said, grabbing my underwear back from the little girl's grasp and shoving them into my suitcase. "What are you doing?" I asked, tickling the little girl until she squealed with glee.

"And that Al is why we love having you around," Olivia, my older cousin said from the doorway. I had always admired my older cousin. She was a nurse, a successful nurse, who had started a family. Not to mention, she was incredibly beautiful: tall with light blonde hair. I could remember her wedding. I was nine and ever since then had wanted the same thing. Combined with her success and beauty, Olivia's husband was equally handsome and successful. A French businessman, they had met while she was studying abroad during nursing school.

"Hey Livi. It's a little complicated, but I'm leaving today. Work stuff, you know how it is." I said, putting my packed suitcase on the ground.

"Oh honey I was hoping you would be staying a little longer. Well, go tell the rest of the family. Is there anything I can do for you?' Olivia asked, hoisting Mallory onto her hip.

"Yeah I should go say goodbye to everyone. I'm assuming they're all on the beach?" I asked. Olivia nodded and I asked her to call a cab.

"We could take you!" Olivia said as Mallory hopped off her hip and ran out the door.

"No I'm actually doing some work out here. A client's dog got into some trouble with a skunk. It will be fine though." I said, following my cousin to the kitchen where she called a cab company.

Walking out to the beach, I couldn't help but smile at how the warm sand felt under my feet. I had ditched my shoes on the deck in hopes of finding my family. There, right in front of the house I discovered my other cousins, along with my aunts and uncles.

"Are you seriously spending the day on the beach in that?" my cousin Matt asked, observing the jeans and tee-shirt I was sporting. Matt was only a year older than me, but we weren't exactly close. He was a bit of a wild child, while I was more reserved.

"Actually I was coming to say goodbye. Something with work came up, and I'm leaving a little early." I said. This had actually been the perfect excuse to go home early. My family intended me to stay for at least another four days.

After exchanging goodbyes and hugs with my extended family, I walked back to the beach house. Mallory and Olivia waited out front with me for the taxi, and when it came, Mallory almost refused to let go.

The taxi driver was a nice older gentleman, with tanned skin and what seemed to be a Russian accent. I gave him the address and the journey ended two beachfront neighborhoods over. Sure, I could have walked, but with my suitcase it was quite a trek. My jeans were also sticking a little bit, and although it was August it was still warm to the Midwestern climate I was used to.

"Here you go young lady. You have a nice trip now," the taxi driver said. I handed him a wad of bills, and picked up my suitcase. The beach house was quite large, with multiple decks and was rather secluded. "This Mr. Wentz must be a very successful businessman. Then again, he might be here with family like I was." I thought to myself. With that, I rang the doorbell.

The red door opened, and a young man in a baseball hat with appeared. He looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Yes? Can I help you?" he said, appearing somewhat nervous. He readjusted his hat.

"Yes, my name is Alex. I was asked to help with a dog issue?" I said, feeling a little odd with the whole situation.

"You're Alex?" the young man asked, his eyes bulging slightly in disbelief. "No offense, but I was expecting someone a little more, um, you know, manly." He blushed slightly at the comment, and allowed her into the house.

"That happens more than you think. My real name is Alexandria, but my friends and family have called me Alex or Al since I was little," I explained, putting my bag down in the foyer. "Where is the poor dog anyway?"

"He's out here. He smells awful! I can't believe that Pete got someone on such short notice. Oh, I'm Patrick by the way." Patrick said leading the way to an enclosed deck.

The poor black and white mutt did smell, but I had encountered worse.

"The bathroom is down this hall, and the supplies you asked for are in there." Patrick said. "I'm going to go finish packing. If you need anything, just ask."

And with that, he left me to my work. The dog, dubbed Hemingway, was clean in about an hour, and dry a half an hour after that. A happier and much cleaner Hemingway bounded out the door towards Patrick, who had finished packing and was sitting on a chair in the living room, reading some magazine.

"Catching up on the latest Hollywood gossip?" I asked, taking a seat in the couch. He put the magazine down and that's when I noticed it. That's where I knew him from. He was on the front of the cover, along with the other members of his band: Fall Out Boy.

"Oh Jesus," was all that came out. I was rather shocked. Sure, I wasn't a super fan or anything, but I knew of their music.

"Crap. You're not one of those crazy fans are you?" Patrick asked, making an x with his forefingers. I had to laugh.

"No but I do know who you are. Is that going to be a problem?" I asked, hoping it wouldn't be.

"No. Things will be just fine. Are we ready to go? The flights in about 2 hours and you know you have to get there early and all that," he trailed off.

"Sure," I stated simply, going and grabbing my bag.

This is all you're getting tonight. REVIEW!!!
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