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Joel, Robyn, Billy, Paul, Matt, Brian, Zacky, Johnny and Dean where all in the GC bus most of them very drunk by now. Billy, Paul, Dean and Zacky where all sat on the floor around the TV playing video games. Robyn was squashed in the middle of the large sofa between Joel and Matt on one side and Brian and Johnny on the other side all watching the guys playing the video games and do their best to distract them and wined them up which everyone found really amusing. Thankfully Benji and Rebecca hadn't returned to the bus yet.

Robyn who was by this time one of the most drunk on the bus, but she could handle her self, decided she needed the toilet. she pealed herself up from her squashed spot on the sofa, pulling her top half from under Brian and Johnny and untangling her legs from Joel's and Matt's, once stood up she took a second to regain her balance as the room began spinning at her sudden movement. Once she felt ok to begin walking she made her way carefully to the bathroom, doing her best to dodge between the four guys sprawled on the floor still playing video games. She was quiet successful on her way there only losing her balance slightly once considering how drunk she was. She went to the toilet but on her way back to her spot on the sofa she wasn't as successful as her way there. As she got to where the four guys where on the floor where she needed to most concentration not to fall Brian was just getting up to go in the same direction as where she had just been, meaning that two of the six most drunk people in the room where heading for a head on collision. Instead of them watching where they where going they seemed lost in each others eyes. Just as Robyn went to stride over Paul he threw his arms up in celebration of his recent victory, tripping Robyn in the process and sending her flying face first towards Brian. Brian caught her mid air and they both fell backwards Robyn ending up lying on top of Brian them both face to face giggling. The rest of the guys noticed and burst out laughing and cheering. Just then Benji and Rebecca walked onto the bus. Rebecca with a disgusted look on her face and Benji looking angry.

"Oh I see now your trying to get back at me by getting into one of my friends!" Benji shouted making the whole bus go silent and Robyn and Brian getting up.
"Excuse me?" Robyn said confused looking right at Benji trying to get her balance again.
"You heard you’re jealous of me and Rebecca and now your trying to get into my friends to get back at me or try to make me jealous." he said.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Robyn said confused not being as quick to catch on to things her being so drunk.
"Yeah that’s right Rebecca can see straight through you she told me all about what your really like."
"Benji she hasn't got a clue what I'm like and if there's anyone that’s so transparent around her it's her." Robyn spat towards Rebecca who still had the snobby disgusted look on her face.
"Just face it Robyn I love Rebecca and not you." Benji smirked.
"You need fucking help letting her poison your mind like that." Robyn laughed bitterly.
"Lie to yourself all you want but I know the truth now thanks to Rebecca." he smiled putting an arm around her shoulders bringing her closer to him, Rebecca having a smug look on her face.
"Fuck you Benji." Robyn glared at him walking past him and Rebecca and out of the bus.
She walked a little bit so that she was away form the buses and sat on a wall that overlooked the ocean. She wasn't sat there long before someone cleared their throat from behind her making her turn round.
"Mind if I join you." Brian smiled.
"Not at all." she smiled glad of the company. "But you better not have chased after me, because I'm not a drama queen." she laughed.
"No way the thought never crossed my mind." he laughed making her laugh too.
"Really I'm not a drama queen the drama just tends to follow Me." she smiled being a little more serious now.
"He really was out of order though." he said turning serious too.
"I know it's all so wired he so different, I don't know maybe it was a mistake coming back to see them all again. I mean we've all changed so much, it's like I don't even know him any more."
"Maybe. I know the whole Benji thing sucks but bright side you get to see Joel, Billy and Paul, don't let Benji ruin that for you and plus you got to meet some really cool and hot new friends." he grinned at his last sentence winking at her.
"Oh really and who might they be?" she smirked.
"Erm, oh well lets think, there's me, me and oh yeah Me." she grinned cheekily, so far everything about him seemed appealing to her.
"Oh your so modest." she laughed sarcastically.
"Oh yeah and I just thought of the best thing about you coming here."
"What’s that?" she smiled making his heart melt and him get butterflies in his stomach.
"I got to meet the most amazing, funny, cool and sexy girl ever." he said quietly.
"Now you just messing." she laughed pushing him on the shoulder playfully.
"No really I mean it." he smiled still being serious but Robyn was still trying to laugh it off; not because she didn't feel the same way as Brian because she did but because she was really confused at the moment, with the whole Benji thing and everything, so she didn't really want rush into anything at the moment.
"Well aren't you just the romantic, I thought you where meant to be the bad-ass attitude, flirt of the guys." she smirked.
"Well you know just don't tell the guys, need to keep my reputation." he said pretending to act tough jokingly. Making her laugh.
"Don't worry I won't tell. Wouldn't want to ruin your reputation now would we." she said in a whisper leaning in and winking at him but it all came out slightly more flirty than she intended. He leant in closer too, they where inches apart lost in each others eye contact. Robyn snapped her self out of it clearing her throat.
"I um, I think I should be getting back going to bed, got an early start tomorrow." she said getting up and brushing her self off. Brian looked slightly disappointed but got up anyway.
"Come on I'll walk you back." he smiled. She nodded and they walked back to the buses.
When they got back to the buses everyone was already in bed asleep which Robyn was thankful for. Brian and Robyn said their good nights and then went off to their separate buses to sleep.
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