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Chapter Seventeen

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It was all he wanted just to hold her and tell her he loved her again.

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"Where's Andy?" Patrick asked Pete, "I need him to look at this," he gestured to the sheet music in his hand.

"He's out," Patrick looked at his friend confusedly.

"Out?" Pete nodded.

"With, uh, Addie," the bassist said.

"Oh," Patrick whispered.

He didn't think that they'd keep seeing each other, after what had happened that night.

"How come you're not out with Whatsername?" Pete asked.

"Yeah, not doing that again. She was... weird."

Pete nodded,"Hey, maybe you should give it another shot. Remember when you first met Kendall?"

A faint smile formed at the corners of Patrick's mouth at the memory.

Most of the time, first impressions are completely wrong.

Patrick simply shook his head,"No thanks."

"Don't worry man, you'll get it right."


"Remind me why I'm here," Patrick groaned.

He looked out into the crowd of people, mostly couples.

He felt so out of place here.

"Because you produced their record, you kinda had to be here," Joe reminded him.

"Everyone else has a date. I feel like the odd one out."

"I'm not here with anyone."

"Everyone else has a date," Patrick repeated.

"Hey, not everybody," Pete interjected,"Check her out, the blond one in the short black dress. She doesn't look like she's with anyone. And she's freakin' hot dude," he told Patrick, receiving a poke in the side and a questioning look from Naiya.

"I'm helping my friend!" he said.

Naiya rolled her eyes, slightly annoyed.

Patrick subtly took a sip of his drink and directed his attention towards the blond woman in the corner.

She was pretty cute.

"Don't look at her ass, eat it," Pete urged.

"If I were you I'd watch myself, your wife is right there," Patrick replied nonchalantly.

Pete laughed,"If you were me you'd be good looking, now go over there!"

"Maybe I should just go home," Joe shook his head.

"See, man, this is why you don't get dates, you're too shy," Joe told him.

"I don't see anyone hanging on your arm."

Joe rolled his eyes,"It's simple, watch," Joe said, pointing at a brunette about ten feet away.

Joe simply walked over, took a five dollar bill out of his pocket and grabbed her hand.

"One Corona light," he said, pressing the bill into her hand and walking away.

"Hey asshole," the woman said, following him and thrusting the money back into his hand,"I'm not a waitress."

Joe feigned a laugh,"Oh, my bad. It's just you were alone, and I just assumed that-"

"Yeah I don't have a date. So?" she questioned.

"Wanna change that? Joe Trohman, at your service," he smiled, extending his hand.

The woman rolled her eyes but grinned, taking his hand as he led her out onto the dance floor, quickly turning around and giving Patrick an "I told you so" look.

Patrick laughed,"I'm not doing that."

Pete just shook his head, leading Naiya out onto the floor as well.

Patrick stood there, all alone, watching the many happy couples on the dance floor.

For a moment he was completely content, then he looked towards the far side of the room and felt his heart sink.

Andy twirled Addie carelessly, as Patrick watched, feeling himself become increasingly sick.

The song ended and the two stopped dancing for a moment.

He watched in increasing envy as Andy kissed her fully, pulling her close.

You'd think that after all she had put Patrick through he'd despise her.

Not so.

It was all that he wanted to hold her and tell her he loved her again.

He couldn't help but get angry at the sight, he still felt as though Addie were a part of him.

He felt his face burn a crimson red and his stomach start to churn fiercely.

He wanted to walk right over there and say something, but he decided against it.

But he couldn't.

He let her go, he let Andy win.

Part of him wanted her to get hurt.

For her to find out what it felt like.

He shrugged, tossing his drink in the trash before walking back out the door and out to his car, not giving Andy and Addie another look.
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