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I'm Going Home

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Can I go back in time?

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After replaying the entire heart wrenching conversation in my head and explaining it all to Patrick, I felt a wave of relief crash over me. It felt so good to get it all out to someone who cared. Someone who wouldn't think that I was crazy. Someone who wouldn't walk away from me without warning.

'Care Bear, I think you need to come home. It will be good for you to be back with the people that love you for a little while. Raise that self esteem back up, so you can be your normal silly old self!' Patrick said.

'Hey! Who are you calling old, mister?!' I said back to him, giving the best laugh I could, considering the mood I was in. 'I think it might be good for me to come home too. I just really don't know how to tell Pete about all of this, ya know?'

'Yeah, I understand, but what's the worst that could happen? He'll tell you that he told you so, and force you to tell him that he was right all along and that he is the king of the world, and then you two will be back to normal.' I laughed at this one. Trick was right.

Pete and I had been best friends since we were 15. It was through him that I met Patrick, and Joe and Andy as well. I was always there to support the band when they first started out. Hell, even now, I was always there to support them, even when I wasn't there physically. Before most shows, Pete would call to talk to me so that I could wish him luck in the same way I always had - with a song. People always told me that I had a beautiful voice and they had always asked me why I wasn't a professional. The truth is, that was more Pete's thing. He was the people person, the one that liked being the center of attention. I was the shy, quiet one that liked being in the background observing everything from afar. We balanced each other out. It amazed me to no end that the two of us remained as close as we did throughout the years, and throughout his touring and constant traveling and craziness. I loved that I knew I had someone to turn to for anything and everything. He had always been the only person that really understood everything about me, and vice versa. He and the guys were my family.

When I started dating Jon 4 years ago, Pete had been the first to tell me that it was never going to work out. He tried to tell me about the awful stories he had heard about Jon, but being the lovesick puppy I was, I didn't listen. Looking back on recent events, I probably should have listened to him. But there's no turning back the pages of time now. All I had left was to move forward from here and start over again. And there's no place better to start over than at home with the people that loved me.

'I guess you're right, Trick. There's no place like home.' I said finally.

'Alrighty then, shorty. I will book you a flight to Chi-town tomorrow morning, and I send someone to pick you up as soon as you get in!' He said excitedly.

'You mean you're not going to be there to greet me??' I asked.

'We have an interview thing going down in the morning tomorrow, but we should be back around noon. Then, you're all ours!'

'I can't wait!' I said, a smile coming over my face for the first time today. 'Oh, and Trick?'

'Yeah, Care Bear?'

'Don't tell Pete I'm coming. I want it to be a surprise.' This ought to be good....

'Ok, but you know that means I need to keep it from Trohman, too. He's the biggest blabbermouth I've ever met!' Patrick started laughing.

'Fine, whatever you gotta do, but I want this homecoming to be a surprise....and a good one!'

As we hung up our phones, I felt another wave of happiness come over me. Maybe this really was just what I needed. To get away from the bad parts of my life and just get back down to Earth. Maybe heading back to Chicago to be with the people that meant the most to me would do the trick after all. And I couldn't help but get a tiny butterfly sensation in my stomach when I thought about seeing Pete again. It had been almost 6 months since I had last seen him in person. Like I said, we still talked constantly, but that's never the same as seeing someone in the flesh. Before I could think anymore into the butterflies that were dancing around in my stomach, I walked over to my closet and began packing everything of importance to me into my suitcases. This was not my home anymore....

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