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Chapter Sixteen

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He's in denial.

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"Hey, Ken," Patrick kissed his daughter on the head as he walked into the kitchen, picking his watch up off the counter and putting it on his wrist.

"Where're you going?" Kendall asked him, looking up from her math sheet.

"Got a date," he said.

"After only what, a week?" Joe asked.

Patrick nodded as he left, putting on his jacket and heading out to his car.

"He bounced back fast," Kendall sighed, she knew it was all too good to be true.

"He's in denial," Pete said through a mouthful of Fruit Loops.

Kendall nodded.

For once, Kendall thought, Pete was dead on.


Patrick walked onto her front porch and rang the bell.

He hummed to himself as he waited for her to answer the door.

He still didn't know why he pushed himself into this, he knew he wasn't ready.

Maybe he was doing it for Kendall, he knew she needed a female figure in her life.

Maybe he was doing it for himself, he was lonely, even with his daughter and his friends.

Finally she answered the door with a smile.

She was pretty, but she couldn't even compare to Addie.

Her short brown hair hung just above her shoulders, and was tucked gently behind her ears, her floppy fringe hanging in her eyes.

Patrick had to admit, she looked great in her black skinny jeans and baby tee.

But he still wasn't sure.

"Hey, um..." he racked his brain, what was her name?

"Tait," she nodded,"It's Tait."

"Tait," he repeated.

Her name was different, maybe she would be too.

They left her house and rode to the diner in awkward silence, he didn't know what to say to her, he'd only met her that morning.

Patrick led her into the diner and they sat down in a booth in the back.

"So..." he began, this was a little to awkward for his tastes,"Tell me about yourself?"

And by the end of the evening he was sure of one thing, he was, indeed, romantically challenged.

He pulled back into his driveway and sighed, silently walking into the dark house, careful not to wake anyone who might be sleeping.

Patrick walked into the kitchen and set his wallet and keys down on the counter top before getting a glass of water.

He leaned against the counter and took a long gulp.

"How'd it go?" a small voice asked.

Kendall walked into the kitchen and jumped up onto the counter top, sitting down and kicking her feet back and forth.

"Not so good," he replied,"Maybe I'm just not cut out for dating. Maybe I'm one of those people that's just meant to be single forever."

Kendall cocked her head to one side,"You're giving up too fast," she told him,"So one date didn't go too good, just try again."

"It's not that simple."

"Well who says you have to be constantly dating somebody?" she asked him,"You've got a family right here that loves you."

"Yeah, I know. But -"

"Dad, the right person'll come along," she hugged him before hopping off the counter,"Trust me."
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