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Drunk ENough To Dance

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Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-07-10 - Updated: 2007-07-10 - 2854 words

I swirled around in the bar chair entertaining myself as I waited, and looked for Tiffany. I spun around once again and stopped over looking the dance floor, then sighed and spun once again. I started to get bored and ordered myself a soda, I'm not a fan of alcohol...this early. I planned to get drunk for the first time tonight, I only hope that I'm a happy drunk. I started to gulp down my drink when Billy and Paul sat next to me.

"What up? What up?" Paul asked mocking me from earlier.

"Dude you sound like Chuck," Billy laughed.

"What about me?" Chuck asked out of nowhere. He must have been walking by or something, but he stayed and stuck himself between Paul and me leaning on the bar.

"Nothing, Paul is just copying me from earlier," I explained, "I didn't realize that it was something you did also."

"So why aren't you dancing like you usualy do?" Chuck asked, god he only knew me a few days and he knows me this well? Well he did hear a lot of stories about our little parties.

"I'm looking for Tiff...have any of you seen her?" I asked glancing around still.

"Nope!" Both Billy and Paul chimed together. I looked up at Chuck wanting an answer, he just glanced around.

"No I don't see her," Chuck sighed looking back at me, "Pierre likes her, don't tell anyone I said that....even you Paul!" Paul just attempted to look innocent. I laughed and walked off to look in other areas or at least sit outside. I scanned the dance floor from different angles, no Tiffany. I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and watched all sorts of people go into the club. I sat on the curb watching all the cars flash by, to my surprise there were a lot of cars out this late at night. I glanced behind me again and still no Tiffany, she said she would come early but so did everyone else. Even that bitchy friend of Benji's decided to come early, she was the first besides me and the guys, then she got really dissapointed on three accounts. One, I was there, two, I was there before her, and three, Benji was carrying me around. Too bad for her though, I was there first. I pulled my legs up to my chest hugging them, it was really cold out tonight.

"Your gonna catch a cold stupid," Tiffany laughed poking my back. I jumped up and turned around to see her and two other girls.

"Don't call me stupid, stupid!" I said with a southern accent. Tiffany laughed and pulled the two girls by the arms up to her side.

"One, that was insulting to where I come from, and two this is Alex and Ashley."

"Nice to meet you," Ashley smiled holding out her hand, I graciously took it then Alex's. We all headed back inside and sat back down at the bar.

~A few hours later~

Benji had told me to hold off on liquor for now, or at least until he said I could have it. Doesn't matter I have five more hours to get wasted, although that's not really a good thing. The music died down and the microphone was approched, I looked up to see....Benji?

"Settle down," Benji resisted laughing, "We have a special treat for you guys tonight, come up here Anna." My heart stopped imediatly, no way did he do this. I slowly stood up and stumbled to the stage taking a place right next to Benji. "Alright something that everyone here knows, except Anna, is that tonight is auditions for Tiffany's band which is called Haine, and Anna...I took the liberty to have you audition first, I even picked a song for you."

"You what?!" I screamed without the microphone, "What song?"

"Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson." He smiled and shoved the mic in my hands and ran over to a stereo putting in an instumental version of the song. I took deep breaths and listened to the piano intro.

"I will not make the same mistakes that you did// I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery// I will not break, the way you did, you fell so hard// I've learned the hard way to never let it get that far// Because of you I never strayed to far from the sidewalk// Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt// Because of you I find it hard// to find it hard to trust, not only me,// but everyone around me,// Because of you, I am afraid I lose my way,// and its not too long before you point it out// I cannot cry, because I know that's weakness in your eyes /I'm forced to fake a smile,/ a laugh, every day of my life// My heart can't possibly break, when it wasn't even whole to start with// I watched you die, I heard you cry, every night in your sleep.// I was so young, you should have known better than to lean on me.// You never thought of anyone else you just saw your pain.// And now I cry in the middle of the night, doin the same damn thing / Because of you I never strayed to far from the sidewalk/ Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt// Because of you I try my hardest just to forget everything// Because of you I don't know how to let anyone else in// Because of you I'm ashamed of my life, because its empty /Because of you, I am afraid/ Because of you...// Because of you..." I looked back up after my my surprise I was being cheered for, well not by everyone one, the bitchy girl and her friends were giving me 'the look'.
"That was awesome!" Benji cheered taking the mic back and I scooted back to the bar, " you can have alcohol." I laughed and ordered a beer then looked over at Tiffany who was smiling back at me, as well as Alex and Ashley.
"That was good," Alex smiled at me, "I mean really good!"
"Why thank you!" We smiled and she grabbed my beer that was placed in front of me then took a sip, setting it back down afterwards. I started to drink and watch the other auditions, one beer later Now it was that bitchy girl who's name I just found out, Cristina. She started to sing Avril Lavigne 'Losing Grip' I didn't even like Avril and I knew all of her songs, notes, and dynamics, Christina wasn't right. I studied music for 6 years, do you think I won't know this? I sighed and snuck backstage, followed by Alex.
"What are you doing?" Alex whispered.
"Something that will put attention onto me," I smirked and plugged in a second microphone, keeping it off for now. Alex started to quietly snicker and placed her hand on Christina's plug getting ready for my sign to pull it. I strutted to the side of the stage, seen by everyone except Christina. My smile was getting bigger, I could tell. I waited for her verse...okay I'm a little buzzed and I wouldn't do this normally, but who cares when your getting drunk right? I looked over at Alex and smiled couting down on my fingers. Alex pulled the plug and my mic was on.
"Am I just some chick you place beside you to take somebody's place
when you turn around can you recognize my face you used to love me,
you used to hug me
But that wasn't the case
Everything wasn't ok I was left to cry there
waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare
That's when I decided
Crying out loud I'm crying out loud
Crying out loud I'm crying out loud
Open your eyes
Open up wide
Why should I care
Cuz you weren't there
when I was scared I was so alone Why should I care
Cuz you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
Why should I care
If you don't care then I don't care were not going newhere
Why should I care cuz you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
Why should I care If you don't care then i don't care were not going newhere." Christina looked back at me halfway through, I finished the song and looked at her with a smartass grin. She beared her teeth and dropped her mic jumping me. My mic fell to the ground and I started to defend myself, she was slapping me, and I was punching her back. I'm never gonna girl fight, screw that. Two tattoed arms came inbetween us and pulled Christina away holding onto her.
"I bet you like that don't you bitch!" I screamed at her, of course she does, shes in Benji's arms. I jealous? Is that why I did that? I rolled my eyes and stormed backstage with Alex, and we went back to the bar.
"What was that about?" Seb asked me when I was back at the bar. Where were TIffany and Ashley?
"I'll sit with you," Alex smiled sitting on the seat next to me. I nodded and ordered another beer.
"Are you gonna answer me?" Seb asked, I continued to ignore him and he ran his hand through his hair and looked back at me, "Anna?"
"Look, dude, she doesn't want to talk to you! Shut the fuck up!" Alex defended me. I glanced at her, flashing a small smile. She slighty smiled back, and ordered herself a pina colada. Seb walked off defeated. I gupled down my ice cold beer asking for shots and looked over at Alex. "I'm game."
"Good, I could use them, extra whiskey, I really need to get drunk," I sighed.
"Well after that I would want to too...especially if I liked the guy." I looked at her, and she shrugged, "I can tell, it was the same things I did, without the singing, I just cut off her mic and put the words on the CD making it look like she was lip syncing."
"What happened?" I asked as our shots arrived, about thirty shots were on the tray.
"Well, he saw me and got pissed, then went off to her in pity...months later he came back to me."
"Well thats good right?" I drank one shot and still looked at her.
"No, he ended up using me, just to get dirt and embarrass me in public." Alex took a shot and drank it.
"I had this nasty cut on my arm, and I made it myself...he took pictures of it while I was sleeping and put them all over my college, dropped out three days later and moved six hours where I started a band and everything was better." I drank a shot and so did Alex. A while later I was feeling it, and decided to get the strongest beer here. I recieved my drink and toasted with Alex who got the same.
"See ya on the other side," I smiled at her.
"Same." We started to gulp down the beer and I was wasted, serously. About two hours later I was hanging backstage with Alex who only had a little buzz, that girl is like immune.
"I love Benji, I hate Christina," I cried thinking about earlier.
"He'll get over her," Alex told me.
"How would you know!" I screamed, Alex jumped back, "I have to do something romantic and surprising." I flipped the microphone on and stumbled onto the stage getting everyone's attention. "Ladies and drunks, I have a very, very...very important announcement...Tiffany-"
"Anna, get down!" Tiffany strictly whispered loud enough for me to hear. I shook my head.
"Tiffany loves Pierre, and Pierre loves see how well things work when your pretty!" I sobed, "No one loves poor Anna, she's poor, smells bad, stupid, alone, fat, and very ugly! But Anna, who is me by the way...Anna loves Benjamin Madden, I'm head over heels for him...but he doesn't notice that, because he's too busy fucking blonde bimbos!!! Well guess what Madden, your sooo over! Like I want a faggot boyfriend who can't even be nice to me, and you not even my boyfriend...Shut Up Tiffany, you such a bitch sometimes! You know that you have bad parents stop bragging at least you have parents! Or at least you know who they are!" I dropped the mic, jumped off stage and stormed over to the bar, ordering another beer. I snatched it from the bartender and stormed outside of the club sitting on the curb drinking sip by sip.
"Anna..." Benji quietly whispered, "Anna did you mean that?"
"Did you come to ruin my god damn life?! Don't you think you've screwed it up enough?" I cried still clutching my beer and standing up, looking him in the eye.
"What the hell did I do?"
"Exsist Benj, you exsisted that's what! Before I met you, before I moved in with you, before you saved my life it was perfect. I wanted to die, screw my dreams of finally being reconized, and having a family with my soulmate, and having a bunch of children, I should've died. I shouldn't be here right now, I should be with my grandma and grandpa, and my ex-boyfriend who loved me more then life itself, I was supposed to join him a week after he died, but I didn't then I should've finally come a year after that, but I didn't! And it's all your fault!" I screamed as Tiffany, Ashley, and Alex came out.
"Anna..." Benji attempted to hug me, I pushed him away and took another quick sip of my beer.
"Don't fucking touch me! I shouldn't love you, cause you sure as hell don't love me, you love that fag Christina who loves Avril Lavigne...but she fucking sucks at singing."
"Anna, let's go home," Tiffany inturupted, "you can talk to Benji tomorrow, but let's get you in bed."
"Fine...." I quietly replied, "I'm ready to go." Tiffany grabbed my hand and Ashley opened her car door for me and Tiff, then Alex got in the front, with Ashley driving. "Why doesn't he love me?" I cried as we drove away, "I did everything to be noticed by him."
"He notices you, don't worry, I'm sure he likes you," Tiff smiled at me. I smiled back.
~Back at Anna, Joel, and Benji's house~
"What are you guys doing here?" Joel asked opening the door.
"Thank god your home!" Ashley chimed fixing my arm that was resting on her shoulder.
"She's having problem's walking," Tiff told Joel. He nodded and picked me up bridal style and carried me to my room.
"See you downstairs," Alex told Tiff. Tiff sat on my bed and looked at me as I looked for pajamas.
"Can I get some help?" I asked as I used Joel to get to my bed. Tiff nodded and grabbed my black yoga pants and a tight black tank top. Joel left and I used Tiff to keep me up, then I laid in bed.
"Need anything?" Tiff asked looking down at me.
"No I don't think so, but will you be here in the morning?"
"How about I get Billy over here to keep you company?"
"Yeah, that would be great, can you call him now?" Tiff nodded and picked up her cell dialing nubers.
"Billy?...Do you mind staying with Anna the drunk tonight?....okay....three minutes...yeah I'll watch her that long...two hours....okay, bye." Tiff hung up, "Billy will be here in three minutes, and Benji won't get home for another two hours, he has to stay with the party and wrap it up."
"Will you be here until Billy gets here?"
"Yeah of course."
"Tiff?" She looked at me, "Did he ask you out?"
"Who? Pierre?"
"Yeah silly."
"Umm, yeah he did, but I told him I had to think about it."
"Friends come first and you didn't seem to happy about us liking each other."
"Did you tell him that?" I sat up on my elbow and scanned Tiffany's face.
"Yeah, he said he would've done the same."
"Say yes, or else I will tell him that you say yes....wheather you like it or not."
"Well you already told the whole party that we like each other...that embarrassed both of us ya know."
"So..." Billy walked in the door with a set of extra clothes.
"I'm gonna go, see ya Anna." I waved and laid back down looking at the ceiling. "Watch her real closely."
"I heard that!" I smirked. Tiff left, and Billy stripped to his boxers getting in bed next to me.
"Hey Anna, are you okay?" Billy asked. I nodded closing my eyes and falling asleep.
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