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Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-07-10 - Updated: 2007-07-10 - 1290 words

"NO!" I defended talking on the phone to Tiff, she was really cool, for a misunderstood bitch. I heard shuffling on the other line and got a little curious as to what she was doing.

"Sorry I got a little spaced, just band problems," Tiff sighed as the clattering stopped.

"Oh, you have a band? Why not make a demo and get famous?"

"We would....if we had a singer, I totally suck and don't have the courage to sing."

"Oh I'm sorry, I would join if I could sing and shit, but I can't."

"LIAR!" Benji yelled into the mouthpiece, snatching the phone and running to the other room, with me following. "Tiff, don't believe her! She can sing and she is good at it."

"Really? She could totally save us!"

"And she writes kick ass songs!" I tried to grab the phone but failed as Benji held it above his head. I jumped trying to grab it, the only way I'm gonna get it is if I knock Benji down. I jumped again, grabbing his arm and pulling us both down. The phone slid across the floor as both me and Benji scrambled to get it before the other. Benji grabbed it before me, and I quickly swiped it befroe he got a tight grip on it.

"Sorry about that," I sighed fixing my hair and rushing upstairs.

"No problem, so I guess that's what all the crashing was?"

"It was defense to the phone!"

"Whatever you say, love bird."

"I do not like him!" I groaned cross. Tiff started to laugh and I heard some more shuffling followed by clattering and what sounded like the strings of a bass-don't ask how I identify instruments! "Do you play bass?"

"Uhh, yeah. How did you know?"

"I could hear it...don't ask!"

"Okay, I was about to, but now I won't."

"So anyway, when I went to see her last week-"



"Oh yeah snobby one!"

"Well not only were all the pictures of me in her house gone, my ex-boyfriend who we both promised not to date ever agian because he was abusive, well he was there-"

"Didn't she say that no one was in her house when you called?"


"What a bitch!"

"Yeah, so then I got out of the living room as quick as I could and to her room grabbing all the clothes of mine I lent to her, which was over half my closet. It's half the reason I was so poor and still am, not only were the pictures of my best friends gone they were replaced with pictures of her."

"And what was the point of that?"

"Well on the back of each one was a word, I still have to arrange them to get the message and it's supposed to be a flip book so with the message is an action."

"That's kind of corny..."

"Well, we vowed that if we broke the friendship that we had to do something really memerable to show are real feelings for the other person, like how we felt when the friendship started. We even sighed a contract on it, we both have a copy and her's is framed on her bedroom wall and it still was when I was getting my stuff."

"Wierd, you were a wierd kid."

"I bet you were too!"


"You can't hide what's inside!"

"I can, I will, and I have."

"Oh, aren't we the sneaky one." She laughed and I started to get bored.

"Yo chill out dog, it ain't that fun-nay. Let's raise duh roof tonight, home skillet!" Tiff started to laugh really hard.

"You sound like a mix of a geek trying to act ghetto and...Joel Madden and his horrible attempt to be ghetto."

"That was the point, dog."

"Aight, aight. That's cool."

"Well I've gots to go homie G, the man is a callin'."

"Man, he's always tryin' to bring the gangsta's down!"

"I know dog! I'll ring ya later, see ya."

"Bye." I hung up and trotted down the stairs slipping the phone in Joel's hand on the way down. I made my way to the kitchen where Benji was on his cell phone with Paul.

"What up? What up?" I yelled in the mouthpiece.

"Anna, we are talking buisness!" Benji growled at me.

"Yeah, reading off a list that contains soda, chips, beer, and hot girls is totally buisness."

"If you want to continue our party tonight it is!"

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and opened the freezer door letting the frosty air hit my face as I stuck my hands into the ice cold depths and pulled out a carton that read 'Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream'. I set it down on the counter and pulled out a spoon setting it down on the blue, speckled, marble counter and opened the carton lid reavealing vanilla ice cream, with chunks of light brown dough and brown chocolate chips stuck between all the ice cream. I picked up the spoon and scraped the surface picking up ice cold goodness that filled my mouth, and chilled my body. Okay, it's not like I'm in heaven...but hell, it's really good! Two arms went around me and grabbed my spoon, I didn't bother to look back, it had to be Benji. He took a spoonful of ice cream and took it back to his pierced mouth. I turned around and looked him in the eye watching him swallow the liquid in his mouth.

"What?" he asked after moments silence.

"Nothing," I smiled.

I clutched the red towel that was around me, covering my body and drying me off. I pulled out a set of clothes and set them on my newly made bed, then walked to my vanity table, brushing my hair and drying it. I pulled my hair up in a clip letting a huge chunk of my bangs fall out, then I braided a few strands putting small elastics on them. I stood up and slid off to my clothes, putting on my black bra and panties, then slipping on my black capris. I pulled out two studded belts, one was green and the other black, I put them around my waist but not in the bely loops. I picked up my black and red striped quarter length sleeve shirt and put it on, while heading over to my vanity table again. I dumped the make-up on my table and put eye liner on, really thick, then I put five streaks down from my eyes. I also put on red eye shadow and clear lip gloss, then I grabbed a pair of skater shoes and slipped them on running out of my bedroom door. We had booked the club for all of the guys and my friends, which really was Tiffany, and she was bringing her band so they were considered my friends. Their names are Alex and Ashley, they seemed like cool people. Alex was a blonde who always died her bangs different colors and Ashley was just a plain blonde who really did nothing drastic with her look. I stopped by Benji and Joel who were waiting for me by the front door, and we headed out.

Once we got there, like the first people there, we dashed inside Benji and I were racing to the stage while the place was empty.

"Cheater!" Benji whined as I jumped up the stairs and on the empty stage over looking over all the....emptyness.

"I did not cheat!" I defended. Benji stomped his foot and looked at me, before I knew it he grabbed my feet and I fell over his shoulder and he started to carry me off.

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