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Switchblades and Infidelity

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Concert time!

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Chapter 4: Switchblades and Infidelity

Pete's POV

'Oh my God!' I thought to myself. I couldn't believe that I was standing face to face with my best friend of 12 years. The best friend that lived thousands of miles away from me. The best friend that I though I wouldn't see for quite some time. I wondered why no one told me that she was coming to visit. As if she had been reading my mind, Carrie said, 'This was supposed to be a surprise! Was it a good one?'

'I am pretty sure that this is the best surprise I have ever gotten,' I said. A strange feelings came over me right then. I no longer felt the emptiness that was consuming me just minutes ago. I felt - better. Like everything was going to be ok. 'Weird,' I thought to myself.

It had been 6 months since we had last seen one another, but we had managed to talk on the phone almost every single night. I will admit it, it was hard to keep our friendship strong while we were apart. But on the days we didn't talk to each other I would sink into a slump of sorts. The guys would notice a change in me. I would withdraw from people. I would want to be alone. I would miss notes during shows. I took that as a sign - I needed her in my life. And from what I understood, she needed me too.

Carrie's POV

By the time we were done hugging and yelling our hellos to one another, it was time for the guys to start their show. I took my place - just to the left side of the backstage area - to watch the show. I had always stood in the same area at their shows. I didn't really have a reason behind it, it's just where I gravitated to once the music started. So we deemed it "my place".

The show was amazing - as usual. For someone who had just minutes ago called me to tell me about how sad and lonely he was feeling, Pete had a ton of energy on stage. When the show was coming to a close, Pete stepped up to the microphone. 'This one goes out to one of the most important people in my life. And if you think Patrick sounds sexy when he sings this one, you should here her!' He turned and smiled in my direction. They started playing "Thnks fr th Mmrs" as I thought to myself. 'Did Pete just call me sexy? Or was he just talking about my voice? What did he mean by that? Why do I care so much about this?' The thoughts and questions just kept racing through my mind. I must have had a freaked out look on my face, because I suddenly noticed Andy giving me a weird questioning look from behind his drum kit. I just shook my head and smiled.

Thoughts still racing in my mind, I walked back to their dressing room to wait until the show was over. Plus, those stupid butterflies were back, and I needed to sit down and regain my composure. I entered the dressing room and was immediately greeted by Pete's bulldog, Hemingway. Even after 6 months, he seemed to remember me right away and started following me over to the large green couch in the corner of the room. I layed down and Hemingway jumped up onto the couch so that he could lay on my stomach.

'Oh Hemmy,' I said, as though he could understand me. 'Do you think I did the right thing, coming back here?'

As if on cue, Hemmy licked my nose. 'Yeah, I hope you're right, Hem.' Within minutes, I had fallen asleep.

Pete's POV

I walked back to the dressing room to change after the show and saw Carrie sleeping on the couch with my dog asleep on her stomach. I smiled, and walked quietly over towards the couch. I kneeled down on the ground beside the couch and shook her gently. 'Wake up sleeping beauty,' I whispered. She slowly opened her eyes.

'Wow, I must have fallen asleep for a little bit there. I just came back here to relax a little and I don't know what happened,' she said smiling back at me.

I missed that smile. 'I see Hemmy remembers you,' I said, pointing at the sleeping dog on top of her stomach.

'Of course he remembers me. I am only the coolest person he knows!' she laughed at me.

'No way! I am way cooler than you could ever dream of being!' I said back to her, poking her in the shoulder as I spoke.

' Well Peter Pan, that might be true if you didn't smell so bad right now, but at this point, I don't even think your dog wants to be anywhere near you!'

'Okay, okay. I get the point. I will go shower!' I laughed. 'When I am done you wanna head out and get something to eat?'

'Sure thing! Just please, make sure you don't stink anymore, or I won't be able to digest my dinner!'

This is what I've been's a good thing she's home....

Sorry if this story is going really slowly. I am getting attached to it, and I don't want it to end. I promise something good is going to happen soon!!
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