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Is there something between Brian and Robyn???

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Robyn was the first up like usual, to do the horses. When she got up she felt rough to say the least, all the alcohol that she drank last night catching up with her. She showered and took some painkillers then put on her trusty baseball hat and sunglasses to shield her from the sun and made her way to the yard. She did all her jobs like usual, rode & turned out the horses then made her way back to the buses. When she got back to the buses it was 11:00am the guys who hadn't been drinking or not drank as much last night where up the others who where as wasted as Robyn where still in bed. Joel and Billy where sat in the dining area of the GC bus when she entered it.
"Morning guys." she smiled.
"Good morning and how are you feeling this fine morning?" Joel smirked; Joel was one of the ones who weren’t drinking.
"Rough but I'll get over it." she laughed. "Where is everyone?" she asked.
"Benji went out with Rebecca before." Joel explained.
"Thank god he took her out of our way." Billy grumbled taking another sip of his coffee; Billy drank last night but not too much.
"And everyone else is still in bed sleeping off their hangovers."
"errrrrrr, I feel like shit." A very rough looking Paul stumbled out of the bunk area.
"Join the club." I said patting him on the back and handing him some painkillers as he joined Billy at the dining table.
"Thanks and how the hell are you up so early if you feel as shit as I do." He groaned.
"Don't know just used to it I guess." I shrugged.
"I'd never get used to it, need sleep."
"That we know Paul, that we know." Joel laughed rolling his eyes.
Just then Robyn's phone rings, she goes into the living area of the bus to answer it. not long after Billy, Joel and Paul hear a squeal coming from the living area and then a very happy and excited looking Robyn rushes back into the living area.
"Are you ok?" Billy asks looking scared and worried.
"Yeah, that was my brother, he's coming over visiting for a couple of days tomorrow!" she said excitedly.
"Really, you mean Karl?" Joel asked.
"Yeah, he's been playing football over in England for the past five years I've hardly seen him." she explained.
Just then Zacky and Johnny walk onto the bus looking quite rough.
"Hey have you guys got any painkillers, cos we've got none left over on our bus." Zacky asked holding his head.
"Yeah here ya go." Joel said passing the painkillers to them form Paul.
"Ooo, you guys don't look so good." I teased laughing.
"This is nothing compeered to Matt and Brian you should see them they've both passed out on each other on the sofa and still haven't woke up, it's quite funny really." Johnny said.
"Yeah here I took a picture." Zacky grinned showing them all the picture and them all laughing in amusement at it.
They spent the rest of the day hanging out Brian and Matt got up two hours later only to be teased by everyone about the picture of them. Benji and Rebecca came back just before it was time for them to leave for the show. The tension in the air you could cut with a knife. Benji and Rebecca more or less kept themselves to themselves.


Robyn got up at her usual early time to do the horses but when she came out of the GC bus she was surprised to see Brian just coming out of the A7X bus at the same time.
"Bloody hell what are you doing up this early?" she laughed making him smile at her.
"Duno really, you off to do the horses?" he asked.
"Yeah as always." she smiled.
"Want some company?" he asked.
"Would love some." she smiled again.
"I might as well come with you none of these other lazy fuckers are up yet." he grinned.
"Oh well I'm just a last resort then am I?" she smirked.
"No I didn't mean it like that, I meant..." he tried to explain himself.
"I'm only joking I know what you meant." she smiled as they began walking to the yard.
When they got to the yard Brian helped Robyn with all her jobs and they had a laugh while doing so. Even though her jobs should have taken her less time with the extra help they took her longer as they had water fights when doing the waters, hay fights while to the hay and just generally messed around having fun. When all her jobs where done and she was ready to leave Dan came walking over to her.
"I hear Karl's coming back for a couple of days tomorrow?" he said.
"Yeah he is." she smiled.
"Bet you can't wait?"
"No it's going to be so good to see him again." she grinned
"We where all saying before we'll have to go out tomorrow night to give him a good welcome home." he said motion towards the rest of the guys from the yard who where also good friends with Robyn's brother Karl.
"Yeah that would be really good I'll tell him about It." she smiled.
"OK well see you tomorrow."
"Yeah see ya." she smiled then her and Brian made their way back to the buses.
"Who's Karl?" Brian said with a hint of jealousy and disappointment in his voice and face.
"My brother." Robyn stated trying to hide her smirk when she noticed Brian's reaction to the mention of Karl. When she told him he was her brother he looked relieved making her laugh.
"What you laughing at?" he smiled going slightly red.
"You." she laughed playfully pushing him on the shoulder, making him look even more embarrassed.
"W...What about me?" he stuttered trying to hide his embarrassment.
"You getting all jealous when Karl was mentioned."
"I was not jealous, just...just interested." he tried to cover up.
"Yeah whatever." she smirked.
"And what are you trying to hint at?" he smirked back he usual confidence and flirty-ness returning.
"You know very well what I'm saying." she smiled quite flirtatiously back.
"Oh really." he smirked raising his eyebrows giving her a flirty suggestive look which she returned ending the topic.
All the way back to the bus they laughed & joked, teasing each other and play fighting as they walked.
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