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Takes place 2 years after Apocalypse, 1 year after the Phoenix. The mutant problem has grown and a obscure general named William Stryker thinks he has a solution. Has Scott/Jean, Wanda/Kurt, Kitty/...

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Chapter 15: Rescue


"Everybody brace yourselves!!!" yelled Scott over the blaring alarms.

The missiles were about to hit the back of the plane...The military was about to succeed here where it had failed back at the mansion. Jean desperately tried to focus her powers once again to stop these deadly projectiles, but due to the G-forces, the vibrations, and the overuse of her powers earlier she wasn't able to focus. Every last survivor on the plane then held their breath for the inevitable...When suddenly, an invisible force outside the plane abruptly diverted the missiles away and caused them to explode a safe distance from the plane.

"What?! Jean was that..."

"It wasn't me, Scott. I don't know what happened," replied Jean quickly in a confused tone.

"Vait! Look!" said Kurt as he saw the source of the force outside the window.

In the light clouds near the plane, two figures hovered in the wind. One was the unmistakable shape of Magneto while the other was the metal skinned Russian, Colossus. Two enemies that had fought the X-men in the past had just saved their lives. However, they weren't done yet.

"Come Colossus! It's time to strike back!" bellowed Magneto as he looked at the trailing fighter jets behind the Blackbird.

"I'm ready..." said the strong Russian, for he knew what was going to happen next.

Armed with his powers, Magneto let out burst of magnetic force that tore apart the metal skin of two F-15Es. Upon seeing this, the pilots of all the aircraft began to take action in an attempt to respond to this most unexpected turn of events.

"Evasive maneuvers!" said one of the F-16 pilots as he tried to fly in closer to shoot another missile.

However, his plane was suddenly rocked by a speeding metallic projectile that literally tore his jet in two. That projectile was none other than Colossus, whom had used Magneto's powers to his benefit to take out the wing leader. Now, all the planes were flying erratically from all the confusion that resulted from losing their leader and some went into retreat. The foolish few that tried to fight back, were met with a devastating blow from Magneto's powers.

"It's too late! We're pulling out!" said one of the pilot's back to the field captain on the ground.

"NO!" said the field captain as he slammed his communicator on to the ground, shattering it into many pieces.

Magneto didn't pursue the fleeing jets as the left the area. While part of him wanted to follow these craft and find the monster responsible for all this carnage, his most pressing concern remained his children. He had searched tirelessly for them for days...Worrying whether or not they had survived the attack that hit him, the Brotherhood, and the X-men. Now...He had a feeling that he was about to find out once and for all. Upon retrieving Piotr, the quickly made his way towards the X-jet, which was now flying on a more stable level.

In the plane, Scott was debating whether or not he should let them in. But being that they had just saved their lives, he felt that they at least deserved a chance. Looking back at Mystique, he couldn't help but wonder whether or not Magneto had changed as well as a result of all this. Like Mystique, neither he nor the rest of the X-men had heard from or so much as encountered Magneto since Apocalypse two years ago. While he was still technically an enemy, these past few days had bought on too many changes to hold on to the past anymore.

"Scott...What are you doing?" asked Jean as she saw him start to punch in some controls on the dashboard.

"I'm using emergency override to open the doors," answered Scott.

"Wait! You're going to let Magneto in!?" said Kitty, not at all sounding too comfortable with the idea.

"It's okay Kitty..." said Raven in quick response, knowing that even if Eric was still the same, she could use her alliance with him to placate any tension.

There wasn't much time to debate it any further. After a few more commands on the control panel, the hatch was opened and a powerful gust of air blew through the jet. Then...The master of magnetism quickly flew in along with his Russian associate. The door quickly closed behind him as he took in the sight before him. There were a lot less survivors than he had hoped to find...Only five from the looks of it. Out of breath from the fight outside, Eric Magnus Lensherr frantically scanned for his missing children as a fury of anxiety quickly took over.

"Wanda...Pietro! Where are they!?" demanded Eric as he eagerly looked over the group before him.

But before anyone could answer him, a new presence came up from behind him from the medical bay and spoke a single word.


Magneto promptly turned around to see his daughter now standing before him...Dazed and confused at his presence. She was beautiful...It was as if he hadn't seen her so long even though it had only been a little over a week. Then...In seeing the look in his living daughter's face...Eric actually felt tears form in his eyes...Something he hadn't felt in a very long time.

"Wanda...My God I was so worried about you!"

Wanda quickly fell into her father's embrace as he strongly wrapped her arms around her, thankful that she was alive and well here in his arms. A man so devoid of emotion was now wallowing in it as he heard her sob into his shoulder. The tears of his daughter...One of the last pieces left of his late wife, Magda...Seemed to wash over all the pain and suffering he felt from Apocalypse ever so briefly in the fury of the moment.

Although he still hated Magneto, Piotr was thankful that the man hadn't lost his children. And now that the search was over, he reverted back to his human skin and let out a sigh of exhaustion. This was quickly picked up by the watchful eyes of Kitty Pryde as she saw the distant look on the tall Russian's face. The young teenage girl was quick to undo her safety restraint and go over and greet the man that had so fascinated her during their fight with Apocalypse.

"Hey...Colossus right?" said Kitty as she made her way over to the tired man.

Piotr Rasputin's eyes met with the worried look of the girl he had encountered back in Egypt two years ago. She gave off an aura of innocence, kindness, and peace. But now there was a look of pain in her eyes as she looked up at his tall stature with her mesmerizing blue eyes.

"You...May call me Piotr...Or Peter if you like," said the Russian mutant.

"Were...You attacked as well?"

Colossus then let out a remorseful sigh as he remembered his fallen comrades back at the base in the mountains.

"Da..." he said solemnly.

"I'm sorry...We were all hit too. The mansion...The Brotherhood...And everybody else that was unlucky enough to be inside...Died."

Kitty felt her voice crack under the recollection of all the death that she had seen just a few days ago back at the mansion. And from the looks of it...Colossus had seen the same thing. Placing a hand on her petite shoulder, Piotr tried to alleviate some the young girl's distress while at the same time, finding comfort as well. Kitty then led him back to a seat next to hers so he could rest his tired body.

As the fury of emotion wore off for Magneto, he looked back at the small group of mutants that had survived the attacks. They all looked distant...Traumatized...And somewhat surprised that he had been the one to save them. It was evident that they had been through the same ordeal...With all the physical and mental stress included.

"Are you all that made it out?" asked Magneto somewhat solemnly as this sight only reinforced the heavy feeling of so much death.

Nobody said anything...Which was confirmation enough.

"What about Pietro? Where is he?" asked Eric as he now recalled the absence of his son from this picture.

He turned to Wanda, but the distant look on her face showed that it wasn't something that she wanted to talk about. The events from back at the boarding house still hung fresh in her mind and she didn't like recalling them. But luckily...Kurt stepped in and prevented her from going through such memories once again.

"He's in the medical bay in the back. He...Vas shot during the escape and..."

However, Eric didn't let the blue mutant finish as he quickly scrambled to back area where Kurt said his son now resided. Wanda was about to follow him...But before she did she mouthed a silent 'thank you' to Kurt for saying something that was hard enough for her to think about. It caused him to blush slightly, but he was quick to hide it.

Back in the cockpit, Scott and Jean had watched this scene unfold intently. From the looks of it...Magneto was somewhat different. His focus seemed entirely on his kids now...And for now, that was all Scott and Jean really needed at this point.

"I guess he didn't come here to fight," commented Scott as he watched Magneto disappear into the back towards Pietro.

"I guess so..." said Jean in agreement, feeling as though that he deserved as much a chance as Mystique.

As Eric entered the medical area where his son now rested, he gasped at the grizzly sight. There on a small medical table, a battered and wounded body lay asleep. He had dozens of bandages around his torso, arms, and legs. Each one of them was stained with blood and his pale face seemed even more devoid of color than usual. He was alive...But he had suffered. His own son had suffered...Because he wasn't there. Because of this sudden war...A war that by all accounts was the war he had been fighting for his whole life...Pietro now lay in this horrible state of being. Over and over again...He remembered Colossus's words back in New York.

'This is what you wanted is it not?'

This suffering...This death and all the agony that had come with it...Had this been what he truly wanted? Was he so great a monster that he would wish this upon his own children? The Magneto of two years ago may have said yes...But the Magneto of today...Wasn't so sure anymore. For a brief instant, Eric felt all the horrible images and feelings he had experienced while he was under the control of Apocalypse. All the nightmares...All the memories...Each one of them came crashing down upon his being like a ton of bricks. He had been forced to feel such horrible things while under that madman's control...And seeing his son so badly wounded only made him remember the monster he truly was. In the past...He had abandon Pietro, took his sister away from him, and betrayed him...And now he was lying here in a bloody heap because he was too stubborn to do the right thing. Looking over at Pietro's frail from, Eric Lensherr kept asking himself...What kind of monster does such things to his own children?

"I'm sorry...Pietro," struggled the old holocaust survivor as he gently placed his hand on his sleeping son's forehead, "I'm so sorry I let this happen. I failed you...I hurt you...I..."

However, Eric was not able to finish his words. He began choking on his own emotions and soon found himself unable to say anything more. It truly hurt...For he was supposed to be a man that was dead of all emotion...Wiped out by his mutation and his mind. Yet here he was...Drowning in all the fury of his own agonizing feelings of failure and remorse. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even notice Wanda coming up behind him.

"He almost died trying to save me you know..." said Wanda somewhat distantly as she watched her father hover over Pietro's bedside, "Those bullets he took...Every last one of them...Were meant for me. But...He pushed me out of the way, he...Saved my life."

Upon hearing this, Magneto turned his head to see the tear stained eyes of his daughter as she recalled the event that put her twin in a world of pain.

"He did die...At one point. He stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating," struggled the Scarlet Witch as she looked at the pained look on her father's face, "But...The X-men...Well, what's left of them...Saved him. Kurt...Mystique's son...Brought Pietro back to life. Scott...Got us away from the military. Jean...She treated him and all his wounds."

"They saved him..." mused Eric as he listened to Wanda's words.

"Yes..." replied Wanda as she placed a hand on her father's shoulder.

After everything he had put the X-men through and after everything they had lost as a result of this attack...They had saved his son's life. He hadn't been there...Yet they had. Pietro was alive now because of kind acts on the part of people he once deemed to be traitors. Now he was eternally indebted to them...These mutant soldiers, no students, that Professor Charles Xavier had helped and molded...Had saved his son. Whether or not his friend was still alive was another matter altogether...But in being told what his students had done for his children...He now knew more than ever that Xavier had proven him wrong in some ways.

"I wasn't there to protect you and your brother, Wanda..." said Magneto in a distant voice as he felt her touch, "I wasn't there...To help you both through this ordeal when you really needed me. I wasn't there...Like a father should be there for his children. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Don't think about the past now, Father," said Wanda as she heard the strain in her father's voice, "You're here now...You're with us. Pietro is going to live...We're still a family."


Magneto felt a strange sensation as he heard his daughter say that last part. As he looked back into her worried eyes...He remembered that she was still under the influence of Mastermind's memory modification. She still didn't know about him throwing her in an insane asylum as a child. If she did...He knew her words would be different. Part of him was screaming to tell her the truth...But the thought of losing her again kept him from doing so. Right now...His son was alive, his daughter was by his side, and he was with them now. His actions now would dictate whether or not it would stay that way. But as he looked at both Wanda and Pietro after searching so hard to find them...He made himself a solemn vow.

'Never again my children...Never again.'

Back in the cockpit, Scott had leveled off the plane at around 50,000 feet. With the mansion gone and the cave gone...There seemed to be nowhere else left to go now. They were in Canadian airspace now and they hoped that would provide at least some protection from the military...But it did little to give hope to their situation at this point.

"So where do we go now? Where else is there?" mused Kitty as she looked at the window and watched the beautiful Canadian landscape below.

"I don't know Kitty..." said Scott in response as he broke his train of thought.

"Well we can't go back to the states," said Jean somewhat sadly, knowing that her family was still back there, "And we don't know anyone here in Canada."

As the options grew increasingly grim, they were suddenly met with a deep voice that offered an answer.

"Perhaps I can help..." said Magneto as he stepped out of the medical bay and approached the cockpit.

"You...Like, why should we trust you?" shot Kitty somewhat harshly.

"I don't blame you for thinking that way..." responded Magneto, knowing beforehand that he would probably face such resentment, "But if you just give me a chance...Then I know I can show you...My sincerity."

Sincerity wasn't a word that anybody would have ever associated with Magneto. But looking back at Mystique, whom had been in a similar position with them only a few days ago, it didn't seem as outlandish as before.

"Okay...But why now?" asked Scott, still not thinking that Magneto had saved them other than the fact that he wanted to find his kids.

Magneto then proceeded to take off his helmet that protected him from psychics. He wanted them all to see his face...His human face.

"You saved the lives of my children...Even after everything I put you through," answered the master of magnetism, not bothering to hide his gratitude even though these were once enemies to him, "I owe you all a lot. And I think it's high time I start seeing things for what they truly are for a change."

Scott, Kitty, and Kurt then looked at Jean...Whom they knew was probably trying to confirm such sentiment as she did with Mystique back at the mansion when they first encountered her. Normally, Magneto would hide his mind from psychics in a way that even the Professor and Cerebro couldn't hope to find. But now...Jean sensed a lot of turmoil now that the helmet was off. From his mind...She could see that he was a physical and psychological wreck. His mind was nothing like that of the man two years ago when they last encountered each other. Now...It was haunted, pained, and weak from two years of struggle since Apocalypse. It was in some ways worse than Mystique...And because of this, the answer soon became clear.

'Jean...What do you sense? Is he telling the truth?' asked Scott with his thoughts as he awaited the final verdict.

Jean didn't know what to make of the kind of mental strain that was radiating off of Magneto's mind. However, it was clear that his intentions were just...And she simply nodded towards Scott as confirmation.

"Okay...We believe you," said Scott, trusting his girlfriend's powers.

"Thank you Cyclops..." said Magneto, somewhat surprised that they believed him without any further altercation, "I know of a place not far from here that will provide us shelter indefinitely. It's a former ground base that SHIELD shut down five years ago...But I managed to salvage it and save all the supplies that would have otherwise been destroyed. It's remote...It's not located on any map...And most of it is underground so it's hard to see from the sky. And too my knowledge, it has a more equipped medical facility."

"Sounds good...So where is this place?" asked Scott, hoping that Magneto wasn't lying about the prospects of such a place.

"Right here in Canada," answered Eric, "It's about 300 miles north of the boarder and is near a small lake. I know the coordinates so just keep heading northeast and we should be there in no time."

Not having much else a choice, Scott shifted the direction of the X-jet accordingly and ignited the afterburner. They were still on the run from an entire army that had already destroyed their homes and killed many of their friends. But now...Every last survivor of that fateful attack was now together in a common bond to survive. The peaceful night sky around them remained the only beacon of hope...The only thing left untainted by the forces behind such great carnage. And even as anxiety and fatigue continued to dominate the minds of the remnants of the X-men, the Brotherhood, and the Acolytes...They were still alive...They had survived.


Back in Washington, the blaring voice of the field captain on the ground near the decimated cave echoed through the central control room of the Pentagon. The teams of soldiers and officers had worked feverishly for the duration of the operation...But unfortunately they had failed to terminate the targets as General Stryker had ordered. However, even this dramatic upset didn't seem to faze the general in the slightest. He looked as calm as ever even though both the seven survivors of the X-men and the Brotherhood along with Magneto had gotten away. His loyal female associate, Magnum, also looked as stoic as ever...As if she was a living statue that would only spring to life when danger was present. As the static over the encrypted communications line cleared, the voice of the field captain finally became clear.

"General Stryker! Sir...I have grave news! The seven mutants got away and Magneto and the tin man are now with him!"

"Calm yourself captain, I saw what happened," replied Stryker over the line, not at all sounding angry, "Did the planes and ground reconnaissance at least get a baring on their direction?"

"Sir! According to our final readings, they have all entered Canadian airspace. We cannot follow them there, it's restricted."

"I'm aware of that captain," answered Stryker, "What about direction?"

"Northwest from the looks of it sir, but we don't know where and we can't send any forces there to search without consent from the Canadian government."

"But we can still use satellite tracking because of the friendly skies agreement from the UN," quipped Stryker, knowing that he and his team weren't going to be completely in the dark, "So don't get too discouraged with yourself. I have foreseen such a problem...And I more or less knew something like this would happen given the determination of our enemy. But fear not...For I do have a plan to deal with this."

The captain somewhat calmed down as he heard the general's words over the line. It seemed as though he had a plan for everything...And that so far this while operation was just a game to him. But the captain had no time ponder this as he awaited the general's next course of action.

"What are my orders, sir?"

"Since there is nothing left back at the cave, pack up your team and regroup back at your designated base. Prepare all search and attack forces and rearm all groups. For now, I want every last marine, army, and special forces squadrons as well as Air Force teams to run extensive training drills for taking down the nine mutants now that they are together. I'll call in for additional forces from Quantico and Andrews here in Virginia, but in the mean time just prepare your forces to go into Canada when you get the word."

"Sir, yes sir! But what about the Canadian government?" asked the field captain.

"Don't concern yourself with such matters captain...Leave that to me. Just prepare all remaining forces not working at the four target sites and be ready to receive my orders at any time. Stryker...Out."

The general then switched off his communication line and looked back at the digital screen that showed an overhead view of the area that he had just attacked. While many of his subordinate officers expressed their frustration with the failure of the assault, Stryker remained undaunted, if not at all unsurprised by the outcome.

"I was right not to underestimate them Magnum," said Stryker to his loyal associate that had yet to leave his side, "So far these freaks have proven themselves every bit the challenge that I had analyzed and studied for these past two years. Yet at the same time they're every bit as predictable. It's like playing a chess game with one's self and setting my own traps."

"What about the final part of the plan?" asked the Russian woman in her deep, stoic tone.

"That my dear...Has already been set into motion..."

Then, as soon as Stryker finished those last few words, his cell phone went off. Looking at his precision, Swiss made watch, he quickly ascertained who this might be.

"Stryker here..." he answered.

"William...You turned off your phone," said the voice of Senator Edward Kelly over the line in a deeply annoyed tone.

"It was necessary my dear senator...All telecommunications devices must be turned off in times of combat operations. And this rule pertains to generals as well."

"Combat operations? You mean you've found the escaped mutants? Did you get them?" asked Kelly eagerly, wanting this whole deal to be over as soon as possible.

"The result was as expected...They all got away in that jet of theirs and united with Magneto in the process," answered the general in his usual calm tone.

This news had been the exact opposite of what the senator had hoped for. Over the past few days, his mind had been full of stress and tension because of the duration of the operation. It had lasted far longer than he had hoped and Stryker was increasingly manipulating the balance of power in his favor. This latest news only enraged Kelly more, for it was beginning to bring ominous feelings to his already anxious state of mind.

"They got away?!" responded the senator with a great deal of anger and frustration, "What kind of general are you?! You attack them twice and each time they get away?! You're a fraud Stryker! You lied to me! You said..."

"As I have stipulated before Kelly, this is a lengthy operation," quipped the general with in a calm and collected manner that was starting to work Senator Kelly's last nerve, "So far, each attack has had an outcome that I had anticipated."

"You always say that! But if you're so smart that you know those freaks will get away, they WHY do you bother attacking them?!"

"It's all part of the plan senator...Every attack is grinding them and their will to fight down further and further. And the weaker they are...The less likely they'll be to regroup and organize an effective counter attack. Most of their resources are all gone now and we still have Xavier as a bargaining chip just in case they try anything drastic. Now that they have united with Magneto, that leaves us with one less search party to handle."

"Now that they're united with Magneto...They're more dangerous than ever! Do you know how powerful that man is!?"

"That...Man, as you call him," said Stryker, not at all daunted by the senator's words, "Is only as powerful as his sanity...Which you of all people should know is in question. Magneto may be strong...But I have the means to defeat him and he knows this. I hit his base...I hit him...And I hit his children. Believe it or not senator, everything is actually going better than I had hoped. We're lucky that we are only dealing with 9 mutant survivors...A number well below of what I had originally anticipated."

"You promised me NO survivors!" quipped Kelly, still not liking the general's plan.

"You misheard me my friend. No survivors would have been nice...But it is unrealistic when dealing with such an enemy as these mutants. You must respect their determination and their drive if you are ever to defeat them, senator...And that's the difference between you and me. These are not subhuman beings with subhuman intelligence...No, they are an enemy of keen intellect and resourcefulness. And in order to kill them all, that must be respected. Do you understand, senator?"

Senator Kelly managed to calm himself down somewhat, even though he knew that he wouldn't feel completely at ease until every last one of the targets of the operation were dead and the final plan was put into motion. It was clear that William Stryker's mindset was in great contrast to that of Kelly, but the senator knew that he had no choice but to trust this man that he was now completely tied to whether he liked it or not.

"I get your logic Stryker...But don't think I am ignorant of the capabilities of these freaks. Like the rest of the world...I saw how they handled Apocalypse two years ago. And that's why I feel that ANY survivor could potentially be a hazard."

This just made the general laugh as he heard what seemed so clearly as utter paranoia on Kelly's part.

"Senator Kelly...I am not Apocalypse. I do NOT underestimate my foes. I know how to beat them...This is my game. And they are all playing by MY rules."

"Your rules or not Stryker, your part of the deal was to annihilate these freaks and put the final plan into action! And I might also add that I don't appreciate you not giving me the full details about the final plan other than the sworn promise that it will end the mutant menace once and for all!"

"Like I said earlier Edward...The less you know, the more comfortable you will be."

"Well forgive me if I find that a bit discerning...Being in the dark when so far your plans have been nothing as I had hoped."

"Patience Senator...Patience," replied Stryker over the phone, "You will know soon enough. In the meantime, I have a search party to organize and targets to track."

"Well, you better find them soon general...The quicker they're all eliminated, the better off everybody will be."

"Agreed...Now if you'll excuse me...I have spy photos of Canada that I must look over."

"CANADA!?" bellowed the senator with a renewed sense of anger, "You mean to tell me that these freaks have escaped to Canada!? That's crazy! If they're there international and UN law prohibits..."

But before the senator could rant on, Stryker abruptly hung up on him with a humored look on his face.

"Ignorant clown...He truly has no idea how to go about war and business," mused Stryker with a grin on his face, "I honestly don't know how these people get elected in this country."

"What if he goes to the authorities?" asked Magnum, who had always had a rather grave distaste for Senator Kelly and the way he under minded her and Stryker.

"He won't Magnum...He can't," replied the general confidently, "He brought this upon himself when he put his name on the papers that have allowed us to get this far. If any part of the government finds out what he's done, he'll be tried for treason, corruption, bribery, and a slew of other crimes that will ensure that he will never see the light of day again. He's just another pawn in my game...And he will stay that way until he's outlived his usefulness to us."

His answer still didn't make the stoic Russian woman any less bitter about Senator Kelly, but his lowly presence in the scheme of this operation was just a nuisance. Both Magnum and Stryker knew that there were far more important matters at hand.

"Do not concern yourself with Senator Kelly, Magnum. This is a time of great progress. And since we have made such wonderful strides...It is time that we initiate the next part of the game."

Stryker then proceeded to take out his cell phone once more and dial a number that would set into motion the next deadly phase of his operation. After only two rings...Someone answered.

"You're two minutes early Stryker," said the voice on the other end.

"Would you rather have me two minutes late, Mr. Trask?" quipped Stryker.

"No...I suppose not."

"I thought so," said the general with a grin, "So tell me Bolivar...How are you enjoying freedom?"

"It beats the hell out of federal prison...I just can't help but feel sorry for the poor sap that took my place."

"He'll get over it. With what I'm paying him you'll have no reason to feel any guilt...So don't let your conscious bother you my friend."

"I'll keep that in mind William...Oh, I'm sorry...General Stryker."

"Please...You are not a subordinate officer. There's no need for that," said the general humbly in good humor.

"Well it's the least I can do for you after all the resources you've given me to complete my most ambitious project."

"Ah yes...The last step in this little operation. Tell me...How goes your final masterpiece?"

"On track and on schedule sir," confirmed Trask as he looked at the progress of his greatest creation, "No mutant on earth will be able to escape the final step of the operation once it's set into motion."

"Excellent," said the general with a sinister grin, "Keep working then Trask...Either way, whether we find the surviving mutants or not, their days are numbered...And the day of their final destruction is close at hand."


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