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The next day when I woke up I did my usual routine get up quietly so not to wake the others sleeping, get a shower get dressed, have breakfast, do the horses, come back and the guys are usually up. To day was no different. When I got back the guys had already got up, had breakfast and was getting ready to leave as they had some interviews to do, both the Avenged Sevenfold guys and the Good Charlotte guys.
“Hey Rob, what are you planning on doing today as where not going to be here?” Joel asked. The guys from Good Charlotte where all over on the Avenged Sevenfold bus as they where all going to be leaving together for the interviews.
“Don’t know really probably some really girly stuff, not done that in a while. Maybe go shopping, get my hair done or something.” I said.
“Are you feeling ok? Who are you and what have you done with the real Robyn. Our Robyn doesn’t do girly stuff.” Benji joked coming over feeling my head as if I was sick.
“Shut up I do do girly stuff sometimes just not all the time anyway everyone needs to be girly every once in a while.” I laughed.
“Guys we’re going to have to go soon.” The driver called. The guys said ‘ok’ and then ‘bye’ to me & left.
I sighed peace at last, it was actually quite wired it being so quiet on the buses as they where usually full of people but now everyone was out and I had the place to myself. I decided to relax for a while in the silence; I made myself a drink and then relaxed on the sofa reading some magazines. After a while I decided to get ready and go out. I went shopping for a while and bought some new jeans, a skirt, and two tops all for nights out. I also went and got my hair done. I had it cut like I usually do layered with front bangs but I decided to have streaks put in again I used to have blue ones in a while ago, I’ve had pink in too, but I got rid of them last year going back to just my natural colour of blonde; I decided to have black in this time (like Christina Aguilera’s in the ‘dirty’ video). It looked really good when it was finished. I was on my way back to the buses when I passed a tattoo parlour and on the spare of the moment I decided to go and get another tattoo. I already had a phoenix on the underside of my right wrist, a fairy on my right shoulder blade and a small tiger on my left hip. It took me a while deciding on what to get where but I finally decided on getting small, in plain black butterfly wings at the bottom of my back. When I’d got my new tattoo I decided it was defiantly time to go back to the buses as the guys would have been back an hour by now as it was getting late.
When I got back to the bus Paul, Billy, Zacky and Johnny where playing videos games, Jimmy, Brian, Karl and Dean where on the sofa’s watching them, Matt, Jimmy and Joel where in the dining area Joel cooking something , Jimmy helping and Matt on the lap top. I walked in and they all turned to look at who was entering the bus. “You where gone a while, we where about to send a search party out for you.” Benji said looking over at me.
“Oh well I got kind of busy.” I said walking in fully and they all did kind of a double take.
“We can see.” Joel smiled all of them noticing my hair.
“Do you like it?” I asked smiling.
“Yeah it’s really nice.” Joel smiled. The others smiled nodding in agreement the guys playing video games taking a quick look so not to mess up their game. Benji got up walking over to me.
“It’s like how you used to have it you used to always have some kind of streaks in it. I like it.” He smiled playing with the ends of it. Then I remembered my tattoo.
“Oh and that’s not all that’s new.” I suddenly said excitedly. They all looked at me quizzically. “I also got a new tattoo.” I said turning round and lifting my shirt slightly so they could see. At the mention of tattoo all the guys head swung round to have a look. They all loved it. Benji went and sat at the dining table opposite Matt who was still on the lap top, as I walked over to Joel.
“Watcha cooking good looking.” I said in a sing-song tone walking over to Joel looking over his shoulder to what he was doing.
“I’m cooking pasta for dinner for all of us.” Joel smiled proudly.
“And I’m helping.” Jimmy declared proudly and waving around the wooden spoon that was in his hand.
“I see that.” I laughed. I went and sat next to Benji at the dining table. He was looking through a magazine. As I was sat there I started itching really bad again, I noticed I had been doing this a lot to day. I don’t know what it was it was just like this really annoying uncontrollable itch like someone was constantly tickling me. Benji looked at me raising an eye brow.
“I don’t know what it is I’ve just felt really itching today.” I said confused still itchy. From the sofa I heard Karl laugh and he had cheeky smirk on his face, like what he usually had when he had done a practical joke.
“Karl what the fuck have you done to me.” I shouted running over to him jumping on him hitting him anywhere I could reach. He tried his best to get away and to block my attack but was unsuccessful.
“OK, OK I give up I’ll tell you if you stop hitting me!” he said. I stopped for a moment looking at him expectedly. “Well you see I erm, I put itching powder in your clothes.” He said laughter evident in his voice and face.
“YOU DID WHAT!” I screeched resuming my attack on hitting him but harder this time.
“Ow, ow, ow fuck that hurts.” He said finally pushing me off him making me land in Brian’s lap; he made a run for it.
“I put it in ALL your clothes though.” He laughed.
“KARL YOU’VE FUCKING DONE IT THIS TIME!” I shouted running after him. “Sorry Brian.” I quickly apologized for being thrown on to him and then almost kicking and hitting him to in my hurry to get Karl.

narrator's POV

The other guys where still in the front of the bus amused at the antics going on between Karl and Robyn. They heard Karl shouting in pain as Robyn no doubt was letting her frustrations out on him. Ten minutes later Robyn came back to the front of the bus storming in bathroom then came out twenty minutes later with just a towel wrapped round her, a very small towel at that.
“Guys can I borrow some clothes of someone, the fucking bastard put it on everything.” She said still sounding a little angry. All the guys where looking at her in a sort of daze at how sexy she looked in nothing but a tiny towel hair still wet from washing. They heard Karl give a little giggle finally walking back out to the front of the bus.
“Oh you think its funny you wait I’ll get my own back.” Robyn warned.
“You fucking started it by almost giving me a heart attack waking me up with that fucking horn.” Karl argued in defence and Robyn just laughed evilly.
“Come on you can borrow some of mine.” Benji said standing and leading her to the bunk area.
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