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Major Rogue/Remy & Scott/Jean. Life has grown hard for Remy LeBeau. The Acolytes have disbanded, he is in exile from his home, and sombody has placed a large bounty on his head by a mysterious indi...

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Sinister Secrets
Chapter 11: Epilogue


The nightmare was finally over for Scott Summers and Remy LeBeau. After being confined in a small, metal prison cell and nearly having their DNA warped by a madman...They were free once more. The fire that had broken out back at the lab had burned the whole structure to the ground. Logan had called in SHIELD to pick up Gauntlet, Omega Red, and Sabretooth and also to contain the fire. But despite an exhaustive search, Nick Fury and his men were unable to find any trace of Mr. Sinister in the rubble of the destroyed lab. They speculated that he had been buried alive or burnt to ashes from the intense heat...But nobody could rule out the possibility that he had escaped. It seemed impossible for any mere man to survive such a thing...But both SHIELD and the X-men knew that Sinister was no mere man...

Upon returning to the institute, Scott was taken to the infirmary where Hank and Jean tended to his wounds. They were relieved to find that they weren't too severe or life threatening, but there were a fairly decent amount of them so he would have to stay in bed for a day or so. He had several major burns on his torso, numerous shrapnel wounds, and there was also some internal bleeding. But they managed to stop them from getting out of control and after about three hours, Scott was resting comfortably.

As for Remy, he promptly met up with the Professor upon arrival in order to discuss the matter of him joining the team. Needless to say, he was nervous at first...But he quickly discovered that Xavier was a sincere man. After pleading his case and assuring him that he would do his best to follow and uphold the ideals of the institute, the Professor openly welcomed him. It was strange because he didn't even probe his mind like Remy thought he would, he simply said that it would not be necessary. The Cajun mutant was even more surprised when the Professor told him that he would assist him in clearing his name from the wanted list back home and was willing to give him some money to clean himself up. It was more than Remy LeBeau ever could have hoped for. Yesterday he had less than twenty dollars in his pocket and was sleeping in dumpsters, now he was being offered a warm bed and a chance at a decent future. Even if the Professor managed to clear his name and lift the bounty on his head, Remy had no desire to go back home to New Orleans. Back there, money was the only thing his family loved. Here at the institute...He had a chance to have the kind of family that he had always dreamed of. At the institute, he had a place he could call home, he got to live with his one true blood brother, and he had a girl that made his heart melt every time he saw her.

It was truly a time of new beginnings...Not just for Scott and Remy...But for everybody else as well.


Hank had long since left the infirmary after treating Scott's wounds. He had done what was necessary to help him heal from his wounds and now all that Scott needed was rest. However, Jean had opted to stay with her fiancé into the night. She wanted to be there when he woke up.

This day had been really hard on Scott to say the least. He had learned that the people who he thought were his parents were never truly his by blood, he had found out that Remy LeBeau, a former enemy, was actually his biological brother, and he had been abducted and imprisoned by Mr. Sinister. Jean shuttered at the thought of what that madman might have done to him if Remy hadn't managed to break them free. She could have lost him forever...And after all the years they had known each other and after everything they had been through, Jean couldn't bear the thought of losing Scott. From Apocalypse to the Phoenix, Scott had always been a big part of her life and he had saved her in every way she could possibly be saved. Today, she had helped save him...And because they had survived, there was now little doubt in her mind that she and Scott were truly meant to be...And they could overcome anything together.

Jean gently ran her hands along contours of his face and smiled as he lay peacefully in the bed. Her gaze soon shifted back down towards her hand, where the ring Scott had given her when he proposed resided. It shimmered in the fluorescent lighting of the room as she felt herself smile at the memory of the moment when Scott placed it on her finger. It was a memory that she now treasured deeply...And as she went over it again in her mind...A warm feeling soon emerged in the depths of her mind and a gentle groan escaped from Scott's still form.


His voice was tired and weak from both his injuries and the medications that had been used to keep him free of pain. And although his eyes were still hidden behind his ever present ruby quartz glasses, she could tell that his eyes were open because of the powerful link they shared.

"Hey Slim...How do you feel?" said Jean with a warm smile.

"Groggy..." he answered in a hoarse voice as his vision began to clear.

"Well that's mainly from the pain killers...You had quite a few wounds. But you'll be okay...Trust me."

"I always do Firebird," said Scott as he managed to smile back despite his fatigue and the effects of the medications, "What about Remy? Is he okay?"

"Compared to you...He's doing pretty well. The Professor says he wants to join the team and as long as he doesn't revert to his old criminal ways...He's in. So I guess you finally got some real family on the team."

"Yeah...I guess so."

Scott's expression then sank as he remembered everything that had happened in Mr. Sinister's lab. Everything he had told him...Everything that had been revealed to him...It was all so complicated now that it was almost too difficult for his mind to process. Ever since his lineage had been revealed to him, Scott had been in a state of confusion. He didn't know how to handle it or how he should see himself now that both he and Remy knew the truth. It made Scott question a lot of things...Things about himself and who he truly was. Jean seemed to pick up on his anxious state and really wanted to help him...But she knew that something like this would always be quite hard for him, or anybody else in his position, to accept.

"What's wrong Scott?" asked Jean, sensing her lover's worries through their link.

Scott let out a light sigh as he looked in to Jean's beautiful green eyes and began to reflect on everything that had happened to him.

"This whole day Jean...This whole day feels so wrong. I learned so many things today...Things about myself that...I really didn't want to know. I wish that I could forget some of them...But I can't. After everything that has happened...I'm just worried about the effect it will have on Alex, Remy, and...Us as well."

"Us? What do you mean?" asked Jean, worried by the tone of his voice.

"Jean...No matter how much I love you...We can never escape the fact of my origin. I...I wasn't born...I was grown in a bio tank by a madman. I don't have a mother...I don't have a father...I don't know if I'm even human by definition."

"Scott..." said Jean as tears welled up in her eyes, but Scott kept on going.

"Look at me Jean...I'm just a failed science experiment...A project that got thrown out because it wasn't what Sinister wanted. How can I be a leader to the team? How can I be the man I have to be for you? You deserve better Jean...You deserve so much better than a piece of gene trash like me...I don't deserve to marry someone like you."

"NO! That's not true!" shot Jean, not believing one word of Scott's musings, "You're more than just a science experiment! How can you say that about yourself after everything you've done in life?"

"That's just it Jean...No matter what I do in life, it still won't change who and what I am," said Scott as he started to choke on his own words.

"No Scott...I know who you are. You're a man who has been through his own personal hell...But has given everybody who he comes across a person to remember. You overcame tragedy, loss, poverty, and misfortune and did it with so much strength. You were there for me when I needed it through some of hardest points in my life...You saved me and trusted me with your heart. And no matter how bad things get, you'll still always be Scott Summers...Nobody can take that away from you, not even Sinister. You're the man who leads us when we need it...You're the man I fell in love with...And nothing could ever change that."

"But you deserve more Jean..." said Scott, still uncertain if he deserves a woman like Jean to be his wife.

"I don't need anything more Scott...You're all I need. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you're nothing more than a mistake...Because if they do, they'll have to answer to Mrs. Jean Grey-Summers."

Jean then gently took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Even though he was still weak from his injuries, he managed to squeeze back. And through the pain, he managed to smile at her words as she flooded their link with love...Showing him that he was more than just a scientist's creations.

"Does this mean that you'll still marry me?" asked Scott as he absorbed the warm feeling of her hand in his.

"Of course I will Scott! Don't ever question it...I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

Through the physical and psychic warmth of the girl that he had chosen to spend the rest of his life with, Scott finally felt like he knew who he was. Jean had given him an identity that he could be proud of and nothing...Not the Phoenix and definitely not Sinister, could ever take that away. He spent so much time questioning his very being...Yet looking in to the eyes of his girl offered all the answers he needed right now. Jean knew that Scott would always have to live with the shadow of Mr. Sinister's secrets...But no matter how hard they were to accept, she would always be there with him to help him remember the man he truly was. As Scott once again felt the drowsiness consume him...Jean placed a soft kiss on his lips, letting him know that she would always be there for him.

'I love you...' sent Jean softly through their link.

'I love you too Firebird...Always have...Always will.'


Remy LeBeau lay back on his new bed as this long, tumultuous day finally seemed to end. The last few years of his life had been nothing short of hell after having a bounty placed on his head and being forced to flee his home. He had been forced to live like a rat on the streets because everybody in the world seemed to want to collect the money. Even his own adopted family shunned him and tried to kill him because of that bounty. Either way it was clear that the path he was going in life wasn't the path he truly wanted. Now, he had an opportunity to start anew. Here at the institute, he had been given something he had been dreaming of for years...A second chance. He knew that that people can go their whole lives stuck on one path...But when one is blessed with a chance to turn it all around and start over, it is a truly magnificent gift that should never be squandered. Gambit had finally made his choice...But it was still unclear whether or not he had made the right one. Did he have the right to be here? After everything he had done to them from working with Magneto to kidnapping Rogue, did he have the right to accept their hospitality and generosity? Countless other question of insecurity plagued his mind, but he was soon bought out of his train of thought when he became aware of a new presence at his door.

"Heya Cajun...So what do ya think of the institute so far?" said Rogue as she walked in to his darkened room and walked over to his bedside.

"It's...Beyond anythin' Remy ever could've hoped for cherè," answered Remy as his gaze shifted over towards the girl that had helped him so much in the past year, "It has everything I ever could have wanted...A roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, and a chance to be something better in life. I still don't know if I deserve all this after everythin' I put you and yo' friends through."

Rogue just shook her head and smiled as she moved over towards him. She watched as Remy's eyes grew wide as she laid herself on top of him. Their faces were now merely inches apart as Rogue straddled his waist and gave Remy a smile that made his heart beat at an ever faster rate.

"Still full of self doubt I see...But I guess old habits die hard," said Rogue as she inhaled his musky Cajun scent, "I know you think that ya don't deserve this...Hell I thought the same thing when they let me on the team after bein' with the Brotherhood. But lookin' back on it, I'm glad I made that choice...And I know you'll come to appreciate it too."

"How can you be so sure of that Rogue?" asked Remy with doubt still apparent in his eyes.

"It's like ya said before Remy...We've been down the same roads," said Rogue as the smile on her face grew upon saying those words, "I know it can be hard when ya think that the whole world is out to get you...Believe me I've been there. But I've come to know you so well in the past year...And I know that even though ya've been dealt a bad hand in life...Ya still have a heart. There's a man in that husky Cajun skin worth saving from his own self loathing...And that's a man that I'm very proud to know."

Through Rogue's gentle words, Remy actually managed to smile in a way he hadn't for so long. He found himself tracing the smooth contours of the southern belle's face as her warmth seem to set him free from his own mental prison. Rogue never would have guessed that she would have fallen for a guy like Remy in a million years...But here she was now...Unable to deny it any longer. However, Remy still had his doubts...It still felt so unbelievable that a thief like him had an angel like her.

"Cherè...Are you sure you could ever be with some failed science experiment? None of this changes where I came from and how I was born. How can I be the man I have to be for you...For everybody...If I'm not even really human to begin with?"

The things that Remy LeBeau had discovered about himself on this day had a profound impact on his identity. He couldn't deny the truth in Sinister's words when he said that he wasn't 'born,' but synthesized instead. Did that really make him human? Did that really make him deserving of everything that humans enjoy? Rogue could feel his anxiety towards the secrets that had been so horribly shocking to him and Scott on this fateful day. They were definitely a hard thing to process...Given the nature of such a revelation. But Rogue wouldn't let him believe Sinister's words...In her mind Remy deserved more than that. There were so many things about him that she connected with in way that she never connected with anyone else before. And through this...She believed in his heart...And not the insane babble of Mr. Sinister.

"Remy...I know that ya can't change the past and ya can't change where ya came from. But if there's one thing that I've learned from being an X-men...It's that the mutant powers in our blood don't make a person good or bad. It's our actions, our thoughts, our feelings that determine who we are. Through the deeds we do, the friends that we hold dear, and the people that we love...We choose our own path...And make our own destiny. And if ya think of yerself as nothing more than a failed experiment...Then that's who you'll be. But I don't want that...And I know you don't want that either. You are...Remy LeBeau...Don't ever forget that Cajun. No matter what...Don't ever forget the man you are."

There were few things in Remy's life that ever gave him answers to the questions and insecurities that plagued his mind...But hearing Rogue's words offered him more than any other person could ever hope to give. The choices that Remy made today would set him on a new path with new obstacles...But this time around, he wouldn't be alone in facing them. A warm feeling had finally settled over the young man's mind...For he had found his peace...And it had come in the form of a beautiful southern girl that had stolen his heart on that fateful day when she gave him a chance.

"I won't forget mon amour...As long as I have you here with me...I won't ever forget."

Remy knew he had a long road ahead of him...He knew that he had much to overcome in order to put the past behind him. But as he looked deeply in to Rogue's beautiful brown eyes...He felt he had the strength to do anything. As they lay in silence, the distance between them began to close...And finally, their lips met in a sweet passionate kiss. It signified a new beginning and so much more both Remy and Rogue. A year ago they had found each other and in that time they had formed a connection that few others could ever hope to experience. They had been down the same dark roads in life...But they had both survived. They were stronger now...And as they lay in each other's warm embrace, they no longer had to the past...For they had given each other the strength to make it through and now they only had to work towards building a future for both themselves...And each other.

"Je t'aime...My sweet Rogue..." whispered Remy, as he lay back on his bed with Rogue still resting on top of him.

"I love ya too Remy...Sweet dreams Cajun...Welcome to the team."


The End.

AN: That's it! "Sinister Secrets" is over! I hope all you Jott and Romy fans enjoyed this! This was my first ever attempt at a fic that was a Romy and I'm glad that you all took the time to read this. Again, I apologize if some of you found this story awkward because of the whole brother aspect between Scott and Remy, but remember that this is AU. I just wanted to tell this story because I thought it would be an interesting twist on Evo and the characters. I think that Scott and Remy do have more in common than most people assume, but their personalities just mask it so much. But that's just my opinion...I could be wrong. I really wanted to do a Romy story because I genuinely support them as a couple in all universes. I think they go very well together and totally deserve each other! However, I'm still a bigger fan of Scott/Jean. I don't care what anybody else says, those two belong together and it's just plain illogical to stick them with somebody else. I really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you all enjoyed reading it! And don't worry, I have plenty of other fics planned! My next story may end up being longer than "X-men: Evolution of the Heart" and it's bound to be full of action, suspense, and romance! It will be in the Evolution section and will be entitled "Extermination." Well, thanks again for reading my work! I implore you all to send me feedback by emailing me or posting them on the fanfiction website! I really want to know what you all think! Thank you very much and I wish all of you wonderful readers the best! So until next time, peace out!


Through the deeds we do, the friends that we hold dear, and the people that we love...We choose our own path...And make our own destiny.
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