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“So what are we wanting to do?” Billy asked.
“Lets do something fun and energetic.” I said plopping down between Jimmy and Johnny on the sofa.
“I can think of something me and you can do that’s fun and energetic.” He smirked putting his hand on my leg.
“Oh really?” i teased going along with him.
“Yeah.” He winked rubbing my leg as i leaned over him slightly.
“I would…” He raised his eyebrows hopefully. “…But no thanks.” I smirked getting up and walking away.
“Gutted.” Jimmy laughed pointing at him.
“Oooo guys lets go paint balling!” I said a little over excited, I loved paint balling.
“Paint balling?” Dean asked a little unconvinced.
“Yeah it’s fucking ace!”
“Robyn loves paint balling, in case you didn’t guess.” Benji laughed.
“But doesn’t it hurt when you get hit?” Zacky asked.
“Yeah fucking kills.” Paul whined.
“Don’t be whiney bitches beside that’s the fun part that when I hit you it hurts, I vote not to be on Karl’s team.” She smirked. Karl and Robyn always went on opposite teams so they could attack each other.
“Wow wow what do you mean when you hit us, we might be better than you.” Johnny said.
“I doubt that I’m the queen of paint balling.” I said proudly.
“She is.” Joel agreed.
“Well maybe I’m the king of paint balling.” Johnny said defensively joking.
“No that would be me.” Karl smirked.
“OK so are we going paint balling.” Joel asked. Me, Karl and Johnny instantly said yes. Paul and Zacky said no.
“Ok vote who wants to go paint balling?” Joel said. Me, Karl, Johnny, Matt, Jimmy and Benji put our hands up.
“OK who doesn’t want to go?” he asked and only Zacky and Paul put their hands up.
“Ha! Out voted.” I laughed.
“Ok lets sort out teams we’ll have my team and Robyn’s team.” Karl said.
“Yeah well my teams gonna kick your teams asses.” I laughed childishly.
“We’ll see about that.” He winked cockily.
“We will.” I said back.
We ended up with me having the Good Charlotte guys and Karl having the Avenged Sevenfold guys.

Narrators POV

The twelve of them got ready and went paint balling, they got all their stuff and separated into their teams. Luckily there wasn’t many people there so they basically had the whole place to themselves.
“I’m gonna kick your ass.” Karl laughed to Robyn.
“OH really, well we’ll see about that when your screaming like a bitch because I’ve shot you in the balls.” Robyn smirked.
“Hey wait I’m not playing if we’re playing dirty like that.” Matt said laughing.
“She doesn’t mean it really.” Dean smiled but then seeing the looks on Joel and Benji’s faces he didn’t seem to sure. “Really?” he said sounding a little worried too.
“Just don’t piss me off.” Robyn grinned before they went out into the area and began playing.
They had a den each at opposite sides and they split up hiding behind the bales of hay. They had a really good game going and before long they had spread out and split up a lot more. Dean, Paul, Billy, Zacky, Matt and Jimmy had a good little friendly battle going in one area. They where the first to call it quits between them and go for something to eat in the café’. Leaving Benji, Joel, Robyn, Brian, Johnny and Karl to have more of a competitive game going on a little further away. Joel and Brian where the less competitive ones but still having a good time shooting at each other and ducking behind the hay bales.
“I’ll show you who’s the king off paint balling!” Johnny said firing rapidly at Robyn.
“Yeah me! And you’re supposed to be on MY team.” Karl said joining him behind his hay bale firing at Robyn too.
“Benj a little help here!” She called and he came running over firing back at Johnny and Karl.
“I’m not sure if I want to be on YOUR team anymore, and why does it have to be YOUR team.” Johnny whined.
“Stop whining you sound like a bitch!” Robyn laughed hitting him square in the chest.
“That’s not very nice.” He pouted pretending to be hurt.
“But it’s true.” Karl laughed firing hitting Benji.
“Fuck that hurt.” Benji said holding where he had just been shot.
“I got ya!” Robyn said firing back at Karl missing him by inches then she quickly dived out of the way narrowly missing a shot by Karl. Benji and Robyn both started firing at Karl hitting him a few times.
“Johnny fucking help me.” He said to Johnny who was just stood there watching him get hit.
“No I think I’ll leave you and your ‘team’ and go. Have fun fighting yourself.” Johnny said joining Billy, Paul, Dean, Jimmy, Matt, Zacky and Joel who had also just gave up too.
“I’m fucked.” Joel said as he and Johnny walked off towards the café’
“Yeah me too Robyn is actually quite good at this isn’t she.” Johnny admitted making Joel laugh. “But don’t tell her.” He added quickly his pride at stake.
Robyn had zoned for a second watching Joel and Johnny leaving meanwhile Benji and Karl had got into a little battle of their own moving away from where she was. As she turned looking where the two had gone and what they where up to she got hit square in her ass.
“OW who the fuck…” she said looking around only to be rugby tackled by the person she had just figured out had hit her…Brian.
“Jesus that fucking hurt.” She half laugh half flinched. They where now lay on a huge pile of hay Brian still on top of her from where they both landed.
“Sorry want me to rub it better.” He smirked. She raised her eyebrows at him they held the eye contact gazing into each others eyes, them being inches apart. What he didn’t notice is that she had picked up one of the paint balls and then smashed it on his head.
“Argh bitch.” He laughed.
“Why thank you, I prefer the bitch but it’ll do.” She smirked. He wiped off some of the paint that was running down his face and wiped it on her cheeks like they do with mud in battle fields or when they play football etc. they laughed then went back to gazing into each others eyes slowly they closed the gap between them and kissed. Deepening the kiss with tongues as good as if not even better than the night at the club. They pulled away smiling realizing that everyone had gone quiet and that they where now alone.
“I think we should be getting back.” Robyn said. Brian agreed and got up dusting himself off and holding out a hand to help her up. She took it feeling the pain in her ass.
“Ooo my ass hurts.” She laughed. As they walked back leaning on him slightly for support that he gladly gave. They walked back to the café’ meeting up with the other guys who where all laughing and joking. They all looked at the pair with smiles, grins and smirks apart from Benji who looked a little pissed off and maybe jealous.
“We ready to go guys?” Robyn asked. They all agreed and went back to the buses. It was getting late when they got back to the buses. Robyn had got a call from Dan asking her to bring the horses in as he and Sally have gone out for their anniversary.
When they got back to the buses everyone was tired and flopped down on the sofas or dining area to tired to be bothered doing anything else. Robyn couldn’t relax just yet though she had to get ready and nip down to the yard to bring the horses in.
“Guy’s I’ll be back in a bit shouldn’t take me too long all the stable are ready they just need brining in.” she said then left.


I had brought my two horses in first and on my way back up to the yard from the field with sally and Dan’s two. I hated being at the yard on my own in the dark it was so creepy. There was hardly any lights and the long tracks down the filed with hedges at the side could be quiet scary. Just as I was getting to the end of the track there was a dark figure walking down the track towards me which made me worried. The figure kept walking towards me. As he got closer and stepped out of the shadows I was relieved to see that it was Benji.
“Fucking hell Benj you scared the shit out of me then, what are you doing here?” I smiled relived to see him.
“You shouldn’t be coming down here in the dark on your own you could get mugged or murdered or anything and no one would know.” He said walking with me and the horses.
“Thanks for filling me with more confidence.” I said sarcastically. “But thanks for coming anyway it is so freaky going down there in the dark alone.” I said gratefully.
“No problem besides you always used to drag me down there anyway.” He laughed remembering old times.
He helped me finish off putting the horses away and then we slowly walked back to the buses talking. As we got closer to the buses we stopped and sat on some benches under a badly lit street light. It was quite a nice night warm with a slight breeze and the sky was cloud-free so you could see the stars. We where in a rather uncomfortable silence like there was something really important to talk about but both of us were avoiding it. Then Benji broke the silence softly.
“What’s going on between you and Brian?” he asked turning to look at me looking a little sad.
“N…nothing’s going on between us.” I stuttered slightly shocked. It was true thought there was nothing officially going on between us.
“Really?” he said clearly not believing me.
“Really.” I insisted.
“You can tell me if there is, tell me.” He said unconvinced.
“Benj there’s nothing going on between me and Brian.” I said seriously. He seemed to believe me a little more now.
“But you’d like there to be?”
“W...What? no.” I said but he gave me the look. “Ok, maybe… I don’t know. I’ve only known him just over a week Benj, I do like him and we get along really well but I don’t know if I like him like in that way yet. Anyway why do you want to know?” I said now turning the attention to him.
“What? N…no r…reason.” He stuttered failing to look me in the eye.
“You know what Benj maybe if you told me how you really felt instead of playing the jealousy and guilt card then maybe we’d get somewhere.” I said getting a little pissed off.
“Are you saying you like me?” he said sounding a little hopeful.
“Benj I’ve had strong feelings for you for a long time, I don’t know if it would ever work out between us but I know I have feelings for you, yes.” I admitted what have I got to lose.
“I’ve felt the same way about you too.” He said quietly with a smile I nodded but didn’t really know what to say next. “So where do we go from here?” he asked. That question scared me, ‘where do we go from here?’ I don’t know, I don’t know if I actually want to be with him or if I want to be with Brian or be with either of them at all. I know I have strong feelings for Benji have done for years and he has feeling for me; but on the other hand there’s Brian that there’s this strong passion between us and I don’t know if that could ever blossom into anything. I just don’t know.
“I don’t know Benj, I honestly don’t know. I mean don’t get me wrong I do have feelings for you, and I’m not going to lie to you here, there is defiantly something between me and Brian but I don’t quite know what it is yet. Then if you look at the big picture would it really work out between any of us I mean with your bands and the touring and my stunt riding and our touring and movies I just haven’t got a clue what I want right now.” I said honestly. He just sat there quietly. “Benj please don’t be mad at me I know it’s not quite the answer you where looking for but I can’t lie to you that’s the whole truth and what I’m feeling right now. Please say something.”
“So… so what do you want to do?” he asked taking a deep breath.
“Like I told Brian just go on how we have been doing, I mean come on Benj we’ve only just met back up after years who’s to say where the same people we where back then, we might not actually like, in that way, who we’ve became over the years apart.”
“I doubt that.” He said quietly with a smile.
“Benj I just need time, and I know that’s not really something we have a lot of with you guys leaving on tour next week and the team’s going up to Canada in a few weeks for a movie. I just I think it’s best if we don’t start anything, just yet.” I said leaning in close to him as he put his arm round me pulling me into him.
“Ok.” He said quietly and kissed the top of my head. “What ever you want but you know where I am and how to get me if you need me, for anything.” He said and I nodded we sat there like that for a while before returning to the buses.

Narrator's POV

Zacky and Brian where making there way back to the bus as they had just been to the shop to get some for beer. As they where walking to the bus they came in the opposite way to where Benji and Robyn where sitting. When they noticed Benji and Robyn sat on the bench looking quite cosy, Brian slowed down, watching them. Zacky noticed and stopped too looking at Brian a little worried.
“Bri you ok mate?” He said.
“Shh.” He shh-ed him as if trying to hear what they where talking about and so that they didn’t notice them watching them.
“Brian come on lets go inside.” Zacky said but it was like Brian was in a trance watching Benji and Robyn. “I’m sure there’s nothing going on they're mates aren’t they?” Zacky tried to reason. Brian just stayed in silence staring at them emotionless then turned and walked into the Avenged Sevenfold bus and went straight into the bunks area ignoring all the guys having a good time in the front of the bus.
“What’s up with him?” Jimmy asked Zacky when he got onto the bus.
“Oh nothing, I’ll go check on him.” Zacky brushed of trying not to draw attention to Brian.
Zacky gave the guys the beer and then went to the back of the bus to see Brian.
“Hey you ok?” he asked sitting down next to him.
“Not particularly but I suppose I should have seen this coming. I don’t know why I even tried or fooled my self into thinking I had a chance with her. Benji has her always has and probably always will. I might as well do what I should have done before and just gave up.”
“If you like her you need to let her know how you feel.” Zacky said.
“She knows and obviously she’d rather have him than me. Benji won this one; he can have her I’m going to back off. Besides he knew her first and liked her fist.” Brian said depressed-ly.
“Is that what you really want though?”
“No it’s not but I don’t see that I have much of a choice because one way or another I’m going to be the one getting hurt she’ll never choose me over him so I’d rather just deal with it now before I get in any deeper.”
“Whatever dude it’s you decision but I know what I’d do.” Zacky said not really agreeing with his friend just giving up but supported him anyway. “You coming back out?”
“Not yet might do in a bit just give me a minute.” Brian said still in deep thought.
“OK see you later.” Zacky said giving him a pat on the back, getting up and joining the others in the front of the bus.

“I think we should be making our way back.” Benji said quietly breaking the peaceful silence.
“Yeah we’ve been gone a while haven’t we.” Robyn agreed. They slowly got up and made their way back to the buses. They joined the guys on the Avenged Sevenfold bus, Brian still hadn’t come out.
“Hey, where have you two been?” Joel said when they joined them.
“To bring the horses in.” Robyn said.
“Yeah that was like two hours ago it’s doesn’t take you that long.” Paul grinned.
“Oh well we where just chatting catching up, that’s all.” Benji said as if it was no big deal.
“What’s up with everyone tonight?” Jimmy said quietly to Matt.
“Don’t know but there’s defiantly something going on between Bri, Benj and Robyn and Zacky’s trying to cover it up.” Matt replied equally interested.
Just them Brian walked out of the back of the bus he paused slightly not expecting to see Benji and Robyn there but then carried on. Jimmy nudged Matt pointing out something’s going on. No one else seemed to really notice as they where too busy drinking and laughing and joking together.
“Benj man can I have a word with you please.” Brian said quietly. Hardly any one noticed apart from Robyn, Zacky and Matt and Jimmy who where sat closest to them.
Zacky looked at Brian worriedly, Benji and Robyn looked slightly confused and Jimmy and matt where watching the scene unfold intently.
Benji and Brian stepped outside the bus.
“You ok?” Benji asked Brian as they got outside.
“Yeah, well no not really but anyway, erm I know there’s something between you and Robyn…”
“W…what no there’s nothing…” Benji started.
“I seen you guys before and I know you have feelings for her, she has them for you too. You guys have something special and it’s been in the making for years now.”
“I don’t get what you’re getting at though?” Benji said confused still.
“What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to back off. If you want her go for it, you two will make a great couple.” He said quickly and quietly before walking back into the bus.
“Brian wait.” Benji pulled him back.
“Honestly there’s nothing going on between us.”
“But you both want there to be and I’m not going to get in the way. Promise me one thing though never tell her this.” He said, Benji nodded in shock. Brian then pulled away from Benji again and went back into the bus. Benji felt guilty he knew Brian also had feelings for Robyn and how hard it must be for him to ‘give up’ but at the same time he felt a little more confident that there could be something between himself and Robyn now.
“Benji walked back into the bus noticing that Brian wasn’t with the others in the front any more. He went and sat back down next to Robyn and Zacky.
“What was all that about?” Robyn asked Benji when he sat back down.
“Oh nothing he was just talking about some wired girls hanging round asking for me.” Benji made up quickly. Luckily Robyn believed him and let it drop but Zacky knew what was really going on. Matt and Jimmy also noticed, jimmy nudging Matt again.
“Yes I can see, will you pack it in nudging me it’s staring to piss me off.” Matt said giving Jimmy a nudge.
They hung out for a little longer when Robyn started getting tired.
“Guys I’m going to bed I’m shattered.” She said yawning.
“Ballbag.” Johnny laughed.
“Fuck off I unlike all of you are up before lunch time everyday.” She defended laughing walking towards the door forgetting she stayed on the Avenged Sevenfold bus.
“Rob where are you going you stay here now, kid.” Karl laughed.
“Oh yeah thanks, kid.” Robyn said.
“Oh no you’re not starting that again are you?” Joel said.
“Starting what?” Jimmy asked.
“Calling everyone ‘kid’ really starts to piss you off.” Joel said. Karl and Robyn just laughed and Robyn made her way to the bunks. When she got there she started getting ready for bed but didn’t notice Brian lay in his bunk with his curtain open just staring at the ceiling.
“Shit Bri I didn’t see you there.” She said jumping when she noticed him.
“Brian are you ok?” she asked worriedly going over to the side of his bunk.
“Yeah fine just a little tired, feeling a little home sick lately too.” He lied.
“You sure?” she asked rubbing his shoulder softly.
“Yeah I’ll be fine.” He said as she yawned again.
“OK well I need sleep now but if you need me you know where I am.” She smiled and then went to her bunk still not completely convinced that that was all that was wrong with him.
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