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Karl arrives all hell breaks loose

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Robyn lazily dragged herself out of her bunk on the GC bus to get ready and go pick Karl up form the airport. As she was getting dressed she started to think where was Karl actually going to stay as there was only one spare bunk on the GC bus and that was the one she was currently in, she couldn’t be bothered thinking too much so early in the morning and decided to figure something out later on when she was more awake.
She drove down to the airport in just enough time to meet Karl coming off his plain.
“Hey, how are you, how was your flight?” she smiled giving him a hug.
“Good and good thanks, how are you little sis? It feels like ages since I’ve seen you.” He smiled giving her a big brotherly hug.
“I’m good and it has been way too long since you went away.”
“Well I’m back for a bit now.” He smiled.
They walked out to Robyn’s car and loaded his bags.
“ooo nice car looks like your doing alright for your self in Texas.” He grinned with a hint of teasing.
“I’m doing great actually; you’re not the only successful one in the family.” She smirked.
“Let me drive I want a go of your car.” He said.
“No way are you not driving my car.” She said holding the keys to her chest so he couldn’t get them.”
“Come on don’t be so selfish mom and dad brought us up to share things.” He teased acting like a seven year old.
“Shut the fuck up and get in the passenger seat our walk.” She said getting into the car and starting it.
“You’ve not changed one bit have you? You’re still a bitch.” He smirked.
“Yeah damn right I have to be.” She smiled.
“Good, don’t want you not being able to stick up for your self with me not around to look out for you.” He said in a protective big brother way.
“As sweet as that is I don’t need no looking after I can do that all by myself.”
“That’s good but still you always need looking after sometimes everyone does and now I’m here to look after you.”
“I’m fine there’s nothing wrong I have my life under control.”
“Do you really? Since when was your life ever under control?” he laughed.
“Hey watch it you.” She laughed hitting him in the ribs.
“Hey you watch the road I don’t want you crashing us.” He said holding where she had just hit him.
“You’ve been back ten minutes and your already annoying the hell out of me.”
“That’s what big bros are for.” He winked with a grin.
“Piss off.” She joked.
“Ok seriously no though everything’s good with you nothing wrong?”
“Nope everything’s fine.” She lied and she knew he could tell she was 1. Lying and 2. That there was something wrong, if not a few things. They had always been really close and they always told each other everything, looked out for each other and could tell exactly what was going on with the other e.g. if there was something wrong with the other or if they where lying etc.
“Are you sure? How’s work?”
“Works great it’s all good.”
“Money? Life in general?” he was going through anything and everything that could possible be wrong knowing that the minute she lied about one saying it was ok when it wasn’t he would know.
“All fine, moneys fine, no issues; life in general’s good, traveling a lot gets a bit tiring but its all good.”
“Ok well how about friends? Your staying with the Madden’s and their band at the moment aren’t you?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s um… ok.”
“Really?” he said suspiciously he knew he’d hit it.
“Everything ok with you and Benji?”
“Yeah.” she said but she knew he could tell that she was lying a mile off.
“What’s going on I thought you two where like best friends.” He said. She gave up trying to lie she wasn’t getting out of this.
“It’s stupid really we did used to be best friends all of us but you know we lost contact and then when I was talking to Benji online last week which was how I meet back up with them everything seemed to be good like old times but now it’s just different.”
“What you mean now that you’ve met back up with them?”
“Yeah well not exactly you see the first few days where great just like old times but the other day this really arrogant bitch comes and she’s apparently Benji’s girlfriend…”
“And he didn’t tell you? Rob why don’t you just tell him you like him.” He grinned Karl always thought that Robyn liked Benji more than friends but she never, well she’s never thought of him like that in the past…
“Karl I’d tell him I liked him if I actually liked him. I don’t like him not like that anyway it just hurt that he never thought he could tell me something like that and… and well yeah before she came we where getting close like really close, nothing happened or did I want it too.” She quickly added at Karl’s now growing grin.
“Rob seriously now I know you know I can’t really stand Benji but if you like him just tell me.”
“I don’t I seriously don’t I’ve never thought of him like that.” She said seriously which seemed to settle the subject a bit. But she was lying both Robyn and Benji’s friendship has always been border line more than friends.
“Ok well if you don’t like him then what’s the problem with him having a girlfriend?”
“There’s no problem with him having a girlfriend it’s the who she is I have a problem with. Karl you should see her she’s a bitch. She ‘s a fucking arrogant, snobby, self centered bitch.”
“Well seems like the perfect match for Benji then.” He said as Robyn shot him a look.
“Don’t go there Karl.” She warned.
“I won’t I’ll be good I promise, scouts honour.” He laughed. “But seriously what’s the deal ok she’s a bitch but just ignore her she can’t get between yours and Benji’s friendship.”
“But she has that’s what’s getting to me he’s changed so much around her she hates me but I hate her so that’s ok but now all he does is stick up for her and he acts like he hates me.”
“He doesn’t hate you. How can anyone hate you who have their head screwed on properly?”
“Well he’s acting like it. All the other guys hate her too, they ask him what he’s doing with her because quiet frankly he can do better, no one likes her and he doesn’t even like her that much.”
“Well all this is Benji’s problem it’s his decision to go out with her, his decision to stick up for her when she’s a bitch and his decision to mess up one of the best friendships he’ll ever have with you. If you ask me you’re just seeing the Benji I’ve seen for years.”
“Karl please don’t start ok I get it I know you don’t like Benji but just keep your mouth shut.”
“Don’t worry I will as long as he’s good. I can’t promise anything if he hurts my sister and from what I’m seeing he's putting a lot of hurt on my sister right now and I don’t like it.”
“Karl I’m fine I’ve got it under control.”
“Ok we’ll see about that. Anyway enough talk of the asshole what about everyone else. How’s my boy Joel doing, it always amazed me to how Joel’s related so such an ass.” Robyn glared at him again at his dig at Benji but chose to ignore it.
“Joel’s good all the guys are fine. There on tour with this other band called Avenged Sevenfold their all really great guys too.”
“I think I might have heard of them I’ll have to do some checking out of them to see if their ok for my sister to be around.”
“I’m 26 not six get over yourself.” She rolled her eyes.
“Ok well change of subject, how's the love life is going you big twenty six year old?” He laughed teasing her. Earning another dig in the ribs.
“None existent at the moment.”
“Because you’re waiting for Benji.” He said simply and trying to keep a straight face also flinching preparing himself for another dig in the ribs.
“No not waiting for Benji, just not really found a decent guy that’s not either married or gay.”
“More like not found a guy that can handle you.”
“Shut up I’m not that bad. Anyway why are we just talking about me tell me about you how’s England and Football?” she said just as they pulled up at the buses.
“Oh look we’re out of time.” He laughed jumping out of the car.
“No fucking way you’re not getting away with it. You’ve just grilled me about everything in the car now I get to grill you.” She called running after him.

“I take it that’s Karl then?” Zacky asked Joel and Paul as the three of them where walking back to the bus just after Robyn and Karl.
“Yep that would be the other one.” Paul said nodding. “The terrible two are reunited once again.” He laughed making Joel laugh too.
"Wait what's that supposed to mean?” Zacky asked.
“Lets just say you thought Robyn was a handful well them both together they’re too much to handle. Their really great people as you already know with Rob but together their hell rising party hard and like to do some practical joking from time to time.” Joel explained.
“Oh right sounds lovely.” Zacky laughed. “I take it the next few days are going to be fun then?”
“Oh yes.” Joel and Paul said at the same time just as Brian and Matt came over.
“What’s going to be fun?” Matt asked.
“The next few days now the terrible two are reunited. Well look at it this way if they both team up like they always do then Benji and Rebecca will get sorted out once and for all.” Paul said to Joel.
“That’s what I’m counting on.” Joel smirked.
“You planned this didn’t you?” Paul laughed.
“Well kind off I did really want to see Rob again but this was just a really good added bonus.”
“Wait who’s the terrible two?” Brian asked him and Matt still confused as they walked onto the bus.
“That the terrible two.” Paul pointed towards Robyn and Karl in a bickering session in the living area of the bus.
“Wait is that Robyn’s brother?” Brian asked him, Matt and Zacky looking between Robyn and Karl.

“Hey guys this is my brother Karl and Karl these are Zacky, Matt and Brian and you already know Paul and Joel.” Robyn introduced them Karl said a polite hello to each of them and then gave Joel a guy hug.
“Hey man how’ve you been?” Karl asked.
“Good thanks and you?”
“Good good. Great seeing you again. I was just saying to Rob it’s been too long.”
The seven of them sat in the living area chatting for awhile getting to know Karl & realizing how much his and Robyn’s personalities where alike. All the guys got a long with him really well and had a laugh with him, he fitted in instantly.
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