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this justa quick no brainer fic that i'm just making up as i go along tell me what you think i'll stop it you don't like it, let me know what you think!

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The guys had just returned back from breakfast and was all sat outside the buses enjoying the lovely hot sunny summers day, when they seen a figure walking towards them. She was about 5''4, nice slim body but with curves to die for. She had dark shoulder length hair that was covered by a black trucker style hat with a white skull and cross bone on the front. Her eye colour was discussed by the dark sunglasses she wore and also one of the first things the A7X guys noticed was her large but no too large boobs. She had tight blue jeans showing of her ass and a tight plain black t-shirt showing off her full round boobs. She looked like the perfect woman. The A7X guys agreed with the GC guys that she really was fucking hot and the GC guys thought that she had gotten even hotter that the last time they saw her.
"Well, well looky here you bunch of lazy fucking bastards get over here and help me with my bags." She laughed walking over to them arms out stretched to give Benji a hug then to Joel who where stood up just coming out of the bus from getting a drink.
"Robyn hey how are you?" Benji greeted.
"Hung over like a bitch so hurry your asses up and help me with my bags then I can sit around like you lazy bastards enjoying the Sun." she laughed. In her usual playful harshness. The GC guys got up to help her but Brain, Matt and Zacky sat there amazed by the most beautiful and what seemed like fun woman they had ever met.
"Don't just fucking sit there get your lazy asses up and help." She looked over her sunglasses at them. They jumped up instantly and followed her; she let out an amused smirk at them.

"Did you bring enough stuff?" Paul complained carrying one of her heavier bags.
"Stop whining you sound like a bitch." She laughed at him making the other guys laugh.
When they'd finally unloaded all her stuff they went back to their sitting outside in the sun drinking and in the case of Benji, Zacky and Brian smoking.
"So how long have you lived here in Texas?" Billy asked Robyn.
"About three years now. When I joined The Apocalypse Horsemen I moved out here to our base but not really spent that much time here with doing live shows and tours along with movie's and TV stunts. We only arrived back here from a huge tour the other day. We had a huge home coming party last night hence the fucked-up-ness of me right now." she explained with a laugh. She did look and sound rough as shit as she would say. She still had the hat and sunglasses protecting her from the bright sunlight.
"So you liking the whole stunt riding thing?" Joel asked.
"Yeah it's fucking amazing." She said interrupted by Benji laughing.
"What the fucks up with you?" she turned to him with a smile appearing on her face at her what once was closest friend.
"Nothing it just cant be just 'amazing' it has to be 'fucking amazing' or 'what's up with you' it has to be 'what the fucks up with you'." he laughed.
"And what’s wrong with that you never used to have a problem with me?" she asked amused.
"Nothing at al I just missed or well forgot your foul mouth." He grinned with a look that hinted that his last sentence was referring to more than the language that came out of Robyn's mouth.
"You know you love me and my 'foul mouth'." She smirked also with a devilish look in her eye that also hinted that there was more to their last comments than just her language.
"Are we um missing something here?" Matt spoke up interrupting Benji and Robyn's intense eye lock they had going.
"Oh hello there i don't believe we've met I think Benji and the guys seem to have forgotten their manners." She smiled taking off her glasses for the first time allowing the A7X guys to get a look at her beautiful, dazzling eyes framed with more black eye make-up than the GC and A7X guys had on combined.
"I'm Matt." Matt introduced holding a hand out for her to shake which she did keeping close eye contact with him giving him butterflies and almost making him feel nervous.
"I'm Zacky." He introduced when she shifted her intense gaze towards him also giving him butterflies.
"Brian." Brian finally introduced almost in a trance gazing into the eyes of the most beautiful and sexy woman he had ever seen. He felt his heart race and the butterflies fluttering in his stomach. They kept hold of each others hand in the hand sake and eyes locked for a little longer than she had with Matt and Zacky before.
"Pleasure to meet you, all." She said almost as if in the same trance as Brian. The other guys could see the obvious sparks or more like explosions going off between the two. Benji felt a hint of jealousy rush through him but he didn't really know why he'd always seen Robyn as a sister never in a sexual way.
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