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The next day

Billy, Matt, Brian, Zacky and Paul where stood outside the buses chatting while the smokers had a cigarette, they where joined by Benji and Rebecca.
"Rebecca, when did you get here I didn't know you where joining us on this tour?" Paul said faking being nice to her but everyone except for Rebecca could tell how insincere he was being.
"Oh well I managed to get a week of work so I decided to come out and spend time with my man." she gushed sickeningly.
"aw how nice." Billy said in the same insincere tone Paul had used.

Just then Robyn came walking over back from doing her jobs at the yard.
"Hey guys." she smiled not noticing the new addition of Rebecca at first which was probably a good thing as Rebecca was glearing at her with disgust.
"Erm I think we'll go on now." Benji said quickly trying to avoid any confrontation between Rebecca and Robyn which everyone could tell was going to happen sooner or later.
"Oh, ok." Robyn said looking a little confused as to first why he was walking away from everyone then as she seen there was another person with him who she hadn't met before, who she was and then finally which was the big one, why she was looking at her like a piece of shit.
"w...w...who the fuck was she, and more importantly who the fuck does she think she's looking at like a piece of shit?" Robyn said loudly the confusion now turning into anger.
"That was Rebecca she, um..." Billy started to explain but he like everyone else didn't want to be the one to tell Robyn that she was Benji's girlfriend. "...She looks at everyone like that she's a bit of a snobby bitch really, no one really likes her that much." he finished.
"Well who does she think she is, you all just let her treat you like that. She needs to learn some respect and if she looks at me like that again she'll be learning it from my fist." Robyn ranted making the guys grin.
"What I'm fucking serious there no way she's going to get away with treating me like shit. Anyway you still didn't tell me, who is she?" Robyn asked again looking between the guys none of them wanting to be the one to tell her but there was no need...

Just then Joel walked out not noticing that Robyn had joined them.
"I see Benji's bitch from hell is back I really don't know what he sees in her, hopefully Robyn'll... Robyn hi, I um... didn't see you there." Joel stopped mid sentence when he noticed Robyn but it was too late.
"Benji's bitch as in she's his girlfriend?" Robyn said none of them being able to read whether she was mad or upset.
"well, um... yeah but I think you should talk to Benji about this." Joel said.
"oh don't worry I'll be talking to him about this. How come he never once thought to mention it to me. How long have they been together?" She snapped.
"I... I really think you need to be talking with Benji about this." Billy said.
"You know what I am going to." she said then stormed off onto the bus.

seconds later the guys heard a lot of shouting from inside the bus.
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