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They where finally let out of the cell with a warning. Rebecca left and was hopefully never to be seen again and Benji, Karl and Robyn made their way back to the buses. The three of then where shattered they hadn’t slept at all last night, they where up all night talking and catching up and remembering old times.
“Look who it is the Jail birds them selves.” Billy laughed as they seen the three of them walking onto the bus.
“Not funny, not funny at all.” Robyn grunted.
“We knew there’d be trouble when double trouble got reunited” Joel laughed referring to Karl and Robyn. Robyn just flipped him off.
“Someone doesn’t seem in a good mood they not treat you nice in jail?” Paul said walking into the room missing Robyn’s previous warning.
“Think you’re fucking funny do you.” Robyn said angrily.
“”No, No I’m sorry.” Paul squealed.
“Good, now I’m going bed.” She said going off into her bunk to sleep.
She woke up five hours later the events of last night now fully sunken in. what happened? They where all having such a good time and she was having a really good laugh with Brian… Brian she still hadn’t seen him since he walked out of the club after hearing what Roxy said about her and Benji’s past… antics. The rest of the night was just fucked up. At least the whole Benji and Karl thing’s been cleared up and they’ve got rid of Rebecca. She finally sat up and opened her eyes but to her surprise she wasn’t alone in the bunks Benji had just came through with a cup of tea.
“Hey your awake just in time, I brought you a cup of tea. Dan called asked if you could nip to you bring the horses in, he’s done the jobs he just needs them brining in.”
“OK no problem and thanks for the tea.” She smiled. He handed her the cup and then sat on the edge of the bunk with her as she sat up. He sat there watching her and smiling for a moment.
“What?” she laughed feeling paranoid.
“I really am sorry about all the shit I put you through and I’m so sorry for everything Rebecca said.” He said.
“Ok I’ll accept your apology on one condition.” She said taking a sip of the tea. “Actually two conditions.” She said as he waited for the conditions. “One that you bring me this tea more often.” They laughed and he nodded in agreement. “And two you tell me why you where with Rebecca?”
“I don’t really know I know she was only with me for the money and because I was in a band but I don’t know I guess I was scared of being alone, I thought if I lost her I’d be lonely.”
“Benj you have girls throwing them selves at you, you could have done so much better than her and there’s no way you’d ever have to be single.” She laughed.
“I know it’s just really hard for me to find someone that understands me and likes me for me and not just uses me for the money or because I’m in a band.”
“I know but the right girl is out there for you and you’ll know it when she comes.” She smiled. He looked at her for a moment deep in thought.


Maybe the right girl is sat right in front of me now I thought to myself. There was another reason for all my behaviour towards Robyn but no one can know. I have and always have had a huge crush on her, she’s my prefect dream girl I mean come on look at her she’s any guys dream girl. All through school I had a crush on her and just never thought I was good enough for her not that she’d ever felt the same way about me. I thought I was over it and I had managed to move on or at least push it out of my mind when we’d lost contact but now her being back has brought back all my feelings if not more and stronger than before.
“Benji, Benji are you ok.” I snapped back to reality by Robyn clicking her finger in front of me.
“Oh yeah sorry.”
“Yeah you kind of zoned there for a moment.” She smiled. “So anyway I was asking if you wanted to come with me down to the stables, keep me company while I get the horses in.”
“Yeah sure.” I agreed.
“Ok well let’s um go then.” She smiled getting up and walking out of the bunks area as I followed. Paul, Billy, Joel and Dean where all sat in the front of the bus.
“Are you in a better mood now?” Paul asked almost scared of her, I don’t blame him Robyn could be really scary when she was pissed off.
“Yeah just don’t piss me off.” She grunted.
We walked out of the bus only to be met by Karl walking into the bus.
“Hey where are you two going?” he asked.
“Need to go check the horses and bring them in.” Robyn said. Karl eyed the two of us suspiciously.
“Don’t worry I’m not going to take advantage off her now I’m not getting laid by Rebecca?” Benji said bluntly making Karl laugh.
“You better not.” He warned trying to acting the big hard big brother.
“Ew guys why must you talk about me in such graphic terms.” Robyn said flinched slapping each of us playfully on the arm.
We carried on making small talk here and there but mainly in a comfortable silence on our way to the stables, it was starting to get dark. I helped her get the horses in and make sure they where ok for the night and then we left to go back to the buses. As we got back to the buses someone caught Robyn’s eyes when I looked who it was I seen it was Brian. He was sat alone round the back of their bus drinking and smoking, by now it was dark outside and getting a little chilly. I started up the steps to our bus but Robyn didn’t follow.
“I, um… I’ll be in in a minute.” She said her attention still on Brian. I felt that familiar emotion called jealousy take over me again. it seemed to be doing it a lot lately now that Robyn was back; like the night in the club when Robyn and Brian where all over each other and basically when she’s getting along and close to any other guy. I pushed the thought out of my head and forced a smile and a nod and carried on into the bus leaving them alone.


“Hey.” I said quietly as I went to sit next to Brian . He didn’t say anything he barely acknowledged I was there. “Listen I think I need to explain.”
“You don’t have to explain anything.” He said almost bitterly but I could tell it was because he was upset.
“No but I think I should.” I said kneeling down in front of him so I could get his eye contact that he’d been avoiding so far. He looked at me for a moment then just shrugged his shoulders.
“What you heard from Roxy was stupid gossip, yes back in school me and Benji did…things but we where in no way shape or form together. I’m sure you’ve heard the full glorified truth by now but there is and never was anything going on between me and Benji.”
“Why would I be bothered if there was anything going on between you and Benji or not. I mean it’s not like we’re together or anything is it.” He said coldly I knew he didn’t really mean any of this he was just upset but it didn’t make it any less painful to hear. “So is that it?” he spat.
“I suppose.” I didn’t know what else to say. That’s not exactly how I imagined it going but at least he knows the truth now and I retreated back to the bus.
I was deep in thought about what had just happened when I was snapped out of them by Karl looking smug with himself.
“Hey Rob we worked out the sleeping arrangements, I’m having your bunk.” Karl said looking pleased with him self.
“OK and where do you expect me to sleep asshole.” I said not really paying much attention my mind was still on Brian. I really was confused how he kept blowing hot and cold but I was snapped out of my thoughts this time by Zacky.
“We’ve got a spare bunk in our bus you can have.” Zacky said.
“Lovely.” I said quietly not really seeming that enthusiastic. “And why couldn’t you have just gone over there instead of moving me?” I said to Karl blankly still in a daydream.
“I don’t know those guys at least here I’ve got my boys.” Karl said putting his arms around Joel and Dean.
“Oh so as long as your fine then that’s all that matters.” I said bitterly.
“Wow Rob are you ok, I mean if you’re that bothered…” he stared.
“No, no doesn’t matter. I’m going getting my stuff.” I said wandering off unenthusiastically to my ‘old’ bunk to get all my stuff. Normally I wouldn’t mind staying with the A7X in fact I’d probably have loved it but with all the weirdness going on with me and Brian at the moment forgive me if I wasn’t bouncing off the walls with joy.

“Hey you ok?” Joel asked softly coming into the back to join me closing the door over.
“Yeah fine why wouldn’t I be?” I said not bothering to hide my emotion.
“I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you, you obviously don’t seem fine.” Joel always knew what to say to get you talking; he was a good listener and gave good advice so in all Joel was the best go-to-guy.
“I don’t know. Actually yeah I do know I think I made the hugest fucking mistake coming here to see you guys.” I admitted.
“Don’t say that, it’s been great having you here.” He said seeming a little hurt.
“No it’s not it’s just been one drama after the next.” I sighed
“Like what?” he asked ridiculously
“Well first there all the Rebecca shit, Benji shit, Karl shit, the shit at the club and… and, never mind.”
“No go on tell me everything. So far everything worked out well we got rid of Rebecca and got our old, actually no a new and improved Benji back and everything’s ok with Karl so what else is it that’s so bad.” He asked.
“It’s really stupid, Joel I… it’s nothing.” I struggled trying not to say anything but Joel had those ways of getting stuff out of you.
“It’s not stupid and it’s not nothing if it means something to you, and it’s obviously bothering you so just tell me. I promise I won’t laugh, make fun of you, tell any one else or anything. I want to help you, I don’t like seeing you down like this.” He said sitting on my ex-bunk I sighed and flopped down next to him looking down at my hands not wanting to look him in the eye.
“Ok well I’m just really confused at the moment… I, it’s hard to explain.” I stuttered not really knowing where to start.
“OK well just explain from the beginning.” He said rubbing my arm comfortingly.
“Right well when I first arrived before Rebecca got here I don’t know I just felt something between me and Benj like a stronger connection than just friends. I know it sounds really stupid, me and Benji are just friends always have been, but…”
“It doesn’t sound stupid to me.” Joel smirked making me look at him.
“What?” I said quietly confused.
“Benji’s always had more feelings for you than just friends nagging at him but he never did anything about them because he didn’t want to ruin your friendship.”
“Wow, wow wait a minute this is just adding to all the confusion, he… it’s not just Benji that’s confusing me.”
“There’s someone else?”
“Yes… no, I don’t know. I think so.” I said confused more than ever.
“Well which one is it?” He let out a little laugh at my un-diced-ness.
“Well kind off, there just a guy that I’ve been getting quite close to lately and he’s really nice and we get a long really well. We have a laugh together and I do like him a lot but I don’t know if there really is anything more there.”
“Well do I know this guy?” Joel asked suspiciously but as if he already had an idea of what the answer was.
“Erm,… yeah.”
“It wouldn’t happen to be Brian now would it?” he asked smirking at me. I just looked down at my hands again not being able to look him in the eye.
“Yes.” I finally replied quietly.
“Ok lets get this straight then, you thought there was some connection between you and Benji, like there always has been just no ones ever paid that much attention to it, then Rebecca comes and there was a lot of drama but now she’s gone and everything’s back to normal; how do you feel about Benji?”
“Well I don’t really know I mean I am really hurt at the way he treated me and it did hurt when I found out he had a girlfriend and didn’t feel he could tell me; but I do still have feelings for him, I guess, yes.”
“But then that’s where Brian comes in; what’s going on there?”
“Well I’m not sure we where getting along really well, and I really liked him and everything but then when we where out at the club that night and he found out there was some history between me and Benji I guess he just put two and two together and made five because he’s not talked to me since and been really off with me. So Joel I haven’t got a clue what to do, or what’s happening.” I took a breath after saying all of that in one breath. Joel sat in silence for a second or two as if thinking.
“I really can’t help you or tell you where your heart lies but I can tell you the facts and that’s that you and Benji do have a history, you’ve been best friends for years and there is defiantly a lot more feelings than just friends between you on both parts. Then there’s Brian you’ve not known him for as long but you have found a connection between you, so far everything’s been good but you have to decide if you think there is more to it.”
“Yes but Joel that’s the thing I can’t and I feel really bad because both of them are wanting to know how I feel but I can’t let them know because I don’t even know how I feel.”
“Well then the best thing to do is give it time, usually things work themselves out over time.” He concluded wrapping and arm around me giving me a kind off half sideways hug.
“Yes but time is the one thing I didn’t really have a lot of.”
“What do you mean?” he asked a little confused.
“Well you guys are leaving Texas soon carrying on your tour and I’ll be leaving for Canada in a few weeks to work on a movie with the horses. It’s just not really practical Joel even if I did pick one of them, even if they’d have me, with the touring we both do we’d never see each other.”
“Well one they would have you they’d be out of their minds not too but as far as the touring if it’s meant to be it will be and like I said things will work themselves out.”
“Thanks Joel.” I smiled giving him a hug and a peck on the check.
“What for?” he giggled.
“You helped, well I’m still as confused and still not any closer to making a decision but you helped.” I smiled.
“No problem, any time.” He smiled and then helped me finish packing the rest of my stuff.
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