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Just after lunch Robyn was getting ready to go to the stables she came back out into the living section where the guys where all still chatting.
“Karl you coming with me?” she asked.
“Where to?”
“The stables, Dan and everyone have been asking about you.”
“Alright but I’m not doing any mucking out. You’ve still got Diego right?”
“Yeah. So you’re not going to help me with my jobs but you want to ride my horse?” She said with her hands on her hips pretending to be annoyed.
“Don’t do that you look just like mom.” Karl laughed walking pas her getting his shoes and Jacket.
“Fuck off.” She scoffed at him flipping him off as he just laughed at her.

They went to the stables Karl groomed the two horses while Robyn mucked them out and did her jobs.
“So you going to tell me about you now?” she asked from inside the stable she was mucking out as Karl was outside grooming Diego.
“What’s there to tell?”
“OK well let’s start with how the football’s going?”
“Great, really good.”
“So you don’t miss home?”
“I do miss home and I miss seeing you guys but I've got a good thing going over in England with football. Our teams doing really well and…”
“It’s ok you don’t have to explain it all to me, I understand if your doing well and it makes you happy then go for it. Even if it means you living so far away and me hardly seeing you. What I do have a problem with is you could have at least called.” She said sounding supportive at first which she was supportive of him but then hurt towards the end which she also was that he didn’t make more of an effort to keep in contact.
“It works both ways you could have called me.” He said defensively.
“I did call I called you a lot more than what you called me and you know what pissed me off was that over half the times I called you I got your answer phone. I left message after message and none where replied.”
“I was busy.” He said defensively again but she knew he didn’t really mean it. She knew he was hurt deep down that he’d hurt her.
“Not all the time for fucks sake everyone’s busy at times, hell I’m busy it just means you make more of an effort. Anyway I don’t care how many off my phone calls you choose to ignore but moms, each time she got the answer phone or no reply you know it killed her inside.”
“So, like she really cares she was the one that pushed me away. She never believed in me, she never agreed with me, she made everything so hard for me and now she pretends to care. Well now she knows how it feels to be pushed away and not to have calls returned.” He said she could hear him getting upset, she was upset too all the times her mom rang her in tears because he couldn’t just pick up the phone. She slammed the fork down in anger and went out the stable to him.
“You can be such a selfish hard headed bastard sometimes you know. You should have heard her, you should have seen her. She’s your mother of course she loves you and cares for you. Ok so she didn’t make the football easy on you but it was only because she wanted the best for you. You know the whole football thing was never something guarantied she just didn’t want you getting hurt.”
“So she just crushed my dreams instead, pushed me out of the family, made me choose between my dream and my family. Then again you’d agree with her you where always the favourite, the star child.”
“You know that’s not true she gave me as much stick as you when I chose to do this but I talked with her reasoned with her. She didn’t agree at first but when she really seen that it was what I wanted and how much I loved it she came round to the idea because she wants the best for us and she wants us to be happy. So don’t for one second stand there and justify what you’ve done because you think she made it easier on me because you’re wrong.” She said a mixture of anger and hurt in her voice.
“Yeah well it’s done now.” He said quietly. She could tell he really did regret the way he handled things and the way he left thing before and while he was in England.
“Yeah but you can fix it. You know there’s nothing that would make her happier than to see you now. She needs you more than ever now after dad leaving.
“Dad left?” he said sounding shocked.
“Yeah left her for a woman half his age from the office but you’d know these thing’s if you could have picked up the phone some time.”
“I didn’t come back here to listen to get all this shit from you so you can stop getting at me now.” He said annoyed.
“Well what did you come back for then?” she shot at him.
“I, I don’t know I’m thinking it was a bad idea now I see you and mom are fine just the two of you now.”
“Fine, fine we’ve had no choice other than to be fine! Since the guys in the family are selfish bastards that only think of them selves.”
“Ok I get it I did a bad thing going following my dreams doing what I love so shoot me for it!” he shouted.
“Karl you still don’t get it we’re not mad that you followed your dreams playing football we couldn’t be happier for you but you could have called, returned phone calls, anything, that’s all we where asking. Mom was so upset with how she left things with you all she wanted to do was talk to you to make things right and then she went through all that shit with dad and I was the only one left to pick up the pieces and I was hardly there because I was touring round stunt riding but I did the best I could. Karl I’m just asking one thing, make her day and go se her, you have no idea how happy it would make her and I know you want to make things right too why else would you want to come back.” She said he was quiet for a bit thinking.
“How do you know she’ll forgive me, I wouldn’t forgive me.” He said quietly and full of remorse.
“She’s your mother of course she will all she wants is to see you again and make things right.”
“Your right I do need to see her.” He agreed.
“OK well lets finish off here and then we can go se her.”
“Alright.” He agreed. They carried on with there jobs.
“Karl, I heard you where back.” Steve said, he was also part of the stunt show and knew Karl from years ago.
“Hey Steve yeah I’m back for a bit.” He smiled giving him a guy hug.
“The football still going good?” Steve asked.
“Yeah, how’s the stunt riding? My sister behaving herself.” Karl asked.
“Yeah the ridings good and Rob’s fine.” He smiled as Robyn flipped them both off with a sarcastic smirk.
“Tonight should be a laugh.” Steve said.
“Why what’s going on tonight?” Karl asked confused looking between o two.
“Oh I totally forgot to tell you we’re all going out tonight as sort of a welcome home thing. All these guys and some of the guys form the tour.” Robyn explained.
“Typical you make plans for me and then don’t tell me.” Karl joked pretending to be hurt.
“You better be coming.” Steve said.
“Oh course I’m coming since when have I missed out on a good night out.” He laughed.
“True, anyway Dan said he’ll be down in a bit t see you, I’d better get going.” Steve said.
“ok well nice seeing you again man, and I guess I’ll be seeing you tonight.” Karl said.
“Yeah defiantly, bye guys.” Steve said before leaving them.
They went back to their jobs and then a little later just as they where leaving they bumped into Dan. They talked and caught up a bit and made arrangements for that night before Karl and Robyn left.
“OK so are we going to moms now?” Robyn sighed as they got into the car.
“I guess so.” He said quietly.
“I’m nervous.”
“Don’t be you’ll be fine I’ll be with you.”
“OK let’s go get this over with.” He took a deep breath.
They pulled up outside their moms house, Karl felt comforted to notice that it hadn’t changed one bit since he left.
“OK let’s go then.” Robyn said getting out of the car. As she turned to close her door she noticed that he was still sat in the car. She rolled her eyes, he always acted so confident and tough but really he could be a big baby at times, she walked over to his side of the car and opened the door grabbing hold of his arm and pulling him out of the car.
“Come on don’t be a chicken shit.” She said dragging him out of the car.
“Don’t worry about it come on.” She said dragging him up to the house and knocking on the door not letting go off his arm so he couldn’t do a runner like she knew he was planning. The front door opened by their mom at first she only seen Robyn.
“Robyn darling hi, I heard you got back.”
“Yeah but erm mom I brought you a visitor.” She said, her mom looked confused but then Robyn stepped to the side pulling Karl into view.
“Karl honey look at you.” She smiled her eyes filling with tears and pulling him into a huge hug dragging him into the house. Robyn followed smiling and closing the door behind her.
“I’ve missed you so much, I’m so sorry for what I said I never meant any of it.” Their mom rambled on.
“Mom, mom its ok, I’m sorry too. I’m so sorry I never called.” He said but sounding muffled from being held so tightly.
“It’s ok, it’s all ok now.” She said giving him a final squeeze before releasing him. She stood looking at him smiling for a second then before they knew it she lifted her hand and slapped him in the true Copeland family hot headed fashion.
“OW mom!” he said holding his check.
“Mom!” Robyn squealed shocked but with a hint of laughter as it was kind of amusing. Their mom stood their with a satisfied smile.
“Now we’re sorted you know what that was for and that you deserved it but it really is lovely to see you back honey.” She smiled.
“Mom, that really hurt.” Karl whined Robyn was doing the best she could not to laugh.
“Well you hurt me, I’m your mother don’t ever ignore my calls.” She warned.
“No mom never again.” He replied still holding his check. He noticed Robyn smirking.
“Stop it it’s not funny.” He said pushing her playfully. Getting another slap across the head form his mother.
“Ow mom! What was that one for!” he said now holding the other side of his head too and Robyn burst out laughing.
“Don’t hit your sister, you shouldn’t hit girls. What you think now you’re older and that you’re a top football player you still can’t be chastised by your mother.” She said now also smiling.
“And you stop laughing at him.” She said to Robyn but grinning herself and walking back into the kitchen.
“Oh I she see doesn’t get hit, I knew you where the favourite.” He scoffed as they both followed her into the kitchen.
“I don’t have a favourite I love both my children equally.” She grinned. “No matter how naughty, annoying and outrageous you behave. You two always where the naughtiest and most cheeky kids when you where younger, you never changed.”
“But you love us for it.” Robyn laughed.
“Of course I do wouldn’t change you two for the world.” She smiled
They stayed for tea and biscuits while chatting and catching up. At five o’clock they left and went back to the buses. All the guys where there.

“Hey y’all we’re back.” Robyn said as they walked onto the bus.
“Hey where’ve you two been you’ve been gone ages?” Joel asked
“Oh we went visiting our mom.” Robyn said.
“Aw really how was it?” Billy asked the GC guys knowing all about the Karl/Football thing.
“Good.” Robyn smiled.
“Painful.” Karl said at the same time his hand going up to rub his check again.
“Anyway we’re meeting Dan and everyone in town at seven so be ready or we’re leaving with out you.” She said.
“What’s this do I not get invited out anymore, have we been removed from the group now?” Benji said walking into the room.
“No you can come if you want. We’re all going out as a welcome back thing for Karl.”
“Rebecca will be coming too.” He said.
“Fine just keep away form me.” Robyn brushed off.
At half six the mini bus they ordered to pick them all up came. Billy, Paul, Joel, Brian, Matt, Zacky, Johnny, Jimmy, Benji and Rebecca came along with Robyn and Karl.
When they got to the club in town they where meeting the guys from the stables they where already there; Dan, Sally, Steve, Lois (Steve’s girlfriend), Cal (The youngest member of the team and one of Karl’s best friends) and Roxy (Lois’s sister).
They all said their ‘Hi’s’ to Robyn, their ‘welcome back’s’ to Karl and introduced themselves to the guys form the bands. Some of them already knew the guys form GC. Rebecca had her usual snotty look and attitude but everyone chose to ignore it and have a good time. Benji also seemed to be in a bad mood as he didn’t talk to anyone or make the effort too. As the night went on and everyone was having a really good time getting drunker and drunker. Karl and Cal had settled back into their usual habits of picking up girl after girl and getting off with them, Sally and Dan and Steve and Lois we’re quiet happy dancing with their own partners, Jimmy was working on chatting up Roxy (which seemed to be working well), Billy and Zacky where sat in a booth chatting as they already had girlfriends and where happy with them, Benji and Rebecca where sat in the same booth in their grumpy moods mean while Matt, Joel, Brian and Robyn where having fun dancing on the dance floor.
“Looks like Jimmy’s got a new friend.” Robyn laughed shouting to make herself heard over the music and motioning over to where Jimmy and Roxy where stood very closely together no far away from them. As she carried on dancing closely with Matt, harmlessly may I add.
“Damn lost another what’s wrong with me lately?” Matt said the other two guys laughed knowing what he was talking about Robyn on the other hand looked confused but being drunk and having such a good time she soon brushed it off and forgot about it and carried on dancing for the rest off the song.
“I love this place Sis why the fuck did I ever leave the chicks are fucking hot as fuck!” Karl shouted bouncing over to them with Cal he threw his arms round Joel’s and Robyn’s necks hanging off them obviously very drunk.
“Glad you’re having a good time and it was a little thing called football if I remember correctly.” She laughed holding onto him so he didn’t unbalance her more than what he was already doing in his drunken state.
“Fuck football when you have hot chicks…” he trailed off as he spotted a group of girls near them as him and Cal moved over dancing with them.
“I finally see the family resemblance.” Matt Joked laughing as Robyn flipped him off laughing and moved to dancing with Joel for the next song.
“Looks like you’ve an admirer there Brian.” Robyn laughed noticing the girl that had been trying to get his attention all night but he chose to ignore with good reason too. She had the shortest skirt and fakest boobs pushed up high they didn’t even fit in her tiny top, her make-up looked like she needed a chisel to get off and her dark roots showing trough her badly bleached blonde hair.
“Shut-up, is she looking again.” He said looking worried.
“She’s coming over.” Matt laughed.
“Fuck, hide me.” He said.
“I’ll do you one better.” Robyn winked them moved over to him starting to dance up against him.
“Just go with it.” She whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck grinding with her Body pushed up so close against his that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. He soon got the idea and began grinding with her back.
Robyn noticed this made the girl a little pissed off but still didn’t faze her she was set on getting her claws into him. This meant business. Robyn wrapped her legs around his waist as they carried on with a mixture of grinding and dirty dancing. Robyn laughed to herself at how good Brian was getting into it. The girl still wasn’t showing signs of backing off.
“She gone?” He whispered to her his breath tickling her neck sending chills down her spine which she tried to ignore.
“No you still want me to get rid of her?”
“Yeah no matter what.” He breathed.
“Ok like I said go with it.” She breathed back giving one last devilish glance at the girl before lip locking with Brian in a passion filled kiss making sure the girl could see everything their bodies tangled tightly together, their lips locked and there tongues battling each other. Robyn couldn’t deny it she was having a lot of fun and Brian was a really good dancer but was an even better kisser. She also sensed Brian was enjoying himself too as he didn’t show signs of backing off kissing with as much ‘fake’ heat and passion in the kiss as Robyn was. She couldn’t help but let out a small laugh when he found her tongue piercing with a grin and began playing with it.
“Fucking hell dude if you wanna bang my sister get a fucking room I don’t wanna see it in the middle of a dance floor.” Karl’s drunken voice came breaking them out of the little world the two of them seemed to have been in for the past twenty minutes.
“Has she gone?” Robyn said as she jumped of Brian and looking between the other guys who looked a mixture off confused, amazed and amused.
“If you’re talking about the freaky chick then yeah she left about five minutes ago but you two seemed to not want to be disturbed.” Matt laughed with a smirk.
“At least I got rid of her I didn’t see you guys helping him.”
“If that’s what we’d have to do to help him I’m not surprised none of us jumped at the chance.” Cal laughed.
“Oh yeah I almost forgot.” Robyn said slapping Karl.
“OW! What was that for? You hit like mom.” Karl said holding his arm.
“Don’t talk about me in such graphic terms, have some fucking respect.” She frowned as the guys laughed at the funny brother sister banter.
“Right I’m going getting a drink.” Robyn announced. She made her way drunkenly through the crowed then leant up against the bar waiting to be served it was only when she got to the bar that she noticed Brian had came too. She turned to him a smiled.
“Thank you.” He smiled back.
“What for?” She asked looking slightly confused.
“Getting that girl off my back.” He smiled.
“No problem.” She smiled back at him as she got served for her drink she waited as he got severed too.
“Maybe you could help me out every time I need to get rid off a girl.” He said rather seductively in her ear as he pulled her closer to him, by putting his arm around her shoulder, so she could hear him over the music.
“My Pleasure.” She said also rather seductively back to him leaning in closer to him so he could hear her. The two laughed and joined the others.
“OK seriously why the fuck did he come, I mean it’s not like we’re friends or anything and if he’s just going to sit there with a face on, what’s the point.” They could hear Karl ranting to the others as they got closer. They had now moved to a few feet away form the booth where Benji, Rebecca, Billy and Zacky where sitting and was clear Benji could hear him.
“You wouldn’t happen to be bitching about Benji again would you?” Robyn said coming up behind him placing her hands on his shoulders.
“So what if I am just because you think the sun shines out of his…”
“O.k. stop right there Karl what did you promise me in the car.”
“I, I don’t know what your talking about.” He said pouting like a child.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” She said raising her eyebrows at him.
“Wait a minute this wouldn’t happen to be ‘the Benji’?” Roxy grinned.
“And what do you mean by that.” Robyn looked her over.
“You know Benji the really close best friend with benefits.” She grinned not really getting all the trouble she was about to cause. With that Brian’s face fell, he looked really hurt and walked out of the club with out another word.
“Brian!” Robyn called after him but it was too late he’d already gone. She felt so guilty that probably sounded really wrong the way Roxy said it but she was interrupted from her train of thoughts by Karl’s angry voice.
“If you mean the one that used her, took advantage of her and now treats her like shit that’s the one.” Karl said bluntly.
“Karl that’s bullshit.”
“Is it really?” he said.
“Have you got a problem with me?” Benji stood up and walked over to face Karl, Rebecca not far behind.
“Yeah I have actually, I’m sick of watching how much shit you put my sister through. First it was dumping all your shit on her about your family problems, which fair dos was rough, but she felt horrible for you and was willing to do anything for you. Which you took advantage off she was always having to bail you out of shit…”
“You finished now? Your sister is old enough and big enough to look after herself. You need to stop butting in, in her business and life.” Benji but in getting in Karl’s face.
“oh really well excuse me if you’ve got her wrapped so tightly around you little finger that she can’t see you for the using scumbag you actually are. Lets not forget the using, you remember when you wasn’t getting any action from your whore of the month you’d come running to her.”
“I knew it, typical slut.” Rebecca snarled looking Robyn up and down.
“Fuck you.” Robyn spat.
“No thanks your not my type but I’m sure there’s plenty of other guys in here that would love too if you price was low enough which I’m sure it is.” She said snottily looking down her nose at Robyn. Before Robyn could retaliate Karl piped up again. All the others still watching on in shock and some other club goers had gathered too.
“You see! are you going to let her talk to your so called best friend like that, if your supposed to care for her so much then stick up for her for once. Oh yeah I forgot she’s always there to fight your battles and back you up but when she needs you your never there are you.”
“Ever thought you need to back off a bit she’s a big girl now she doesn’t need you.” Benji spat.
“You know what I’m going to do something I should have done years ago.” Karl said then the next thing anyone knew he’d swung his fist connecting with Benji’s jaw. Benji retaliated by launching at Karl as they fought.
Robyn turned hearing a searching coming from Rebecca as Rebecca launched herself at Robyn hitting her chest but barely even knocking Robyn off balance. Robyn noticed four security guards coming over so in order to stay out of trouble she chose not to retaliate and just stood their holding her hands up innocently. The security guards broke up Benji and Karl first cuffing them the other two pulled Rebecca off Robyn first cuffing Rebecca then Robyn.
“Wait, wow, wow what I didn’t do anything.” Robyn struggled as the four off them got pushed out of the club by the security guards and into a police car.

Robyn was well and truly pissed off she felt like it was pick on Robyn night or something as truthfully as what Karl might have said it still hurt and was embarrassing to be displayed in public. Benji was just still being an asshole and Rebecca well enough said there, then getting arrested she wasn’t even arguing with them never mind fighting.
They all got threw into and over night cell together. Robyn sat on one of the beds closest to the barred up window choosing to look out of it, even thought it was pretty pointless as you couldn’t see anything through the bubbled glass, instead of having to look at or communicate with three of her least favourite people in the world at the moment. Karl sat on the same bed at the other end and Benji and Rebecca sat on the opposite bed at either end of the bed. All four off them really pissed off and not talking to each other.
“Rob, I am so sorry.” Karl spoke up quietly.
“Shut up, just don’t even fucking talk to, me any of you.” She said trying to hide how pissed off she was but they could tell.
“Look Rob I’m so sorry, please listen to us. It’s all my fault, I’m an ass.” Benji said kneeling in front of her. If Robyn wasn’t so angry and upset right now she’d be laughing at the look on Rebecca’s face.
“Benji!” she shirked.
“Shhh!” he shushed her.
“Look everything Karl said before was true but I didn’t mean any of it. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you and I didn’t mean to use you. I really do care for you and I’m so sorry I was never there when you needed me.”
“If you didn’t mean to then why did you?” Karl said still angry.
“Shut the fuck up if you’re going to start that again.” Robyn snapped silencing them both and they both looked at her. “Benji, you didn’t use me or take advantage of me. You’re my best friend, I love you and I would do anything for you. I was there when you needed me because I cared for you and that’s what friends are for as for the sex well I think the advantage was taking both ways.” She laughed. Making him smile slightly.
“I really am sorry though I never meant anything to turn out like that, I never even realized it until Karl pointed it out. If you need me I’m here for you, you might have to ask for it because you know I’m not the quickest when it comes to subtle hints but I’m here for you what ever you need just ask.” Benji said sincerely taking hold of her hands in his.
“Karl you got anything to say for your self?” she raised an eyebrow at him.
“I’m sorry too, I was a bit harsh in what I said about you Benji but truthfully I was always a little jealous of you.” Karl admitted looking down embarrassed.
“What?” Benji and Robyn said confused at the same time.
“Well you where always her go to guy, she always seemed so much closer to you, when she spent time with me it was like she had to because I was her brother but when she was with you it was like she wanted to be and I got a little jealous of your closeness. I mean you and Joel are so close and then I saw me and Rob and I didn’t see the same.”
“Karl that’s bullshit you know I loved and still do love hanging out with you, I never felt like it was because I had too, I was with you because I wanted to be. Yeah me and Benji where close but we’re equally close but in a totally different way. I love and care for you both the same, you both my boys.” She laughed.
“Well I’m sorry anyway.” He said hugging her. “I’m sorry I was so harsh on you and I’m sorry for hitting you.” He said to Benji shaking his hand.
“No problem I’m sorry for all the shit I’ve caused being an asshole at times.” Benji said as they had a guy hug.
“Oh for fucks sake get out the sick bags.” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“You know what Rebecca, when we finally get out of here I think we need to go our separate ways.” Benji said.
“How dare you dump me, you can’t dump me!” she shirked.
“Looks like I just did.”
“Well at least now you can be with your whore.” She spat back.
“Didn’t I warn you about calling me that?” Robyn warned getting up and striding over to Rebecca. Rebecca knew what was coming and it would be pain full.
“Help, help, get me out of here!” she shirked running to the bars off the cell calling to the night guards.
“Shut the fuck up bitch or you’ll be spending another night in here.” One of the guard’s gruff voices said. Making Robyn, Benji and Karl laugh.
“You pathetic you know that.” Robyn said picking her up and throwing her against the wall, pinning her against it as she whimpered.
“Now, call me Whore once more.” Robyn said calmly but they could tell she was ready to rip Rebecca’s head off the minute she said anything. Rebecca just froze staring at her.
“What’s the matter cat got your tongue?” Robyn laughed.
“Not so big and hard now that you’ve not got Benji fighting for you. Your not even worth it are you.” She said slamming her against the wall one final satisfying time before releasing her and going walking back over to her spot on the bed.
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