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Billy, Zacky, Matt and Paul where sat in the sun outside the bus obviously only just having got up and they where enjoying some breakfast. Benji with Rebecca sat on his lap where also sat outside the bus bit a little to the side of the other guys. The guys seen Robyn & Brian before they seen the guys because they where too caught up in playing around to notice.
"Well they seem to be getting along like a house on fire don't they." Billy commented with a smirk.
"They do seem to have got close lately haven’t they?" Paul smiled.
"Its about time Brian found a decent girl." Zacky said.
"That's not fair I get the hot chick's first." Matt pouted.
"Yeah and that’s why Brian has so many bad relationships with bad people." Zacky said hitting Matt across the head.
Brian & Robyn made their way over to the guys, they where still laughing a little and slightly out of breath.
"Morning." Robyn said cheerily and choosing to ignore the dirty disgusted look she was getting from Benji and Rebecca trying to make her jealous by cuddling closer to Benji and kissing his neck as she and Brian came over.
"And where have you two been?... Together... alone...this early?" Matt said with a grin.
"Went doing the horses, Brian offered to come with." Robyn said plainly. They all looked between the pair suspiciously. Just then Joel walked up to them.
"Hey guys, erm Rob why have you got straw in your hair?" Joel said confused pulling a piece of straw out off Robyn's hair all of the guys immediately started smirked at Brian & Robyn.
"Anyway I'm going to go for a shower and get changed." Robyn said changing the subject and walking off Brian following. As they walked past Benji and Rebecca, Benji was still giving them dirty looks and Rebecca was still cuddling up to him. Brian just gave them a funny look & Robyn pulled a face sticking her tongue out like a child as she walked past not caring any more about their pettiness.

"What's going on with Brian & Robyn?" Joel asked the guys with a smirk sitting with them watching as Brian & Robyn walked inside the buses.
"You tell us." Billy smiled with raised eye brows.
"Well they defiantly seem to be getting close." Joel said.
"Yeah and have you seen how pissed off its making Benj." Paul said motioning over to Benji as he gave Robyn a dirty look as she walked past.
"And she's defiantly handling it in the usual Robyn way." Joel laughed as she pulled her face at him.


"What's Benji's deal, why's he being like that with you, I thought you two used to be and still where best friends?" Brain asked sitting on her bunk as she got her clothes and other stuff ready for her shower.
"I don't know he's got his panties in a bunch over something. Probably because I stood up to his bitch instead of letting it slip for 'Benji's sake' like the other guys do. What I really don't get though is why he's with her, she's defiantly not his type and she's a bitch no ones likes her, I don't think even Benji really likes her."
"Do you think their talking about us now?" Brian said quietly after a moment of silence.
"Who cares what Benji and his bitch thinks." she said.
"No not them, the other guys?" he said acting a little...shy.
"Doesn't really matter does it, we've not done anything wrong." she shrugged and flashed him a smile. He seemed a little more relaxed at that and smiled back. "Anyway I’m going for my shower now, c'ya in a bit." she said then walked into the bathroom.

After her shower and pampering session Robyn was ready for bed she was already in her pajamas, she had no make-up at all on which was rare, even thought she was drop dead gorgeous with out make-up she always felt better just having the bit on, and her hair in a messy bun. She decided to go out to sit with the guys for a bit before she went to bed. they where all laughing and joking like usual and like usual Rebecca was sat snottily on Benji's lap looking disgusted at the other guys as if she was too good to be around them.
"Hey guys." Robyn yawned sleepily as she went and sat with everyone.
"Oh god look at the state of her." Rebecca said as if she didn't mean for anyone to hear her but she blatantly did.
"Got a problem with me? Because you remember what happened last time you felt the need to pass comment on me." Robyn said simply not rising to Rebecca's bait.
"I... um...I never said anything." she stuttered looking... scared, Robyn smiled at this.
"Didn't think you did." Robyn smiled fakely then turned to the guys who looked very pleased indeed.
"Well done." Joel whispered to her smirking at her.
"No problem." she winked at him.
They all talked for a little longer, Rebecca not daring to look at Robyn.
"OK I'm going bed now see you guys tomorrow." Robyn yawned.
"You can't be going to bed now it's only half eleven." Matt said.
"Yes but I unlike you have to be up at six to pick Karl up."
"There's only one six o clock in my day and that’s pm." He laughed.
“Wait did you just say Karl was coming, Karl as in your brother Karl?” Benji spoke up for the first time since Robyn and Brian had been with the group.
“Yes my brother Karl, got a problem?” She snapped, Benji and Karl had a history. Benji just rolled his eyes disapprovingly. "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you we're all going out for like a welcome home thing for Karl tomorrow night, you can all come along if you want. It'll be a good night out maybe even morning, that’s where the third six o clock will be coming from." she smiled.
"Sounds good." Brian said.
"Yeah we'll be there." Joel said.
"OK well see you guys tomorrow."
They all said a chorus of good nights.
"Rob do you want me to come with you to pick Karl up." Joel said following her back into the bus.
"Aw that’s a nice off thanks Joel but no I'll be fine you enjoy your day off and have a sleep in." she smiled.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yeah I'm sure but thanks anyway." she smiled.
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