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Chapter 10: The (After) Life of the Party

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Life is over. Life is starting. "I'm a stitch away from making it. And a scar away from falling apart, apart."-Fall Out Boy

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It finally happened.
Things finally reached the boiling point.
The point where it was impossible for anybody to survive.
Lori was still laying unconscious.
In the hospital bed.

There was nothing wrong with her. It was the fact that she was feverish and filled with stress that would make this baby premature.

Lori would survive of course.
But the thing that she has been living for... her life was on the line.
Pete sat in the waiting room... praying. The life of his wife, his baby, his best friend.

"Mr. Wentz." Said the doctor.

Pete looked up.

"Your wife is going into labor. The baby will be three months premature..."

He breathed, shaking his head in disbelief.

"We will do all we can to save your baby."

Hell they would. If they lost her... it would be the day Pete went insane. The hell he's been going through right now. All he was asking for was this. Him and Lori to live happily.

But of course, happy didn't exist in Pete Wentz's life.

"Pete... she alright?" Joe asked.

"She's having the baby... tonight." He replied.

"What? Tonight? She's not due for another 3 mo-"

"I know. Premature."

"Shit, Pete. I mean... I'm here for you."

"Thanks." He mumbled.

The members of The Academy Is... have been in William's room for almost an hour. Pete, with Lori already on his mind, started to worry. He wanted to see him... but he didn't want to miss any news that of what was happening to Lori.
He would just have to wait.

It was a long, awkward silence. Joe sat next to Pete, showing he truely cared. He occationally smiled to him. Patrick and Andy walked into the room, looking confused by Pete and Joe's silence.

"Everything... alright?" Patrick asked.

Joe bit his lip and looked at Pete. He sighed and got up, leading Andy and Patrick farther away from Pete.

"Lori went into labor... 3 months early. They don't know if the baby will survive. They wont let him in. So he's not taking it to well." He gestured at Pete.

"Oh." Patrick and Andy said at the same time.

They walked back to Pete, continuing their silence.

"I wonder how William's doing..." Andy said, trying to break the silence.

"They shouldn't be much longer... after the way they've been acting towards each other." Joe replied.

"Well... yeah. But now that he's sober, I think, he should be himself again."

"That was a pretty hard hit... I would be surprised if he was awake."

"He was awake when we saw him last..."

Patrick was in full silence. He couldn't stand seeing his best friend in such a depression. As long as Pete was silent... he was silent.

"Mr. Wentz..." The female doctor smiled. "Oh, hello Patrick." She blushed. "Well... we are almost done with her. Another hour or two. But... your daughter... has a very small chance at survival. As far as the moniters tell us... she's not doing so well."

Pete nodded at every word. "Thanks." He said. "What about Lori... how is she?"

"Well... Lori is still in a shock stage. She's doing better though. She's still confused. She has been asking many questions. She's very upset... and she wants to see you. But you have to understand... that we can't. Medical issues."


The doctor nodded. "I'll tell you if anything happens." She began to walk out of the waiting room. She turned and stopped. "See you later Patrick." She winked and continued on her way.

Andy laughed. "She loves you." He teased.

Patrick gave a weak smile. "She is my girlfriend."

The members of The Academy Is... walked into the waiting room.

"Hey... how's William?" Joe asked.

Sisky smiled. "Out of everything that happened these past months... I think it's safe to say he's alright." He said.

"Yeah, at the moment, he's completely sober." Mike added. He looked around the room. "Where's... Lori?" He asked.

Pete's face dropped. Of course they would ask that, but it would only get him more upset.

Patrick stared at him, knowing how much pain was going through him. He didn't say a word.

Andy was the one who spoke this time. "She's in labor..."

The band gave confused looks.

"She went early..."

"3 months premature?"

Andy nodded. "Yeah."

Nobody spoke. They knew what was in store for the troubled couple. Death.
There was no possible way this baby would survive, even if it did... she wouldn't be healthy.

About 2 hours passed. Still no news on her.
It was midnight, Pete stared at the floor. Joe and Sisky were sleeping, Mike was scrolling through songs on his i-pod with Butcher, Andy was reading a magazine, Michael and Patrick talked amoungst themselfs.
Lori has been gone for about four hours.

The doctor once again walked out. She sat next to Pete. "Hey." She said.
He looked at her.
"Well, we're finished with Lori."
His head flew back, and he breathed.
"Your baby on the other hand... she's still breathing. She seems to be okay."
This caught everyones attention, including the sleeping Joe and Sisky.
"But we would like to keep both of them... a minimum of a week. Your baby isn't the healthiest..."
A tear rolled down his face, he was filled with emotions. He was so angry at what was happening, happy that he and his lover, his only one brought a life into the world, sad that it would be taken away.
"I'll do everything..."
He smiled an almost un-noticable smile. "Thanks." He whispered.
"If you'd like... you can see her."

"I'd like that." He stood up and looked at his friends. "What time is it?" He asked.

"1:15..." Patrick said.

He looked around once more. He looked at Joe who had a small bit of hope in his eyes, Patrick who was hiding his sadness to keep Pete running, Sisky who was obviously holding back tears, Andy smiled at him, wishing everything would be alright. The other band members remained silent... but still showed concern.

He walked over to Lori's room and opened the door slowly. He saw her face, smiling. Her eyes red from her tears. He walked over to her. "Babe...sweetie..."

"I know..."

He smiled, looking at the tiny baby his wife was holding. "She's beautiful." He said.

She smiled back. "They don't think she's gonna make it..." She said.

"I'm so sorry I missed it... they wouldn't let me in."

"It's okay." She said, her voice breaking. "I mean... it's good we're getting to see her at all."

"Don't say that... don't believe what they say. Everything can be alright."

"Everything can... that can mean anything. Everything will... everything wont."

"We're not going to let her go, baby..."

"I don't wanna let her go. I mean... she's ours. We finally made something good. But we have a chance of losing her."

He kissed her head. "The doctor said she'd do everything to save her."

"I hope..."

He smiled. "Do we have a name for her yet?"

"I thought we agreed on Mia."

"Mia..." He repeated. "Well Mia... you're probably gonna be meeting a lot of people this week.."

Lori laughed. "They may act freaky but they are the nicest people on earth."

Pete looked at his daughter's facial expression. "She's smiling." He said.

She laughed once more, but soon broke out into tears. "I can't stand the thought of losing her." She cried out.

He wrapped his arms around her neck. "Baby it's alright..." He put his face in her hair. "Everthing's gonna be alright."


Two females approached the band. One was a tall skinny girl, she had long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Very blue eyes. She wore thick rimmed glasses and a tight 'The Academy Is...' band shirt. The other was a little bit shorter. She had shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She seemed to be the opposite of the blonde girl. She was more of a cheerleader type.

"Hi." The blonde greeted.

The Butcher laughed.

She smiled. "All I said was hi."

"No... it's just like... you look like a female version of Bill."

"Thanks. I get that a lot."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Okay."

"Being said that she looks like William is a complement for her." The brunette laughed. "She's in love with the boy."

"Anyways... hi, I'm Lena. I was at your concert... today."

"Oh. How did you know we were... here."

"She followed you."

Lena growled at the other girl. "No. I was in the front row... with my friend, Ashley. We were... looking for you guys to see if you were alright. But we saw the ambulance instead so we followed. We just didn't come until now... because we got something to eat and the other half the time we were looking for you." She smiled.

"Which is basically the same thing as following." Ashley replied.

"Oh shut up."

"Sit down... Lena and Ashley."

They did so and Lena took off her glasses. Revealing eyeliner that was worn out from tears and her very blue eyes.

"So... your fans?"

"I am." Lena said.

"Well... I'm not really but thanks to her I am into you guys. I'm more of the pop kind of person. I love stuff like Justin Timberlake and Avril Lav-" Lena wacked her in the back of the head before she was able to finish.

"We also stopped at staples for about an hour so... I can get stuff for this." Lena held out a card.

Sisky took it and stared at it in shock. "You made this?" He asked.

"After an hour... yeah."

"That's good. You and Butcher should work together."


Joe took the card from him and smiled. "That is good."

"I was kinda wondering... if you would give it to him for me?"

"Sure. We will. How old are you...?" Andy asked.

"22, 23 in April." Lena said.

"22... 23 in May." Ashley replied.


"And if you mention that I came... he'd know who you were talking about."


"I've kind of been in... touch with him."

"It's that damn... thing he's usually on. The computer thing. Wait... he's been talking to you?"

"And a few of my friends."

Sisky laughed. "Your that chick I talked to?"

She smiled. "Yeah. He said that talking to us keeps him sane. I know about all the shit he's been going through."

"I've talked to him too!!!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Shut up."

Ashley laughed. "Sorry. I get excited." She looked around. Seeing the members of Fall Out Boy. "Where's... Pete?"

"He's with his wife... and their baby."

"Oh no... you hear that Lanerz? He's married with child."

"I knew that. But today?"

"Yeah. The stress on both of them hasn't been too good."

"Oh." They said at the same time.

"Tell us more about yourselfs... you guys live here?"

"Yeah. Well... more of the northern Chicago area."

"Oh. Alright. What kind of music are you into?"

"I'm into the alternative rock stuff. My Chem, Panic... The Academy Is..., Fall Out Boy, AFI. My list goes on."

Ashley smiled. "I love stuff like Avril Lavigne, Justin Timberlake, Lily Allen. Hannah Montana..."

"If you don't mind me asking... is their anybody you really like in... The Academy Is...?" Patrick asked, grinning.

Lena blushed. "I don't really favor... but I love all of you guys. Their's something attractive about all of you. But William really gets me."

"She adores Sisky" Ashley coughed.

Sisky smiled. "I like you. Though I just... met you. I like you a lot."

"She loves you." Ashley teased.

"I hope you know that when you drag me along to meet one of your celebrities I'm gonna do the same thing to you."

Ashley looked at her watch. "Well... I'm gonna get a ticket. Meet you back at my house?" She asked Lena.

"Alright. Don't be asleep otherwise I'll doodle on you."

"Alright." Ashley waved bye and she left the hospital.

Pete walked out of the room and smiled. "Hitting on fans again, I see?" He asked.

"No... Pete, meet Lena, Lena meet Pete."

Lena smiled. "Hi."

Pete nodded.

"So... how is she?" Patrick asked. "How's the baby?"

"They're both alright. The baby's improving throughout the hours. She fell asleep. I stayed with her a few more minutes to make sure."

"Good. I couldn't have been more... scared."

"Thanks for your support guys."

"How are you feeling?" Andy asked.

"Releaved? Happy that they're alright. Exausted."

"Yeah. I think we should call it a night."

"I'm gonna stay with Lori."

"Alright... see you tomorrow."

Everyone began to walk but Sisky stopped. "I should give this to him... you wanna come?" He said, asking Lena.

She smiled. "Alright."

"You seem... nervous." He said.

"Well... you are one of my favorite bands that I actually got to hang out with for a while."

"Yeah... your right. I'd be a little scared too." They continued walking. "I dunno... there's something about you. If William's actually awake... he'd probably love you."

"God, I hope so."

"Well, the others seem to be taking a liking to you."

She smiled. "After the hell I've been through, I'm kinda happy that people are liking me. Years of being called weird, goth, anoerexic."

"That's mean."

"I've been shoved into lockers a couple of times."

"Eek. Harsh."

"Ha, ha. Yeah."

"Here he is..." Sisky held the door open for her and she walked in. "Okay... he actually looks better than when he did before."

William was asleep. He wasn't waking up anytime soon either. He looked tired. The bags under his eyes and his mouth told it all. He was still bruised up and his wrists were wrapped with bandages. The IV kept him still.

"He kind of does." She replied. She stared at his motionless body for minutes. Sisky set the card down and looked with her.

"He's a nice guy. Drugs ruin what he is..."

She nodded. "It does that to everybody. It seemed to have a really bad effect on him though."

"Yeah." He sighed. "Let's go." Lena followed Sisky though the hospital until they came to an exit. They waved good bye.


2 WEEKS WITH NO INTERNET! I DON'T HAVE A LIFE WITHOUT IT! I drew a very weird picture of some evil fairy turning celebrities into retarded things.


I'm done. I can't wait for the effing internet.

Elena(wuz hurr)
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