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Robin’s P.O.V


"Right I'm off to bed. See you all in the morning." I said getting up to make my way to the bunks. We had moved into the living area of the bus when it had started getting dark and cold outside. We where all just having a laugh talking and hanging out.
"You can't it's still early it's only 1am." Matt protested.
"Yes but I unlike you have to be up at seven to do the horses so I can go to bed now." I smiled.
"Seven really? How long will you be there for?" Benji asked.
"Dunno really, why?"
"Well we're doing a show tomorrow we where going to see if you wanted to come." He explained.
"Yeah sure I'll come if I'm done in time, I'll have to do my jobs and ride but I should be done for around three/four o'clock-ish."
"Well we've got sound check at two and then the show will be at seven well be back here between so you can get a ride to the show with us."
"OK well see you tomorrow, night everyone." I said before going off into the bunks to sleep, everyone called 'good-night's to me.


I tried to be as quiet as I could not to wake the guys as they where still sleeping. I got ready and found something to eat then made my way to the stables.
I'll take this time to give you a bit more information about my work. The Apocalypse Horsemen consist of eight riders in total, me being one of them. We are all equal, we are also good friends. We all have a horse each that we use for the show and stunts some of us have an extra one or two that we are either training or just have as a pet but we all have a set horse that we use for the stunts. It's important that we have a horse that we have a bond with and work well with for the stunts to minimise risks. We have ten other workers with us that help us out with our jobs and with the shows as grooms etc. I have a sixteen hands, dark bay, cobby style gelding as my show horse called Diego. I have worked with Diego since I started stunt riding we automatically clicked and work well together we have a really good bond and trust each other which is really important. I also have a stunning young black stallion called Boy-o. We bought Boy-o collectively three years ago. When we seen how handsome and stunning he was we had to have him to train to eventually us in the shows. Boy-o was good natured but very playful; he was a handful at times but had a really good character. It takes a lot of time and patients to work with him. he could be very 'green' and mischievous at times which made not many people want to work with him there was only me and Dan (we where the main two that formed the Apocalypse Horsemen) that would work with him but as Dan already had two horses of his own to look after Boy-o gravitated towards me, which I don't have a problem with because I love him. Now Boy-o is as good as my own and I have been doing a lot of work with him. He has improved so much lately but still needs a lot of work before he can but trained for stunts.

When I got to the yard I fed and turned out Boy-o and Diego to the field while I mucked them out and did their waters etc. When I had finished my jobs, which took me two hours, I brought Diego and Boy-o in from the filed ready for me to ride them later. I went for some dinner with Dan and Sally (Sally's Dan's wife who's also a stunt rider for the Apocalypse Horsemen.) when we got back form dinner Sally tacked up Jack her horse, Dan tacked up Willow his horse and I tacked up Diego and Boy-o for me to ride. Ben one of the grooms came to the arena with us holding the spare horse.
We'd just got down to the arena about to get on, Ben holding a very excited Boy-o in the corner, Benji, Paul, Matt and Brian came down.
"Hey what are you guys doing here?" I smiled from atop of Diego.
"We finished sound check early and thought we'd come down to see you." Paul said.
"Great well you came just in time to see the good stuff." Sally laughed from atop of Jack.
We started working in the horses warming them up and then started doing some stunts doing small easy ones first gradually working up to the bigger more dangerous ones. The guys stood at the side watching on in amazement, I could tell the loved every moment of watching the stunts we where performing. After twenty minutes sally had finished and walked jack round to cool him down and I was ready to get on Boy-o.
"You getting on Boy-o now?" Dan asked.
"Yeah in a minute I'll let you finish off first."
"OK mind if I borrow Diego a minute." He asked.
"No here you go." knowing what he wanted to practice his stunts where he rode both the horses together standing with one foot on either horse, he always used Diego because he was the closest to the same size of his horse Willow. I jumped off and helped him get Diego and Willow ready. He spent another ten minutes with Diego and Willow while me and Sally waited at the side. The guys where still watching in amazement.
"Wow you guys are really good." Matt whispered to me and Sally still watching Dan.
"Thanks." We both said at the same time.
"Get ready to watch me die in a minute though." I laughed.
"Why?" Brian asked looking slightly concerned as did the other three.
"I have to get on that wild best." I laughed pointing towards Boy-o that was impatiently waiting in the corner.
"Who's that?" Benji asked.
"He's a young stallion that I've been training and working with, he's still very fresh and can be a handful at times he's very mischievous." I explained in the nicest way making Sally laugh.
"In other words he's a nutter and she's the only one mad enough to get on him." Sally said.
"No he's not he's just young and playful." I defended. Dan came walking over finished with Diego and Willow. We gave Willow and Diego to Ben to take back to their stables and Sally took Jack back to his stable leaving Dan to stay with me while I rode Boy-o I always need someone with me incase he did manage to get me off, the guys stayed watching but where looking a little more concerned this time.
As I got on he had a little play about prancing on the spot and snorting but I was used to that now. I started working him in he had his little tantrums where he'd spook at nothing or bolt or buck & try to rear but I was used to that now and he only did it for a few seconds then went back to listening to what I was telling him to do. After twenty minutes I was finished with Boy-o too, the guys watching on in curiosity, in all Boy-o had worked really well today. I started riding him up to the yard Dan going off ahead of us, the guys walking with me.
"Are you fucking mental getting on him?" Paul said.
"There's nothing wrong with him." I defended. They all looked at me like I was crazy, Benji the least as he was used to seeing me doing stuff like this by now but it still didn't make him any less worried.
"You wanna come for a hack with me Benj while I cool him down?" I asked.
"On that no." he replied instantly. He always used to come for hacks with me before we lost contact. He was always reserved and didn't really like it but once he was on he loved it.
"No on Diego, you know he wont do anything, he'll look after you." I said.
"I don't know." he said a little unsure but coming round to the idea.
"Go on you know you want to just like old times." I persuaded.
"Alright then." He finally agreed.
"Good, he's just over there in his stable." I said. He went and got out and got on him with some help from Sally. We told the guys we'd meet them back at the buses later if they didn't want to wait around for us but Paul was catching up with Dan and Sally and Brian and Matt seemed quite content chatting up the stable girls.
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