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Chapter 9: Little Death

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"Please sleep my darlin, sleep. Your cry for inspiration never reaches ears on distant stars. And every night our lonley planet slides across the universe. And I won't pretend I understand." - (+44...

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I got the TAI... edition of Alternative Press magazine.
I cried myself. I swear. I wanna hug every single one of them. How sweet is it that Sisky really cared about William and he was the one that Will approached first.
Okay. I'm done. Read about it more in my gaia journal.

Lori sat in the truck watching the paramedics to numerous tests on William. They talked amongst them selfs. Occasionally asking her a question. How could it have come to this? The drug over doses, the cutting, the cussing, the ruined relationships. Over her stupid sister. It was Lisa's nature to be a bitch. In touch with her since she was 12 because they ran into each other at a rest stop. Lori envied her, most of the time. But she could only see a heart breaker now. Nothing further. Just a heartless, rich girl who only cared about herself.

"How long has he been out for?" Asked one of the doctors.

Lori snapped back into reality and stared at the man. "I would say about 45 minutes."

He nodded and continued with what he was doing.

"What happened to you?" She asked. A tear rolled down her face. "You shouldn't have listen to her. You wont have to deal with her again... I promise." She said. "I don't know what to do..." She finally burst, she lay on his chest, crying. She felt the touch of someone familiar stroke her hair. She didn't bother to look though.

"Lori." He barely whispered. "What happened?"

She lifted her head and smiled. "Sorry." She apologized, wiping another tear. "Hun, you passed out. You jumped off Butcher's drum set and you didn't wake up."

"That can explain my headache..."

"Excuse me, but may we ask a few questions.... standard procedures."

Lori nodded and let the doctor take her place.

"Do you remember where you live?"

"Chicago, Illinois."

"Your band mates?"

"Umm... Mike, Michael, Sisky and the Butcher."

"Do you know what today's date is?"

"December... 20th."

The doctor nodded. "Alright. We're pulling into the hospital right now."

"God, William. You really scared me."

"Sorry. I feel so stupid for this... I mean, you're pregnant... not supposed to be under stress yet your with me right now. You were the only one I could confide in right now."

"After what baby's been through, this is nothing. But she is scared."

He placed his hand on her stomach. "Sorry, I didn't mean to." He smiled, weakly.

The ambulance came to a full stop. Lori stepped out and found her friends, and husband, standing around. All concerned. She walked over to Pete and wrapped her arms around him.

"He alright?" He asked.

"He's feeling tons of guilt." She kissed his neck. "Baby, I'm scared."

"I know." He pulled her close. "Are you feeling any better?"

"If anything, worse. I feel so... I'm gonna throw up..."

"Babe... " Pete looked at Patrick, Joe and Andy, who were obviously waiting for them to enter the hospital. "You guys go. Lemme talk to her." They all nodded. "Lori, sweetie. What's going on?"

"I don't know. I feel as if I'm gonna collapse at any second."

A quick flow of wind flew past their faces. He felt her head once more. "Babe, you're still warm. Come inside."

He took her hand and walked into the hospital. Finding the waiting room where all their friends, anxiously, awaited. Everyone was silent. Nobody talked, no eye contact. Nothing.

Pete rubbed her arm. Occasionally whispering things in her ear. Things that should calm her down. She gave a nod, each time.

Hours passed, finally. The doctor walked out. "If you'd like, you may see him now."

The members of The Academy Is... all got up and entered to his room. "Let them go first, Lori."

She nodded again. Her eyes became watery, soon tears. The sound of her sobs began to get louder.

"Lori, you okay?" Pete asked her. She shook her head. She moved closer to him, he rested his chin on her head. "Sleep baby. Every thing's gonna be fine."

She listened to the calmness of his voice, yet she still sensed the worry he had. She slept.

But it wasn't the calm type of sleep she usually had.
It was a familiar one.
One that took over her body.
One she didn't want.

Hours went by.
"Lori." Pete called. "We can go see him."
She didn't move.
"Baby Come on." He kissed her. "They said he's alright now."

His band mates and friends looked confused. Staring at Lori's stone still body.

He shook her a tiny bit. "Lori."

"Pete, she alright?" Patrick asked.

"She's a light sleeper... why..."

"You don't think..." Andy trailed off.

"No." Pete replied. "No! That can't be, not again..."

"Is she at least still breathing?" Patrick said, getting closer to him.

Pete nodded "Y-yeah. She's not waking up. Get a doctor..."


"Get a fucking doctor!"


I'm so suspenseful. But yeah.
I got back from a long trip.
I didn't sleep at ALL last night.
I'm still drooling over my AP magazine and Fall Out Mafia.
inside joke
But yeah. I'm working on a video tomorrow... so ... I'll see if I can post.
Elena(wuz hurr)
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