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Me and Joel had spent a while talking and having a laugh in the bunks area while I packed. It was getting late by the time I’d finished and started making my way over to the A7X bus. I had two large bags and suit case I had to fight with to get out of the GC Bus and across and into the A7X bus. It took me a while but I finally managed to lug all three up the steps and squeeze through the door into the bus. When I got in Matt, Johnny and Jimmy where sat at the front talking.
“Thanks for the fucking help guys.” I said sarcastically dropping all my bags at the door now out of breath. I can’t believe I brought that much.
“Sorry you should have called.” Matt said.
“Well I’m surprised you didn’t hear me anyway.”
“Oh yeah we did hear you ‘fucking bastard.’ ‘Shit’.” Johnny mimicked Robyn’s curses heard probably all around the tour area.
“Yeah but we thought you and Karl where just pissing around again.” Jimmy laughed.
“Shut the fuck up and bloody help me with these bags.” She said with an amused smile. Just then Brian walked out of the bunks area.
“Oh look here’s Bri he’ll help you with them wont you Bri.” Matt said with a smirk.
“Whatever.” He grumbled not looking me in the eye but getting my two bags anyway leaving me with just my suit case.
“Thanks.” I muttered to him with a smile. He didn’t reply or make eye contact just put my bags down on the bunk.
“You need anything else?” he muttered before he left.
“No I’m fine thanks.” I said and he began to walk back to the front of the bus.
“Actually…” I called him back he stopped and turned to look at me. “Can we talk?” i asked looking right into his eyes. I thought we might as well get it over and done with if we’re going to be living in the same bus. He just looked at me for a moment as if thinking then came back and sat on the bunk next to mine.
“What about?” he said looking down at the floor.
“I think you know, but about us and…”
“Us there is no us I got that wrong.” He snapped but said it quietly as if he didn’t want me to hear but I did.
“What there wasn’t any us not officially anyway? Listen I’m sorry if I hurt you in anyway or if you got the wrong idea but I thought we where just friends, I mean I’ve only known you for like a week.”
“No it’s… your right there was nothing and, never mind it doesn’t matter.” He sighed troubled. I sat down opposite him.
“Ok I really did, do like you. We clicked really well and I had a really good time hanging out with you but I don’t really get why you’re upset with me.”
“I, forget it I got the wrong idea.”
“And what idea would that be?”
“That you actually liked me, like more than a friend. I know stupid, right? I’m sorry I know you want Benji so just forget it, forget me.” He said sadly.
“Brian, there’s nothing more than friendship between me and Benji and never has been. I mean yeah back in high school when you’re just stupid teenagers we did… mess around but nothing more and there defiantly isn’t anything going on right now.”
“Really?” he asked still unsure.
“Really, I really liked where we where and spending time with you; think we can go back to that?” I asked looking into his eyes it took a while before he actually looked back into my eyes and nodded.
“Yeah.” He smiled.
“Good.” I smiled and winked at him making him grin.
“You want help unpacking?” he asked.
“if your offering then yes I wouldn’t mind it.” I smiled.
“Well it’s a good job I’m offering then isn’t it.” He grinned all of his confidence and charm coming back.
He helped me unpack, it was just like before all the drama and shit that’s gone on lately. We had a laugh then once we’d finished unpacking we joined the other guys in the front of the bus. The six of us hanging out till we finally went to bed.


It was the guys day off and I had got up early like usual, done the horse and got back to the bus before anyone had got up. When I got back to the buses I didn’t feel like going back to sleep and was really bored. I sat in the front of the bus reading a magazine for a bit but soon got bored of that and all the guys where still asleep, so I decided to make my own fun. I went in to the bunk area picking my first victim. Johnny looked like a good start I got my make up bag and wrote in big black letters across his forehead ‘I LIKE COCK’ and drew a picture of a dick on his cheek pointing towards his mouth. Just as I was finishing he stirred a little but was still sound asleep. I had to hold my breath to stop myself from bursting out laughing and waking them all up. I moved to Jimmy and decided that some bright blue eye shadow, pink blush and big red lipstick would suite him. Again I did all I could to hold back the laughter. When I’d finished my work on Jimmy I was bored of the make-up trick so I went into the bathroom and found a tube of toothpaste and strangely enough found a feather in one of the cupboards. I returned to the bunk area this time going to Zacky’s bunk. I knelt down beside his bunk and carefully put a blob of toothpaste on his hand and then started to tickle his nose with the feather, not long after he lifted the hand with the toothpaste on and smeared the toothpaste all down his nose. I choked back my laughter. Once I’d calmed down I then added another blob of toothpaste to his hand and began to tickle his forehead. Once again he lifted the hand with the toothpaste on and this time smeared it all over his forehead. I silently giggled again but what I didn’t hear was Brain had woke up and was now stood behind me.
“Having fun?” he whispered into my ear, leaning over the back of me holding onto my shoulders, making me jump slightly.
“Shh.” I whispered with a giggle as I seen he was amused. He nodded and knelt down next to me.
I once again put a blob of toothpaste onto Zacky’s hand and this time started to tickle his check and he once again smeared toothpaste down his check. Brian burst out laughing and I quickly put my hand over his mouth whispering for him to be quiet again before he woke the rest of them up. Once he’d clamed down I removed my hand and stood up moving back over to Johnny and Jimmy’s bunks motioning for him to follow me. He stood and followed me. He stood next to me as I carefully pulled back Johnny’s curtain to reveal what I had drew on his face. As he seen what I’d done his eyes widened with an amused look on his face and nearly let out some laughter. I again quickly covered him moth shhing him. I pulled him by the arm over to Jimmy’s bunk now revealing the make over I had gave him. Brian had the same amused look on his face but this time managed to control his laughter better.
“Matt’s turn.” I whispered pointing over to Matt’s bunk. I did the first one getting was huge blob of toothpaste smeared all the way down his check right down to his chin.
“I want a go.” Brian whispered. I gave him the toothpaste and the feather. Brian managed to get a good blob on matt’s nose and some on his other check too. We had to stop there thought because he started to stir in his sleep. We decided we’d caused enough havoc and walked into the front of the bus.
“They are going to fucking kill you when they get up.” He laughed playfully pushing me onto the sofa.
“They won’t kill me if they don’t know it was me.” I smirked and pulled him down onto the sofa next to me. He flopped down as we got comfy on the sofa our shoulders leaning on each other and out legs resting up at opposite sides.
“I don’t believe you.” He laughed shaking his head.
“What I was bored, unlike you lot I’ve been up since seven this morning. I had to do something to entertain my self and besides it’s their own fault if they weren’t so lazy. Your lucky you woke when you did you where my next victim.” I laughed with a cheeky grin.
“Oh really and what where you planning for me?” he asked with an amused smirk.
“Oh I don’t know maybe the fingers in a glass of warm water trick.” I giggled devilishly.
“Aw now that’s not very nice.” He pouted.
“Who said I was nice.” I grinned evilly. “Your lucky it was just me, me and Karl have got up to a lot worse when we’re together in our time.” I laughed.
“I can believe it.” He laughed.
“Come on.” I giggled jumping up off the sofa grabbing his arm and pulling him up with me.
“Where are we going?” he laughed.
“Over to the GC bus.” I smirked.
“Oh god now what are you planning.” He said but following me anyway.
When we got over there Billy and Joel where in the dining area.
“Aw you guys are up already?” I sighed slightly disappointed.
“Yeah Benji’s in the bathroom but Paul, Karl and Dean are still asleep.” Billy said.
“Dean’s what?” a sleepy Dean said walking out of the bunks.
“Nothing we thought you where asleep.” I sighed again.
“Why do you look so disappointed?” Dean asked.
“Oh no what are you planning?” Joel said with a knowing smirk.
“Oh nothing.” I said innocently.
“What ever.” Billy laughed. “What shit has she pulled on you?” He asked Brian.
“Oh nothing on me I got a narrow escape but the others weren’t so lucky.” He explained.
“What did you do?” Joel asked me.
“The toothpaste and make-up trick.” I giggled.
“She’s a bitch.” Joel laughed shaking his head at Brian.
“And you love me for it.” I laughed walking off into the bunk’s area picking up the fog horn from the show the night before.
“Robyn you…”
“Oh stop being such a girl Joel.” I cut him off.
I snuck quietly into the buck area and perfectly Karl and Paul where both still sound asleep. I counted down three… two… one…BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!
“HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT!” Karl shouted jumping out of his bunk.
“ARGH, WHAT THE HELL!” Paul screeched.
“Robyn I’m going to fucking kill you!” Karl shouted running after me. I laughed running out of the bunks area away from him. Brian, Joel, Billy and Dean where nearly wetting themselves laughing.
Just as I was running out of the bunks area and was coming past the bathroom Benji was just coming out seeing what all the commotion was.
“What the…” he was cut off by me running right into him nearly falling over. He caught me balancing me but Karl was still coming after me.
“Argh, shit sorry, thanks.” I said quickly to him before running towards the door and out the bus Karl right behind me.
“Told you so!” Joel called after me between laughter.

I was in the bathroom getting dressed etc when I heard a horn and loads of shouting; I walked out to see what was going on when to my surprise Robyn came running right into me. At first I was worried that something was wrong but after hearing all the laughter I realized there was nothing seriously wrong. She bumped into me nearly falling over I caught her balancing her but didn’t have time to do anything else as she was running away from Karl who seemed quite angry chasing after her.
“Er Guys what’s going on?” I asked confused and amused. The other guys where just in fits of laughter.
“Robyn’s on one of her mischievous moods.” Joel said.
“Yeah she’s done the toothpaste and make-up tricks on the avenged guys.” Billy laughed.
“Scared the fucking shit out of me.” Paul grumbled joining them. Making them laugh again. “Always me why does she always get me.”
“I nearly shit my self too.” I laughed. “Was wondering what the fuck was going on.”
Just then we heard a loud bang against the side of the bus then shortly after we heard Robyn shout ‘Ow Karl, fucking bastard.’ Then Karl walk smugly onto the bus and walked straight back into the bunk, Robyn followed shortly after slightly out of breath and hair ruffled up.
“Bastard.” She muttered but failed to keep a straight face. “That was fucking funny, he shit himself.” She burst out laughing.
“You guys want some breakfast?” Billy asked as he and Joel where cooking some for them all.
“Yeah sure.” Brian and Robyn agreed.
“Hey guys did I leave my phone over here last night.” Johnny said walking onto the bus. I’m guessing that he hadn’t looked in the mirror this morning when he got up because he still had ‘I love cock’ written on his head. We all where doing the best to stop our selves from bursting out laughing when we seen what Robyn had done and she just sat there looking proud of her work.
“N…no, don’t think so.” Dean said keeping in his laughter.
“Erm Johnny I don’t suppose you’ve looked in a mirror this morning have you?” Brian said amused.
“No why?” Johnny said confused noticing everyone’s amused expressions.
“Oh no reason just think maybe you should check before you go out in public.” Brian said. Johnny got very self-conscious went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.
“What the fuck? Who did that?” we heard him shout. Robyn just burst out laughing with her evil cackle-ly laugh.
“It was you!” Johnny said coming out pointing at Robyn but even he saw the funny side of it through his madness.
“How can you say that? What makes you think it was me!” Robyn said acting shocked but still couldn’t help the slight laughter.
“It’s eyeliner!” he said.
“And how many fucking guys wear eye liner on this tour!” she pointed out. He thought for a second looking around at all of us.
“Well still you look guilty.” He defended but now sounding unsure.
“Why the fuck would I do something like that, and besides I’ve been at the yard all morning and then came straight over here didn’t I?” Robyn said looking towards Joel and Billy.
“Yeah she’s been here all morning.” Joel covered for her, as he usually did they had some silent deal where he’d back her up if she didn’t do anything to him.
“Fuckers.” He grunted then went to the bathroom to wash his face.
“Have you seen Johnny?” a pissed off looking Matt said walking onto the bus with and equally pissed off looking Zacky.
“He’s in the bathroom, why?” Robyn asked sweetly and innocently.
“Well we woke up this morning with toothpaste all over our faces; it’s typical of that fucker.” Matt said.
“Johnny get your ass out here now.” Zacky called.
Johnny came out and noticed the pissed off looks on Matt and Zacky’s faces.
“OH no did they get you guys too?” he asked.
“What, you mean toothpaste all over our face which YOU DID we know it was you.” Matt said.
“Seriously dude it wasn’t me, who ever it was got me too I had ‘I love cock’ written on my face.” He defended.
“Well if it wasn’t you who was it?” Zacky started rather than asked.
“Dunno.” He said they all looked confused thinking. We where all trying to hide smirks.
“MOTHER FUCKERS!” we heard Jimmy call seconds later he appeared on the bus wiping off the remains of the make-up on his face.
“So they got you too, they got me and Matt with toothpaste, we thought it was Johnny but they also got him too.” Zacky explained.
“So it wasn’t Johnny, it seems like the type of shit he’d do.” Jimmy said as if in thought.
“Hey dude I’m right here?” Johnny said.
“Hey Bri what are you looking so smug at, How come you’re the only one on the bus that didn’t get it?” Matt said looking at Brian suspiciously.
“Hey what ever you’re getting at it wasn’t me.” He said but he still looked guilty holding back a grin.
“Brian I wouldn’t have thought you’d do something like that. It’s a good job I’ve been at the yard all morning and then came straight over here.” Robyn said innocently keeping a straight face. I would have even believed her if I didn’t already know it was her, the guys seemed to believe her too.
“Brian you mother fucking ass hole.” Jimmy said.
“Guys, Guys it really wasn’t me.” Brian defended; I could see Robyn loved this if there was one thing she loved more than doing the jokes was getting away with it.
“Well who the fuck else could it be?” Zacky said.
“I…it was…I don’t…” he stuttered, Robyn almost looked like she felt sorry for him but she wouldn’t confess. Just then Karl came out of the bunks area and laughed a little seeing the state of the four guys.
“Damn did she get you guys too, she’s a fucking bitch.” Karl said helping him self to a drink not releasing what he had just dropped Robyn in.
“She? She who?” Matt asked looking confused all four guys looking at him in interest and the rest of us turning our attention to Robyn to see how she’d try and get herself out of this.
“You know who did this?” Jimmy asked.
“Yeah my fucking bitch of a sister there.” He pointed as if it was the most obvious thing ever. All the four of them turned to look at her they didn’t look as mad as they did before when they thought it was someone else or Brian, they seemed to see the funny side a little more but they where still slightly pissed of. Robyn just stood there behind Brian giving them her famous devilish smirk that made her look so fucking hot and usually got her out of trouble because no one could resist it.
“What?... I was bored had to find some way of amusing myself and you where all asleep.” She shrugged. The four of them where trying to keep straight faces but couldn’t help being slightly amused.
“Get her guys.” Karl laughed trying to get his sister in more trouble.
“It serves you right for being so lazy anyway.” Robyn smirked.
“Oh does it really?” Johnny asked the four of them walking over to her now with devilish smirks on their faces.
“Erm, erm guys” she said moving closer to hide behind Brian but couldn’t help a grin. The four of them launched at her she screamed but laughing at the same time running from them. The four of the chased her into the back of the bus.
“HELP!” she screeched the seven of us just sat there amused. We heard her scream again through laughter. They had rugby tackled her to the sofa, Jimmy holding her arms above her head, Zacky holding her legs still and Matt and Johnny tickling her. We heard her screech again breathlessly. “Help argh!.” She said between laughter and gasps for breath. They continued their pay back on Robyn for another ten minutes.
The four of them joined us in the front of the bus first then a few minutes later when she’d got her breath back a regain composure Robyn joined us.
“OK so day off today what are we doing?” Matt said.
“Nothing with you lot.” Robyn joked pretending to be in a mood making us laugh.
“Well you did kind of deserve it.” Joel pointed out smiling as he walked past her.
“Hey you’re supposed to be on my side, I’ll get you next.” She threatened.
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