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Chapter Two

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A solution...

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"Hello?" a female voice answered.

"Um, yeah is Alex there?" Pete asked.

"This is she. Who is this?" the voice responded.

"Oh um. Wow." Pete said, slightly speechless. He was expecting Alex to be a guy!

"Hello? Do you have the right number?" she said when several seconds had passed.

"Oh yes. Ahem. I am a friend of your employer, Petunia, and I think my dog was sprayed by a skunk. She said maybe you could help me?" Pete replied, regaining composure.

"Petunia, eh? You do realize that I am not in Illinois at the moment, right?" Alex laughed.

"Yeah, that's why she gave me your number. I'm in North Carolina, and she said you were as well. Look, I have to be back in Chicago today. I obviously can't take the dog with me in his current condition. How long will it take to clean him up?" Pete asked.

"Well it really depends," she started. "Look, I'm not doing anything, how about I come over and clean him up for you. Especially if you need to catch a flight."

Pete thought over the options. He was pretty much famous, and he wasn't sure how she would respond. But he was a man in a crunch, and he would have to risk it. He also thought about how to get Hemingway back to Chicago. Then he got the perfect idea.

"That would be really great. Amazing actually. Okay if you come clean him up I'll give you $500. I also need to get him to Chicago. I'll book you a flight to bring him back, and then back here if you could." Pete said, crossing his fingers. "It will be an all expense paid trip, plus, oh, let's make it $600 for the trouble. I'm just really in a crunch right now."

"Wow that's far too much money Mr. what did you say your name was? she responded.

He might as well tell the truth. She would find out anyway.

"Wentz. But you can call me Pete." he said, hoping she wouldn't scream.

"Well Mr. Wentz, ahem, Pete, you have a deal. Give me an hour and you wont have to worry about the trip back. I was planning on leaving tomorrow anyway. And don't worry about paying me. A ticket back to Chicago is enough," she said.

"Now you're making me feel bad! This is your last day of vacation and I'm practically ruining it for you." Pete said, honestly feeling bad.

"Don't worry about it. Really. I'm glad to help," she said.

"Alright then, if you're sure." Pete said, giving her the address to the condo. "I'll probably be gone, but I'm sure I can talk one of my friends into staying here. He can catch the later flight with you."

"Wait, doesn't that defeat the purpose of me flying back to Chicago? You're friend could take him." she said.

"You're right, but I feel so bad about ruining your last day of vacation that I might as well give you a ride back to your destination." Pete said. "Thank you so much for doing this. I feel like I can't thank you enough."

Pete hung up but then got an idea. Of course! He would invite her to the concert! For the next hour, Pete, Joe and Andy rushed around trying to pack. They then jumped into a taxi and were off to the airport, leaving Hemingway and Patrick to wait for Alex. However, Patrick didn't know that Alex would be a girl...

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