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Dead and Gone

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Carrie just went through an ugly breakup. Now, she is going back to her old life with her best friends. Has what she's always dreamed about been standing by her all along? My first story on he...

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Chapter 1: Dead and Gone

'Please just leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you anymore! If I had known that this was the real you all along, I would have done this a lot sooner!' I yelled into my cell phone. My head was spinning, and the familiar surroundings of my apartment were becoming a blur. This was the last time I would fall for his shit. I spent 4 years on him, and what did I get in return? A phone call to tell me that I was the least important thing in his life - the most important being his best friend - Jack Daniels.

How could I not have seen this coming? All the signs were there...I guess I was just in denial about the whole thing. So "in love" that nothing phased me. Finally tonight, he must have reached the breaking point. He had called - obviously intoxicated - to let me know that there was no future for the two of us, seeing as how he had become an alcoholic...and a really sneaky one at that. He continued on to tell me that he drank alone nearly every night when I wasn't with him, and that he would not give it up, no matter how wrong it was - it was the only thing that made him feel right. And all I could do was sit there and listen. I somehow felt bad. I felt sorry that he was "sick" and I wanted to reach out and help. But once I opened my mouth to speak, something entirely different came out.

'I knew something was going on this whole time! I can't believe that the last 4 years have all been a damn lie!' At this point I was sobbing into the telephone. Part of me wanted to hang up and be done with him forever, and the other part wanted to tell him that I loved him and that we could work it out. After what seemed like an eternity on the phone, I chose to break it all off - call it quits. I needed to change my life, and I suddenly saw this as the first wonderfully ironic step. And with that - I closed my cell phone, and a chapter in my life closed with it.

I threw my phone onto the table next to my bed and sobbed into my pillow. The strange thing was that I was no longer sobbing from sadness over my loss. I think it was purely just a release of emotions - all of the feelings that I had kept bottled inside me for so long were escaping, and with ever tear, I felt a little more relief settling in on me.

After what seemed like hours, I lifted my head from my pillows and reached for my cell phone once more. I needed to call someone - I needed a friend. I scrolled through my phonebook, searching for the right person to call. Panda I sighed as I read the name aloud to myself. 'No' couldn't be him. He had never liked Jon and had always told me that he was not the right person for me and that he would eventually hurt me. I badly wanted to call him, but now was just not the time for an 'I told you so' lecture from my best friend of 13 years. I continued to scroll down until I reached Trick in the phonebook and hit send. If anyone would understand me, Patrick would. He had become a brother to me throughout the years, and had promised to always be there for me through thick and thin. Right now was an especially thick time....

After a few moments of ringing, I heard his voice, 'Care Bear!! Long time no talk! What's going on, sweetie?' Upon hearing his voice, I broke down. I started sobbing once more, this time into the phone. 'Tricky, I need you guys! Everything is broken....'

'Calm down, sweetheart, and tell me all about it...'

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