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“Any preferences?” Benji asked Robyn as he searched through his bag for something that was clean and that had a chance of nearly fitting Robyn.
“Anything will do just while I got to the launderette to get my clothes washed.” She said.
“Here.” He said handing her some pants, a T-shirt and a hoodie.
“Thanks.” She smiled. As he handed her the clothes they locked eyes and their finger brush each others making them both feel sparks of electricity. She quickly turned and changed.
“Hey, you know what the funny thing is?” she smirked as she walked back to Benji’s bunk now dressed in the clothes he had leant her.
“What?” he smiled noticing the cheeky look on her face.
“I never thought I’d be in your pants again.” She laughed making him laugh too.
“Oh really. Well we might have to do something about that.” He said with out realizing he’d said it. Suddenly they both stopped laughing turning serious.
“What?” she said quietly not sure if she’d heard right.
“Oh nothing it was … nothing.” He said avoiding her eye contact and blushing slightly.
“No seriously tell me.” She said quietly bending down so they were inches apart forcing him to look at her.
“I said maybe we’d have to do something about that.” He said quietly and being forced to look into her eyes being more seductive than he even intended.
“Maybe we will.” She said quietly and then leaning into him pressing their bodies together as she kissed him pushing him back on the bed. Benji was shocked he knew he’d always liked Robyn like that but he never knew she felt the same way.
“Guys what’s taking so long dinners ready?” Joel called interrupting their little flustered moment. They pulled away looking at each other.
“We better go.” She said quietly and getting up off him then holding a hand out to help him.
“Can we talk later?” he said.
“Yeah.” She nodded before they walked back to the front of the bus.
“Well?” Jimmy said looking at them as was everyone else.
“Well what?” Robyn said playing dumb.
“What took you two so long.” He said. Robyn noticed the sad look on Brian’s face. He’d been really quiet and not his usual self lately but she didn’t know why.
“Oh, couldn’t find anything to fit at first.” Benji said quickly as Robyn was still looking at Brian and seemed to have zoned.
“Oh well dinners ready now anyway.” Joel said putting it out on the table.
“Damn Joel didn’t know you could cook.” Robyn smirked.
“Shut it you, don’t act so surprised.” He laughed jokingly hitting her on the head with the towel he held the hot tray with.

After dinner they where all hanging out in the bus chilling.
“Benj will you give me a hand with my clothes for the launderette.” Robyn said getting up giving Karl evils.
“Erm yeah sure.” Benji said following her out of the GC bus to the A7X bus.
“What’s going on with those two?” Dean asked with a smirk.
“Don’t know there spending quite a lot of time together lately.” Paul pointed out.
“Well they are best friends.” Joel said he had a pretty good idea of what was going on but was trying to cover up for them so there wasn’t any drama because as he’d sensed from Brian things weren’t going too well for him and he was guessing that Robyn didn’t know anything about it.
“Oh come on Joel you don’t need to cover up for them tell us what you know, don’t pretend like you don’t have the inside scoop oh what’s going on with them two. You always used to know everything that went on between them two in high school.” Karl said.
“Seriously guys they’ve not told me anything and as far as I know nothings going on.” Joel defended.
A bit later Brian went over to the A7X bus alone not wanting to listen to any more about Robyn and Benji. Joel made an excuse to go over there.
“Hey mind if I join you.” Joel said quietly sitting in the living area with him.
“If you want.” Brian said seeming a little confused.
“Wanna tell me what’s going on between you, Benji and Robyn?” Joel asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it full stop.” He grunted.
“Did you like Robyn?” Joel persisted.
“No… I do like her.” He said quietly.
“Well how come lately you two don’t seem to be as close as you where at the start of the tour, have you had a fall out?”
“No I told Benji I’d back off and he could have her, Robyn doesn’t know anything about it.” He explained.
“What, why did you do that?” Joel said.
“Because she’s rightfully Benji’s he’s known her longer, they have a history.” He said.
“Yes but how do you really feel about Robyn was it just a crush or something more.”
“It defiantly wasn’t just a crush I’ve never felt for any chick the same way I feel about Robyn.”
“Well why give up. Look I know Benji’s my brother but I love Robyn like my sister and I want the best for both of them. So if you really do like Robyn and I know she defiantly feels something for you, if there’s a chance that she could be happier with you then I want that. There’s no way Benji and Robyn can be completely happy together if there could have been something better between you and Robyn. Don’t worry about Benji he’ll bounce back.”
“I can’t I told Benji he could have her, I can’t go back on my word. Please what ever you do don’t tell Robyn she can’t know what we did.”
“You’d better pray that she doesn’t find out because she’s going to be so fucking mad and upset with the both of you if she finds out and believe me when she does it’s not going to be pretty and I can’t promise you now neither of you will ever see her again. So if you think your better like this, just being so called friends while Benji ‘wins’ her well you wrong because when this falls through which it will these things always do, you and Benji will end up hurt and more importantly Robyn will be hurt and I don’t want that, she doesn’t deserve that.” Joel said a little angry and his brother and Brian’s antics. Joel got up and left Brian with all that to think about.
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