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It was just after lunch, I had got all my jobs done and got Diego and Boy-o ready to ride, when Brian came.
"Hey you ready?" I smiled at him, he looked very scared or nervous maybe both.
"Ready as I'll ever be." He smiled taking a deep breath.
"You'll be fine nothing to worry about. Diego will look after you he's the only one Benji'll ride because he's so well behaved." I said he smiled seeming a little more relaxed. "Well come on then lets got you on and show you the basics." I smiled taking Diego out of his stable and leading him to the arena Brian following us.
I got him on and gave him a quick lesson, at first he was really nervous but he soon relaxed and got used to it, he was actually quite good, he learnt quickly. Once I made sure he was ok and that he felt ok I got Boy-o out so we could go on a hack together.
"You're going to be riding that?" Brian asked looking a little nervous again.
"Yeah he'll be fine nothing to worry about anyway your on the good one and one more thing it's Boy-o not 'that'" I laughed.
"Ok." He said still a little unsure.
Went set of for our hack and I could tell Brian was really enjoying himself. We were out for around an hour; we talked about all sorts just basically getting to know each other, our likes and dislikes etc.
"Thank you so much that was really good, I really enjoyed that." he smiled jumping off Diego.
"Your welcome it was my pleasure." I smiled.
"And he's amazing such a good horse." Brian said turning and patting Diego.
"He is he's the best." I smiled giving him a pat too.
"You need any help while I'm here?" Brian asked.
"Erm, I've got all my jobs done I've just got to un-tack these and make sure they'll be ok for the night but you can stick around if you want too." I said.
"Yeah I will." He smiled.
Brian stayed talking to me and helping m when I need him. I was surprised how well we got along; we had a lot of things in common and had the same sense of humour. I had a really good time hanging out with him, it didn't hurt that he wasn't that bad looking either.
When I'd finished my jobs we made our way back to the buses.
"Where have you two been?" Billy smiled as we walked in.
"He came out on a hack with me on Diego." I smiled proudly he had done really well considering he'd never rode a horse in his life before.
"He can't ride." Matt said.
"He can now I taught him the basics and then we went on a hack."
"It was so good I never thought I'd like anything like that but it was amazing and Diego is so good."
"Course he is, he's my boy as is Boy-o." I grinned.
"So what have you guys been up to?" I sighed tiredly after being at the yard all day. I walked over to the dining table where Benji and Paul where sat opposite each other, Benji playing on his phone and Paul reading a magazine. I sat next to Benji leaning my head on his shoulder.
"Nothing much just hanging." Zacky replied for everyone as everyone was caught up in what ever they where doing whether it be watching TV, playing video games, reading or texting or talking on phones.
"You alright?" I asked Benji looking up to him slightly.
"mhmm." He said just finishing off his text to Josh and then turning his full attention to me. "You?" he asked giving me a small smile.
"Yeah just tired worked so hard doing all the jobs at the yard today." I said then yawned.
"You look it." he said moving a piece of hair out of my face then letting his arm drop down by my side pulling me closer to him into a more of a lying down position half on him and half on the bench.
"You gave my horse away?" He grinned joking.
"Hate to break it to you he's not your he's mine, he loves me."
"Hate to break this to you but he loves me more."
"no way he loves his mum the best I do everything for him you go on a hack on him with me every once in a while." I defended and he just laughed at me giving me a slight squeeze.
"You're to easy to wined up but your cute when you are." He grinned.
"Shut up." I laughed hitting him playfully on his arm.

Narrators POV

The next few days Robyn spent a lot of time hanging out, catching up with the guys and getting to know that guys she didn't already know before. She and Benji spent a lot of time together getting really close sometimes questionably close to how close that actually where as friends or more even for the guys. Another person she spent a lot of time with was Brian they had formed a close bond and had become good friends with quite a lot of 'harmless' flirting going on between them.

Robyn was down at the yard doing her jobs and riding, practicing her stunts with the other guys in the company. Benji had just walked onto the bus where Joel, Paul, Billy and Matt where sat chatting.
"Hey Benj you wanna come with us for some dinner tonight?" Paul offered.
"Sorry can't me and Robyn are going out to see a movie." he said not really thinking much of it, it was just normal for him a Robyn to go out places together, go to movies etc as 'friends'.
"Just you two alone?" Billy asked.
"Yeah." Benji said still not getting what they where all thinking.
"Benj what really is going on between you two?" Joel asked the question on everyone's minds.
"Nothing where friends."
"You seem really close to be just friends." Matt said.
"Well we are JUST friends."
"And what does Rebecca think of all this?" Joel asked.
"It's got nothing to do with her."
"Benj she's your girlfriend it's got everything to do with her." Billy said.
Rebecca was Benji's 'girlfriend' all the guys hated her they couldn't stand her, even Benji didn't like her all that much at times. Rebecca was a bitch to sum it up. She was a spoilt, self centred, snobby brat. She hated anyone being friends with anyone else apart from her. She liked to own people like she owned cars and houses etc. most of all she was very jealous and insecure, although she hid her insecurity by being a bitch to everyone. She could also get very violent in the numerous arguments she'd had with Benji over nothing but he was always the bad guy in it all she had thrown thing at him and even hit him. They had to cancel a show once because he'd got a black eye off her.
"We're friend's end of story." Benji snapped then walked into the back.
"Rebecca's that crazy chick right?" Matt asked.
"yeah the one that's psycho and that gets so jealous if Benji even so much as goes in the same room as a girl and she starts accusing him of cheating on her and then throws stuff at him and hits him, yeah that's the one." Paul said.
"She's no good for him he's better of with out her any way." Billy said.
"Yeah we all know it, I've tried to tell him, he even knows it but he won't break up with her for some strange reason." Joel said.
"Well maybe if she has a run in with Robyn, Robyn will sort her out." Paul said.
"Yeah Robyn will put her in her place well enough. can you imagine what Robyn would do to her if Rebecca treated her how she treats everyone else." Billy grinned.
"She'd rip her fucking head off." Joel laughed.
"That I've got to see." Matt laughed. "So does Robyn not know about Rebecca?"
"No, Benji hasn't told her and well I'm not going to be with one to it's his job and if he doesn't then he's the one that has to face the consequences."
"Yeah I wouldn't like to be the one to tell her or be there when she finds out." Billy said Paul nodding in agreement.
"Why will she go off her head?" Matt asked.
"Well it's not that fact that he's got a girlfriends I don't thing that will bother her I think it's the fact that he didn't tell her and then when she finds out what she's really like that's it she'll be after Rebecca first then she'll lay into Benji." Joel explained seriously but with a laugh thinking of how funny but scary Robyn can be when she's angry.
They shut up after that as Robyn walked onto the bus.
That night all the guys went out for dinner apart from Robyn and Benji that went to the movie and then got something to eat after.
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