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As they walked into the dressing room Robyn was just coming out. Brian walked in first not really looking at her saying a quick ‘hi’ to her but Matt stopped her in the doorway.
“I think you two have something you need to talk about later.” Matt said quickly and seriously to her looking from her to Brains direction. She looked at him confused then towards the direction of Brian where he was looking still confused but Matt obviously didn’t care to elaborate as he just carried on walking back inside the dressing room leaving her stood outside now very confused and slightly worried. She shook it of making a mental note to ask brain about it later and then went off to watch Good Charlotte.
Robyn watched the whole show from the side of the stage like old times and was getting slightly drunk as the guys working back stage who she knew kept bringing her drinks. After the show she hung round chatting and mingling with people around while she waited for the guys to finish meeting and greeting and getting showered and changed.
Most of the guys where ready they we’re just waiting for Benji, Brian, Jimmy and Johnny so Robyn got voted to go and find them. She soon found Jimmy and Johnny chatting to some girls and told them to go to the bus everyone was waiting for them while she carried on looking for Benji and Brian. She walked further down the corridor but stopped when she heard hushed voices coming from one of the rooms. She carried on walking slower and quieter towards where they where coming from recognizing that they where of Benji and Brian’s and they seemed to be in some kind of heated hushed argument. She was intrigued to find out more so stayed where she was quiet listening to see if she could find out a bit more. She listened further and she could hear their hushed voices and they were defiantly disagreeing over something.
“But you said you’d back down, that I could have her.” She heard Benji say frustrated.
“I know but I…I was wrong.”
“Wrong, wrong that’s bullshit, anyway she loves me you had your chance.”
“I didn’t have a chance you barged right in there.”
“Robyn’s mine she’s always been mine and if you wanted her that badly why did you tell me I could have her.”
“Well I didn’t see you fighting to stop me.”

That was it Robyn had heard enough they weren’t fighting over her or deciding her future anymore.
“You two are unbelievable what give’s you two the right to decided who I’m with!” she said hurt and angry at both of them as she stormed in the room surprising them both.
“Robyn!” Brian said turning round shocked.
“Babe what did you hear we didn’t mean it like that…” Benji tried to sweet talk her.
“I know what I heard and I’ve fucking heard enough of it to know what’s going on and what you two have been playing me. Well it isn’t happening no more, you’ve both lost me!”
“What!” Benji shrieked walking towards her.
“Benji just get out of my face.” She ordered turning her back to him and putting her hand out to stop him coming any closer. Brian was looking really upset knowing that what Matt had said was coming true they where both loosing her now.
“But Rob…”
“No Benji, I mean it stay away form me. Don’t come near me!” she shouted the emotion now becoming evident in her voice. She walked out of the room and back to the bus briskly. The two of them rushing to follow her and try to reason with her but she wasn’t having any of it.
“They coming or what?” Johnny asked as she got onto the bus none of them realizing what was going on.
“I don’t fucking care.” She said bitterly and locked her self in the back room.
“Rob, Robyn what’s’ going on?” Joel asked rushing to the back room noticing something was wrong.
“Nothing just leave me alone and tell them two fuckers to stay away form me because I won’t be responsible for what I do to them if they dont.” She shouted but he could hear the tears in her voice.
“Ok I’ll leave you for now but maybe we can talk about this later.” Joel said sweetly.
As he walked back to the front of the bus Benji and Brian where back and the rest of the guys where still looking confused as to what was going on. Benji and Brian where sat at opposite sides of the bus obviously pissed off and not talking.
“What the hell have you two done to her?” Joel scolded. They both just looked at him waiting for the other to speak.
“Right you two had better start talking soon and fixing things with my sister fast because she’s if obviously very upset and it’s because of you two and if you’ve hurt my sister I’m going to fucking break your legs.” Karl said, he could be quite intimidating when he wanted to be and he defiantly would put some hurting on you if he was that pissed of with you.
“It’s all his fault he should have kept his mouth shut.” Benji spat towards Brian.
“Oh fuck you, like you’re the fucking angel in all this. We BOTH made a stupid decision and we BOTH hurt her.” Brian said reasonably.
“It was you who was interfering in stuff that doesn’t involve you; you should have kept out of this and away from her.”
“RIGHT STOP IT NOW! My sister is not property and she doesn’t belong to either of you. Now this had all better stop and stop now!” Karl seethed. They both just sat there staring at him, he’d obviously got his point across in fact all the guys looked kind of scared of what Karl was capable of doing.
“Karl dude calm down, I’m sure Robyn doesn’t want this getting blown too far out of proportion, why don’t we give her a little time along then we’ll go talk to her, ok just you and me.” Joel reasoned and Karl agreed. The rest of the bus ride was rather uncomfortable to say the least. When they arrived and the place where the party was being held the guys got off the buss to get ready and freshen up for the party as Joel and Karl decided to go and tackle Robyn.

“Robyn it’s just us honey me and Karl will you let us in to talk please, we’re at the party now.” Joel said in his gentle tone. She unlocked to door for them to come in it was obvious that she was upset but also angry.
“Are you ok because I swear I’m going to fucking kill them for this.” Karl said.
“Dude clam down.” Joel said quietly seeing that Karl’s attitude wasn’t going to get them anywhere. “So I take it you heard what’s been going on?”
“I can’t believe they thought they could play me like that, what makes them think they can decide what goes on in my life! My future! Fucking assholes. Well after all that they’ve fucked it up for the two of them because neither of them are going to have me not even as friends.”
“Robyn are you sure about this?”
“Yes of course I am I can’t be around them when they think they know what’s best for me more them me”
“Do you have feelings for them?” Karl spoke in an unusually understanding way.
“yes.. no... i don’t know.” She signed sitting down holding her head.
“well think about them individually.. how do you feel about Benji?” Joel tried to help figure things out.
“there has always and probably always will be a special bond between me and Benji...”
“And Brian?” Karl asked.
“There was a spark there, I would have liked to have seen where it could have gone...but right now I can’t stand to be anywhere near either of them I’m that mad and upset that they’d do something like this.”
“Can’t argue with that.” Karl laughed returning back to his usual insensitive self that mad Robyn and Joel laugh.
“Are you coming to the party?” Joel asked.
“No I think I’ll just stay here.”
“Aw come on come to the party for a bit it’ll make you feel better.” Karl encouraged.
“I might do later.” She compromised.
“Ok we’ll give you some time to get ready and see you in a bit then.” Joel agreed and they got up to leave her alone for a while.
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