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On the hack it was beautiful and peaceful going through all the long country roads, it also gave me and Benji a chance to catch up too.
"I really did miss you you know we should have tried to keep in contact a lot better." Benji said breaking the silence.
"I know I missed you too but you where doing your thing and I was doing my thing it gets kind of hard as times."
"Yeah but we should have tried more I mean yeah if we where just friends from school but I considered you closer than that, it was always like we where as good as brother and sister. Did you not feel like that too?"
"Yeah Benj I did in fact I think I was probably closer to you than I was too my own family." I laughed a little making him smile.
"How are your family?" he asked politely.
"Good, I think. I don't really see them much any more we never where that close a family except for my brother and well you know what he’s like. How's your mom, Josh and Sarah?" I asked.
"Good really good actually Sarah's doing her band thing and Josh is helping us and DCMA."
"Good I'm happy for you, for you all. You all deserve all the happiness and success you get." I smiled knowing how hard the whole family works at things.
"Thanks, so are you happy and enjoying what your doing?"
"Yeah loving it. Just wish I could..."
"...spend more time at home." He finished off knowingly.
"Yeah." I nodded and smiled.
"It's exactly the same for us we love touring and everything but sometimes it just gets too much and we just want to be at home with friends and family. It's the price you pay, it's your job, it's what you chose to do, so you can't complain about it." he said.
"Exactly." I agreed.
"So what have you been up to? It's feels like I don't know anything about you no more." I admitted.
"I know I feel the same about you, erm well nothing much really just been focusing on the band and being touring when where not touring we're in the studio recoding. We don't have much time off. You?"
"Well when I left school I went to college for a bit as you know but left not long after, it just wasn't for me I wasn't happy and it wasn't what I wanted to do. I started looking round for jobs when some one I knew told me about a stunt yard looking for grooms and riders. So I went down one day, got the job instantly spent about a month as a groom then they asked if I was interested in training to be a stunt rider so I agreed. I met the guys along the way and well I think you can guess from then on." I explained he nodded and then we went into a comfortable silence again.
"How's this tour going so far?" I asked breaking the silence this time.
"Good it's so much fun with the Avenged guys." He smiled.
"So are you all like good friends?"
"Yeah we've known them for a while now when we got the band up and running we meet them and clicked instantly."
"They seem like nice guys, good fun and easy to get along with."
"Yeah they are, Dan and everyone form the yard seem nice. They should come to a party before we leave town we usually have a party at each stop we have."
"Oh lucky you so it's not all hard work then." I laughed.
We went into a comfortable silence again. It wasn't long before we arrived back at the yard.
"You guys have a good time?" Paul asked.
"Yeah it was great." Benji answered first. As we jumped of both horses.
"See I knew you still liked it you always used to say you didn't but you always ended up enjoying it." I laughed hitting him on the shoulder playfully.
"Whatever." He laughed pushing me playfully back. The guys just laughed although they seemed to be looking at us as if trying to figure out if there was something more than friendship going on between us or not.
I untacked Boy-o and Diego brushed them off and got them ready for the night. when I had all my jobs done and Boy-o and Diego was set for the night we made or way back to the buses. We washed and changed ready for the show. The guys played really well as always and I watched from the side of the stage.

When we got back to the buses we ordered a load of take out food and as it was a nice night again we sat outside the buses under the stars chatting, eating, drinking and playing around.
"So did you guys have a good time with Kelly and Broke while we where on our hack?" I smirked looking between Matt and Brian.
"Yeah I did I got a number of a hot stable chicks." Matt grinned proudly. Brian on the other hand didn't look too impressed.
"What's up Brain didn't you not get a number." I teased and pouted playfully. The other guys just laughed a long with my joke they knew what I was like.
"I could have got a number if I'd have wanted one." He said in a slightly harsh tone.
"OK so you didn't want the number of a hot chick practically throwing herself at you?" I smirked.
"Maybe not." He shrugged off looking away from me. "Anyway it's not like we had anything else to do with you dragging Benji off on a 'hack'." He said this time more bitter than anything.
"I said you could got back to the buses and we'd meet you back here if you didn't want to wait around for us but you seemed quite happy chatting up Broke who you didn't get her number because YOU didn't want too." I said emphasising the you signalling that I didn't believe him.
"What's the big deal so what if I didn't get her fucking number I didn't want it ok." He snapped.
"Dude since when do you not want a hot chicks number." Zacky laughed trying to lighten brains mood a little.
"Since all hot chicks turn out to be real bitches." He spat shooting a glare at me when he said that sentence hinting that he wasn't actually talking about Broke but about me.
"Good job I'm not a hot chick then." I laughed.
"You might not be hot but your fucking sexy as hell." Matt said all the other guys seemed to agree with him.
"Or maybe I'm a bitch so that might actually make me a hot chick seen as all hot chicks are bitches that right Brian?" I said sarcastically. What can I say you call me out don't expect me not to fight back.
"What the fuck ever." He sighed getting up and walking back into the buses.
"Sorry about that he gets a little touchy like that sometimes. Don't take anything he says seriously he likes you really." Matt said.
"I'm not completely innocent I wound him up too, but what can I say if you call me out I fight back." I smiled.
"That she does." Benji laughed.
"I'm going to go talk to him." I said getting up making my way to the bus.
"You don't have too." Zacky said.
"No I want to I feel a little guilty now." I laughed then went into the bus.

I found Brian sat in the dining area I slid into the booth so I was sat opposite him. he was sat looking down and playing with his hands on the table. He didn't look up when I sat down although I knew he knew I was there.
"I'm sorry." I said quietly and guiltily, you might want to get a video recorder out for this it's not often I say sorry or admit I was wrong or back down. He didn't look up or say anything.
"You not talking to me now?"
"Brian?" I said a little sharper and louder reaching over lifting his head up with my hand. He didn't look mad or angry he looked sad and upset.
"Aw Brain I really am sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. That's just the way I am I banter with people, I was just have a laugh with you. I didn't think you'd take me seriously. You should know that, never take me seriously."
"It's ok, I'm sorry for being a bitch about it, I know you where only joking I just get a little touchy sometimes and, and your not the one that should be sorry it should be me, I'm sorry."
"Let's just call it even then." I smiled.
"Ok." He nodded. "By the way I don't think you're a bitch how ever I do think that you're a hot chick and Matt’s right you are sexy as hell." He grinned no seeming very self confident and flirty.
"True however I do have bitch like qualities." I laughed making him laugh too. "And you not so bad your self." I winked my sexy, flirty wink that some how always got guys falling all over me or so I've been told anyway.
"I was very impressed when I was watching you riding before I don't know how you have the guts to do all them stunts. I don't think I'd ever be able to ride a horse never mind do all them stunts on one."
"Well the stunts do take a long time of practising before you can do them well and safely but the riding I think I could help you out there." I said not realising how rude my last sentence could sound; he obviously took it that way and smirked. "I meant the HORSE riding bit." I laughed.
"I knew what you meant." He laughed. "But really you think you could get me on a horse?"
"Yeah, why not I got Benji on one didn't I."
"Well yeah but...I don't want to go on that Boy-o."
"Don't worry you won't be going on him not ever people who can ride want to ride him so I wouldn't expect you too. No you can ride Diego."
"He's your other horse isn't he?"
"Yeah he's ace, he'll look after you."
"Cool I'm excited but a little scared now." he admitted.
"Don't be scared there nothing to worry about. I'll get you on and teach you the basics that should only take a few minutes and then we can go out for a hack like me and Benji did before, what are you doing tomorrow?"
"I think we have an interview in the morning but should be free from lunch onwards."
"Good, come down the yard after your interview and we'll get you riding a horse." i smiled.
"Cool, thanks." He smiled holding my eye contact with his own charming ones.
"No problem." I said as we were both still kept to eye contact.
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