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also has Avenged sevenfold guys in it.

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"Benj, where did you go off to?" Joel asked as Benji walked back onto the Good Charlotte bus that at the moment Matt, Brian and Zacky where on too
"Oh I was, er...on the phone to an...old friend." Benji struggled to find the right words to describe who he was just talking to.
"Old friend as in ex girlfriend, wanna be girlfriend, some history, what?" Matt asked sounding slightly amused as everyone else looked amused too at Benji's behaviour.
"No just really close old friend from high school. I've not seen her in four years. When we left school for the band we only seen each other a few times after because we'd both gone our separate ways and then that slowly went down to never seeing each other." Benji explained the best he could.
"Wait this wouldn't be a certain Robyn we're talking about here would it?" Paul asked with a knowing smirk on his face.
"Actually yeah it would be that certain Robyn." He grinned back.
"Wait; wait a minute you've just been on the phone with Robyn? What's all that about?" Joel asked.
"Well erm the other night when I was online we found each other and got chatting. We exchanged numbers saying how nice it would be to meet up and how she'd really like to see us all again. So we called each other and she's meeting us in Texas, where she lives now, when we get there with the tour next week."
"What's she doing?" Joel asked now interested in how their close friend from back in high school was getting on.
"Stunt riding."
"What on bikes?" Zacky piped up now a little more interested.
"No horses. Her and her team have been in loads of movies and on TV doing stunts with their horses. They've been all over the world doing live shows and promotions and stuff now their back in Texas for a bit where they base themselves."
"So you've been talking to the gorgeous Robyn but didn't think to tell us." Paul said.
"No, well yeah kind of it was going to be a sort of surprise."
"Wow, wow, wow hold up who is this Robyn chick?" Matt butted in.
"She's fucking unbelievable the best hottest wildest chick ever. Don't believe me though ask Benji." Joel laughed remembering the 'good old days' with Robyn. They all looked towards Benji for clarification.
"She is amazing she's so much fun. She's like one of the guys, she's cool you'll love her." Benji clarified.
"And she's fucking drop dead gorgeous." Paul added.
"And she parties harder then probably any one of you." Billy added.
"Yeah right I believed you on the other stuff but the partying harder I highly doubt that she's a chick." Brian said in disbelief Mat and Zacky looking in disbelief too.
"Well you challenge her if you dare when she gets here." Benji said.
"Oh yeah and Benj always had a thing for her. Well every guy who see her 'wants' her but Benj actually 'likes' her." Joel piped up.
"No I don't she's like my fucking sister."
"Yeah like a sister that you want to fuck." Paul laughed teasing him.
"Ew that's sick. No we're just really close friends, well used to be anyway." Benji said.

Benji's P.O.V


"Ok so when's Robyn getting here?" paul asked as we walked out of our bus meeting up with the A7X guys to go for breakfast.
"Erm later today I think." I said.
"You've gotta introduce us to her if she really is as great as you all keep saying she is." Matt said. Robyn had been the topic of discussion all week. Us GC guys all exchanging old memories of 'the good old days' that we had with Robyn.
"She really is guy's just under one condition." Joel warned.
"You don't fuck her." I finished off.
"Yeah because if you do these two will have to kick your asses." Billy said pointing between Me and Joel.
"Oh yeah the whole protective big bro thing." Paul piped up.
"I think we could take them." Brian said pointing between himself and Matt. The two had been particularly interested in hearing all about Robyn over the past week; matt simply because he was such a ladies man and Brian because he loved 'wild chicks' exactly like Robyn.
"No seriously guys don't fuck her over." Joel said seriously now sounding as over protective and caring for her as I had done all week.
"Don't worry guys we're just playing, we'll be on our best behaviour." Brian apologised.
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