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Looking Forward to the Future

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A big surprise....

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Chapter 3: Looking Forward to the Future

'Damn these stupid bags are heavy,' I said to myself as I lugged my suitcases through the crowded airport terminal. I had somehow just survived the two-hour flight back home to Chicago. One of the five hundred things that Pete and I have in common is that we both despise flying. I just hate being up in the air with no control over when I come back down to Earth....

As I left the baggage claim area to look my ride, my cell phone started to ring. When I noticed who it was, I answered immediately.

'Hey Tricky!' I said.

'Hey babe. How was the flight? From the sound of it, you made it safely back down from the heavens,' he teased. He always made fun of me for being afraid of flying. He had tried to convince me time and time again that airplanes were a perfectly safe mode of transportation. I, however, was perfectly content staying on the ground whenever possible.

'Yeah, I made it alright. I was just about to head outside to look for Charlie,' I told him with a laugh.

'Ok then. Like I said before, when you get to the hotel we won't be there, since we have that interview thingy. And I have some bad news, too,' Patrick said. I could tell from the tone of his voice that something was bothering him.

'Oh dear. What's up?'

'We had a major scheduling conflict somehow, and now we have a show tonight. I know we were planning on spending the day all together with no work stuff, but I guess that might have to wait until tomorrow,' he said with a sigh.

'Trick, it's ok. Can I at least come out to the show?'

'Do you even need to ask? Of course you can come! Just tell Charlie to bring you straight to the venue when you're done dropping your stuff off at the hotel.'

'Sounds good, buddy. By the way, has the secret stayed safe so far?' I asked, speaking of the surprise we had planned for Pete.

'It's been really tough to not tell them you're coming out, but I have managed to keep my big mouth shut. You owe me, Care Bear!' He yelled at me.

I laughed at his comment and suddenly spotted Charlie outside the airport waiting for me to approach the car. 'Trick, I gotta go! I see Charlie. I will see you guys in a little bit.'

We said our goodbyes and I headed over to the car and to Charlie. Here I was, Sweet Home Chicago. The place where I grew up. The place where I met my best friends. The place I loved. I breathed the fresh Chicago air in deeply and climbed into the car. Here we go....

Pete's POV

'Why is Patrick acting so weird?' I thought to myself as I walked around aimlessly through the backstage area. We were at the venue where we were playing this evening and Patrick kept getting phone calls and disappearing to take them in private. Weird, seeing as how I don't think Patrick has ever had anything THAT interesting going on in his life.

I was happy to be home in Chicago after touring for the past three months. Coming home was always fun, and the crowds in Chicago were always the best. Home of the diehards....

As happy as I was to be back in Chicago, however, a part of me just felt empty. Hollow. Like something was missing. I couldn't really put a finger on it, but it was really bothering me. I didn't usually get nervous before going onstage anymore. It was like second nature to the guys and me at this point. Tonight something just felt...out of place.

'10 minutes to showtime, guys!' our tour manager shouted at us, snapping me out of my haze. I smiled, realizing what time that meant it was. I pulled my Sidekick out of my pocket and dialed her number, just as I did before every show. I hadn't missed one yet....

Carrie's POV

I smiled as my phone started ringing in my purse. Seeing who it was, I immediately answered.

'Well hello, Peter Pan,' I said sweetly to the person on the other end.

'Hello yourself, Wendy,' Pete said, using the nickname he had given me when we first met. He was my Peter Pan and I was his Wendy. That's just how it worked....

'To what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call, my ever-so-busy rockstar buddy?' I asked, smiling to myself.

'I am about to go onstage, and I really needed to talk to you today. I have been I don't know how to explain it, really. I feel like something is missing around here.' Pete explained to me. I could tell something was wrong with him. 'Sing to me?'

'Of course, what are best friends for?' I began singing one of our favorite songs through the phone to him. He sat silently and listened for a bit. Suddenly, his voice interrupted mine. 'I think I might be falling asleep or dreaming or something. It sounds like your voice is getting closer to me. Like you're in the same room or something.'

'That might be because I am,' I said aloud, causing him to jump and turn around to face me.

'Oh my God!!' he shouted and ran from his place on the couch towards me, nearly knocking me over while hugging me. 'What are you doing here?!'

'Coming back to the place where I belong,' I replied. Those stupid butterflies reappeared in my stomach while I hugged my best friend. All my problems from the past days seemed to fade away in that hug. He still smelled the same. I think I could have died happy in those tattooed arms. So this is what home is supposed to feel like.....

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