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“So what’s going on between us?” Robyn asked the million dollar question as she finished putting a load in the washing machine.
“Don’t know, but I like you.” Benji smiled walking over to her pushing her back against the washing machine leaning in and kissing her.
“Ok so if you like me and I like you then what.” Robyn smirked as she broke the kiss.
“More of this.” He said closing the gap between them to kiss her again this time she kissed him back properly.
They finally finished off doing the laundry with some procrastinating along the way. It was late when they was done and most of the guys was in bed or going to bed when they got back to the banks. They kissed good night and set off to bed on their separate buses.
The next morning Robyn wad sat outside the bus in the sun with a morning coffee everyone was off doing their own thing. Joel spotted Robyn and decided to have a quiet word with her.
“hey how’s it going?” He asked sitting down opposite her.
“good. You?” She smiled.
“I’m good thanks.” Joel replied. He was trying to find how to bring up the Benji/Brian situation discreetly.
“sooo you and Benji finally giving it a go?” He smiled.
“yeah I guess so.” She replied knowing he was getting at something but not sure what.
“and Brian?” Joel came straight out with.
“What about Brian?” Robyn said simply not knowing what he meant. Yes there had been some flirting between herself and Brian but he was always blowing hot and cold and recently just cold so she thought it was just a phase and he wasn’t interested any more.
“you two seemed to be hitting it off too.” Joel stated.
“yeh I thought so too but I guess he’s not interested any more.” Robyn replied truthfully.
“do you think?” Joel quizzed. Trying see if Robyn would read between the lines.
“well yeh. We did have some flirting and I thought there could be something there but he seemed to blow hot and cold towards me and lately just cold so I guess he’s just not that into me now.” Robyn explained.
“are you sure?” He asked.
“yeh. Why what are you getting at Joel ?” She said suspiciously.
“no reason just curious.” Joel brushed off and they dropped the topic but it still hung in the back of Robyn’s mind that Joel might have been oddly trying to get at something but she want 100%

News of Benji and Robyn being ‘together’ had spared quicker than you would believe. Most of the guys seemed really happy for them and things between them seemed to be going well too. There was the odd person i.e. Brian who didn’t seem as happy for them as others. He still didn’t seem his self; he was very quiet and kept himself to himself more. He didn’t spend time with Robyn and Benji if he could help it.
The tour in Texas was almost over it’s the last show tonight then the guys would be leaving Texas. Robyn had decided to stay with the guys on tour when They moved on as a little break before she had to go work on the movie in Canada at the end of the month. She’d cleared it with the stunt team as they knew she'd be working hard when it came to the movie so she took a break now whilst they where quieter and could cope without her. They where all sat lounging around before the show later that night.
“look at them it’s like high school all over again only this time they actually admit their together.” Paul said with a laugh.
“Aw I think they’re sweet together.” Billy said.
“Bloody hell someone get a tissue for Billy before the water works start.” Karl joked.
“Fuck off.” Billy flipped him off.
“Knock him out Billy.” Robyn laughed walking past not getting the full story but enough to know Karl was taking the piss out of Billy.
“You don’t know what we’re talking about in the first place if you did you’d be the one knocking them out.” Karl laughed loving stirring things.
“What are you talking about?” Robyn raised her eye brows turning to Paul and Billy.
“N…nothing.” Paul stuttered.
“Paul said that it was just like being in high school again only this time you admit you’re together about you and Benji and Billy said how sweet you are.” Karl dropped them in it.
“Bunch of bastards.” Robyn laugh hitting both of them playfully but still rather hard across the head as Karl sniggered at the trouble he caused, what he didn’t see was Robyn also coming at him and hitting him over the head the same. “And that’s for shit stirring.” She laughed making Billy and Paul laugh too and Karl to stop.
Benji went to one of the sofas still hold of Robyn’s hand gently pulling her with him; he sat down pulling her into his lap. Just then Joel, Matt, Johnny and Brian walked onto the bus. The minute Karl saw Joel he threw a balled up piece of paper at him, he’d been doing this to him all week to wined him up and it was working.
“Rob, keep you brother away from me before I do him some damage.” Joel said completely blocking Karl as he and Matt went to sit in the living section with Benji, Robyn, Billy and Paul and Johnny and Brian went to sit by the kitchen area with Karl.
“Dude I’ve been trying to get away from him for years, it doesn’t work he latches on to you like a leach.” Robyn sighed. Karl began pulling faces at her flipping her off which she returned.
“Aw the brotherly sisterly love here.” Paul joked. Only to get a pillow thrown at him from Robyn and at the same time a balled up piece of paper from Karl.
“So are you coming the show tonight Rob? You know you always have to come to the last one of the tour.” Joel said to her referring to their little tradition they had of her coming to the last show of their tours watching from backstage.
“Yeah sure, why not.” She smiled.
“And the party after?” Matt added.
“Hell yeah.” She laughed.

The guys hung around doing nothing in particular for the rest of the day just chilling before the show. When it was time for them to leave they said there good byes to Robyn as she was going to get ready for the rest of the night and then meet them backstage before they went on.
She took her time getting ready enjoying the rear thing of having the bus to herself. She got thinking of how much fun it had been meeting back up the Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul, also she had made some new and great friends in Matt, Zacky, Johnny, Jimmy and Brian. Now then Brian, that was a wired one; they got along so well when they first met to the point where they where getting closer than just friends but then from no where the whole situation changed. She was confused to what happened it was like she missed a huge chunk of life where they had a huge falling out because that what it felt like she went to sleep one day everything going great then woke up the next and he was cold towards her and avoiding her. She then went to past memories of Benji and they guys before they where ‘big’ and all the history and feelings between herself and Benji. Now thinking of Benji she did love him she loved all the guys they where like her family, in the past when she thought about her feelings for Benji no doubt about it she liked him a lot more than friends or a brother sister way like she did with the other guys but now, now she wasn’t sure. Was it those same feelings coming back or just the memories of those feelings.
When she was finally ready after being lost in her thoughts she realized she was running late. She quickly got her things together and made her way backstage at the show. She said ‘hi’s’ to the guys working there that they’d got to know and finally found her way to the dressing rooms. She went to the Good Charlotte dressing room first knocked quickly before walking straight in.
“Hey guys.” She smiled walking in they where all ready and about to go on stage.
“You’re here.” Benji smiled grabbing her into a hug and kissing her.
“Course I’m here.” She grinned.
“Had us worried for a second there.” Billy laughed giving her a hug.
“Thought you weren’t coming.” Joel said giving her a hug too.
“Or you’d got lost.” Paul laughed also giving her a hug.
“Yeah sorry about that got a bit carried away getting ready.” She laughed.
“Well it paid off because you look gorgeous.” Benji said looking her up and down and by the looks on the other guy’s faces they agreed too.
“Thank you.” She smirked.
“Guys your on.” There was a knock from the door. They all rushed getting what ever they needed; fixing hair, make up etc before they went on.
“Be watching from the side?” Joel winked.
“As always.” She smiled and winked back.
As they left the dressing room she decided to make her way across to the Avenged Sevenfold dressing room before she went to the side of the stage.


“Guys have you seen Bri anywhere?” Matt asked. The other guys in the Avenged Sevenfold dressing room.
“Nope not seen him in a while.” Zacky said none of the other guys had seen him or knew where he was either. Mat decided to go looking for him now becoming quite worried, Brain hadn’t been himself lately he’d noticed. He walked round all the corridors before he found Brian sat on one of the storage boxes down a quiet corridor.
“Dude you ok?” Matt said softly sitting down next to him.
“Yeah fine.” Brian mumbled obviously far from fine.
“No you’re not fine what’s up?” Matt persuaded usually he wouldn’t have been that forward if Brian wanted talk about something Matt would usually wait for Brian to come to him first, if he wanted to talk he would no need to push it but they didn’t really have much time for Brian to come out with it in his own time right now.
“It’s nothing.” He sighed not making eye contact.
“Dude you’ve not been yourself lately what is it. Something happened between you and Robyn things seem abit…strange between you two.”
“You could say that.” Brian said shocking Matt slightly Matt didn’t think he’d be that forward with coming out with what ever it was.
“W, what do you mean by that?” Matt asked a little confused.
“I kind of made a deal with Benji.” He said seeming a little embarrassed now.
“A deal what kind of deal?” Matt asked still not getting him.
“I told him that I’d back off with Robyn and he could have her.” He said sounding really upset and disappointed, which shocked Matt just as much as his last confession, Brain rarely shown his venerable emotional side so this must have been big.
“You told him what? I thought you liked her? Like really liked her.” Matt said knowing how much Brian had talked about how gorgeous she was and how much he liked her personality too when they first meat her.
“I do like her, I really do. I can’t stop thinking about her.” Brian said now emotionally frustrated.
“Well why did you tell Benji that you’d back down if you like her go for it.” Matt said confused as to why Brian was putting aside his feeling so that Benji could get what he wanted.
“I don’t know, I really don’t know it seemed like a good idea at the time.” He said quietly after a long pause. “I don’t know what to do I can’t stop thinking about her, I like her so much I’ve never meet a girl like her before and now I can’t have her.”
“That’s bullshit if you really like her then tell her, don’t say you can’t have her, fine if she knocks you back and says she doesn’t feel the same way, which I highly doubt but don’t give her up when you haven’t even tried.” Matt burst out.
“So you think I should tell her how I feel?” Brian said looking up slowly.
“Yes! Tell her she has a right to know. She been wondering why you’ve been acting really cold towards her lately too.”
“Oh no do you think I’ve blown it with her now.”
“I think you will have if you carry on like this, you have to tell her. Tell her tonight after the show.”
“I… I can’t I told Benji…”
“Brian stop it its bullshit, what right do you and Benji have to decide who she’s with. Would you like it if two chicks decided between themselves who you’d be with without even telling you or letting you know the full facts?”
“nope.” Brian said quietly realizing Matt was right.
“Well there you go talk to her.” Matt said standing up closing the subject. “Come on we need to get back we’ll be on soon.” Matt said waiting for Brian to get up and they walked back to the dressing room.
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