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it's getting good now, here the conforntation between Robyn & Rebecca.

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Inside the bus

“so we Benj I think you forgot your manners I don’t believe you’ve introduced us yet.” Robyn calmly walked onto the bus stepping towards Rebecca who was scowling at her.
“I erm.. Robyn this is Rebecca.” Benji said nervously. He knew Robyn was less than impressed with him for not telling her about Rebecca and Rebecca for her attitude towards her.
“his girlfriend. So mitts off.” Rebecca spat at Robyn. Robyn raised her eyebrows looking between Benji and Rebecca.
“what the fuck Benji?..” Robyn said shaking her head. Number one Why did he feel the need to hide the fact he had a girlfriend and number two what the hell was he doing with someone like Rebecca and number three why is he letting her treat himself and his friends like that.
“You heard you whore stay away from Benji.” Rebecca spat at Robyn again.
“right listen here and listen good don’t ever speak to me or look at me like that again. The only reason your still standing on two feet right now is because for some reason Benji seems to see something in you but believe me lady I will knock you into next week if you do it again.” Robyn warned trying to control her boiling anger.
“Benji are you actually going to let this jumped up little whore speak to me... SMACK” Rebecca started to shout at Benji but Robyn had heard enough and slapped Rebecca after calling her a whore again. Rebecca looked at Robyn in shock. Robyn small but she was strong as an ox.
“I fucking warned you.” Robyn said to Rebecca feeling a little better now after releasing some anger.
Next thing to Robyn shock Rebecca slapped Benji! Robyn looked a mix of confused, anger and shock.
“do not let her treat me like this Benji.” Rebecca fumed at Benji. Benji looked a little intimidated. Robyn wondered what the hell was going on. Clearly from what she could see this was the first time Rebecca had been violent to Benji either. Robyn couldn’t believe her eyes no one treat her or her friends like that
“hold up love that is not ok. Who the hell do you think you are.” Robyn stepped towards Rebecca.
“Who do you think you are more like.” Rebecca looked at Robyn like shit again and went to raise her hand to Robyn. Robyn blocked her with her left hand spun her and grabbed her hair with her right hand and dragged Rebecca toward the door and flung her off the bus. Then went back to Benji.
“Benji what the hell...” Robyn looked at Benji for answers putting her hand to his face where Rebecca had hit him.
“Its nothing you just caught her off guard.” Benji to Robyn’s shock defended Rebecca.
“what the fuck Benji that is not ok. She is not ok.” Robyn said placing her hand on his face. To her surprise Benji pushed her away lightly.
“I’d better go after her.” He ran off the bus leaving Robyn stunned.
Moments later Joel, Paul, Billy, Zacky and Matt walked onto the bus.
“what happened?” Paul exclaimed.
“what the fuck guys. Why are you ok with Benji being around that tramp.” Robyn said trying to get her head round what had just gone on.
“we’re not but for some strange reason he won’t listen to us when we tell him she's no good.” Joel explained wearily as if this has been a long term issue.
“but seriously what happened?” Matt repeated Paul’s question.
“I came in asked Benji to introduce us she looked at me like shit, she spoke to me like shit. I kept my cool and gave her a warning she again spoken to me like shit so i slapped some sense into her. What I don’t get is she then turned round and hit Benji for it rather than me. So I threw her off the bus. Tried to reason with Benji but he went after her. I just don’t get it.” Robyn explained in disbelief.
“I know its shit she has him like brain washed.” Billy said giving her a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.
“however I am glad she got a taste of her own medicine off you.” Joel smirked pulling her into a hug.
“seriously though guys she's has to go she's not only a dick to Benji she's violent.” Robyn said.
“we know we hope this is where you come in.” Paul smiled putting an arm around her.
“ gladly.” Robyn agreed.
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