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Chapter 11: Baby You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek

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SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG! My parents finally left me alone so I was able to UPLOAD! Thanks Andie for reading. A little commotion goes on in the hospital.

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The next day...

Lisa walked nervously throughout the hospital. She had to do this. William had to know. Most of this was her fault anyway. Like Lori said... she should've just given him a chance. But she had a good reason. What if it ruined their relationship. The bands were extremely close. She went into the waiting room to check on her sister.

Mike glared at her.

"Hey... where's my sister?" She asked.

"With Pete and the baby." Patrick said.

She raised her eyebrows. "The baby?"

"She went in early."

"Oh..." Lisa smiled and looked for William's room. It didn't take her long to find it. She opened the door and smiled. "H-hey." She said.

He was awake. "Hi." He showed no emotion.

"Listen, William... I am so sorry. I know this is all my fault. I shouldn't have been so mean to you. I didn't know about those girls. I mean... I really do like you but it-"

"Well that's great. But after thinking about this... I'll live. You don't need to say anything else. Just leave."

"But Wil-"

"No. If you want me to be alright, you can leave."

She nodded. "Fine... bye." She turned around and left, she walked through the waiting room. "You can't even give me another chance?"

"I think we've given you enough. You put William and Lori here."

"How is that my fault?"

"You ruined William's way of thoughts and that fight you had with Lori just put more stress on her made her pass out." Patrick said. "Do you know how long it's gonna take for them to be back to normal? Physically and mentally? Even Pete. You didn't see him last night. Sure Lori's alive but their baby's life is on the line. Because of what you did to William you almost broke up the band. I think it would make everything better if you just left."

"You can't tell me what to do. You can't seperate me from this."

"You didn't even exist to us until this year. You meant nothing to us. I hope you know that we began to like you because Lori seemed to be very close to her. But now we know that you're nothing."

"I don't give a crap. I'm staying until my sister tells me otherwise."

"At the moment-we know for sure that she hates you."

Sisky got up. "Just leave. Everything was fine until you came. Will found somebody else." He walked out of the room.

"Fine. Chicago sucks anyway. You're not willing to give anybody another chance. I'm leaving... ass-holes." She gave them the finger and left.

"She'll be back." Joe said.


"Hello." The doctor smiled.

Pete smiled back.

"Well... your daughter is having a miraculous recovery. I've never seen anything like it."

His mouth opened with shock. "Really?"

"We would like to keep her for a few extra days though. A week the most."

"Alright. I mean as long as she's alright."

"Lori's with the baby right now, you can see her if you'd like"

"Thank you."

Pete opened the hospital door, grinning. He found Lori standing by the window holding their daughter. She turned around and smiled back. "Hey, baby." She said.

He walked over to her, sliding his arms around her stomach. "How are you feeling?"

"Alright. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. So does Mia." She said.

Pete kissed her. He let go of her waist and was handed Mia. He smiled. "She's beautiful..."

"Yeah..." She sighed. "I guess God was on our side today."

"Everyone's in the waiting room. Should I go tell them?"

"Hold on... I need to talk to William for a little bit."

"Alright. Good luck. I heard he was still being a little stubborn."

"I'll get through to him." She said before exiting the room. She walked through the hallway. She didn't want to see what he looked like. It would be worse. But things couldn't go down anymore. Nothing could get worse. The boiling point was reached and now the only way out is up. She found his room and entered it. William was awake, he smiled once she entered.

"Shouldn't you be resting?" He asked.

She laughed. "I'm done. I needed to see how you were doing." She staired at him, he was all bruised and scarred. His arms were all bandaged up and blood was scattered across the blanket. "Are you feeling alright?"

"God everything hurts... my head feels like it's gonna explode."

"You hit the floor pretty hard."

"Yeah, I feel horrible about everything now. I treated everybody like crap. I got into a fight with Mike, Sisky thought I hated him and Michael and the Butcher can't trust me! I just didn't know what was wrong with me. There was something, some kind of flaw that I couldn't get past."

"Everyone has there flaws, hun. Look at where I came from. A dad who never listened to me, a horrible step-mother and two bitchey half sisters. I don't even want to see Lisa anymore. So what if those girls didn't like you for who you are. I did, your bandmates did, all of your friends. Honestly, you're like my brother. You're more than a friend to me, William. Even if I was dead you can count on me. It's going to take a long time for you to rebuild everything... I know. I've tried killing myself countless times. I didn't succeed for a reason."

"But what if it wasn't meant for this?"

"You're gonna find someone. You'll know when she comes." She ran her fingers through his long chestnut hair. "Just don't give up."

"I'll keep that in mind. How's the little one?" He asked.

"They said she's recovering quickly."

"Once I'm able to move I'll come see her." He smiled crookedly.

"The morphene will go away soon."

"What about everyone else."

"They're all worried about you. I don't know what happened to Lisa, but everyone else is there. I would go out to say something but I can't leave the section."

"Alright. Does anybody know that we're alive?"

"Me, I don't know about you." She grinned.

William yawned.

"I should leave. I left Pete with the baby."

"Ha, alright. I guess I'll see you around. Being in the same hospital." He replied, smiling.

"Kay." She hugged him and walked towards the door.

"Oh and Lori..."


"Thanks, for everything."

She smiled back and walked back to her room. Pete was still with Mia, but was accompanied by his bandmates. They all smiled, happy that she was alright. She laid back down in her hospital bed and took Mia.

"You gave me a heart attack you know. You owe me." Andy said.

"Hey, it's not my fault." She said.

"Yeah, you look anorexic again." Joe said.

"Thanks... I think."

Pete sat next to her and kissed the top of her head. "Is it safe to say everything's alright?" He asked.

"I think so. William seems normal again, he doesn't look it but he's back to himself."

"Good, because they just went to see him. But they brought a / girl /." Patrick laughed.

"A girl?" She asked.

"Yeah, she happens to be friends with him from past tours and e-mail. Sisky knows for real, or so he says."


"Alright girlfriend, she has brownish hair with side bangs and blue eyes. Emo chick." Patrick said, showing a girlish tone in his voice.

"Oh no, not emo!" Pete exclaimed.

The group laughed. "So... you named her Mia?" Joe asked, changing the subject.

"Yep." Pete replied.

"Has she cried once?"

"No, actually. The doctor's worried that their might be some vocal damages though."

"With the way Pete screams, their might be." Patrick joked.

"December 21... isn't that the shortest day of the year?" Lori asked.

"Yeah. Freaky... And at midnight too." Pete answered.

"So... do you know if she's gonna be alright?"

"So far, so good. They don't know for sure though but it's looking okay." Lori said.



William was asleep by the time his bandmates walked in. "Shit, he's sleeping again?" Mike asked, whispering.

"I think he's doing it on purpose now." Michael said.

"Alright... he doesn't look any better." Mike said, sitting on the nearest chair.

"Well at least he doesn't look worse." Butcher replied.

The band continued to look at him until his eyes finally opened. He smiled. "Hey."

"Good, we thought you were asleep."

"I was... but I heard you guys."

"Yeah, he's still the same. If I threw a feather at you, you'd wake up." Sisky said.

William smiled, but his eye caught one other guest, a female. "Hi." He said, confused.

"Oh yeah. Sorry Lena. William, this is Lena. She was here last night, she was at our concert."

"A couple of other ones too. I met you at each one."

William nodded and smiled. "I remember you, you sent us that e-mail..."

"That you replied to."


"Anyway... are you alright? You fell... and hit the ground really hard. And I guess your still coughing up blood." Butcher said.

"My head still hurts. I feel like I'm gonna explode."

"It looks like you already did."

"Ha. I guess it feels like it." His smile slowly turned into a frown. "Well... I need to say I'm sorry. Everything I was doing to myself blocked out what I was doing to you guys too... I'm gonna swear right now, that I'll never-ever do it again."

"Don't put to much pressure on yourself, Bill." Mike said. "We knew it wasn't you, with the bitchy atitude and crap. Drugs and you don't work out."

"Yeah, they give you another personallity." Sisky added.

"Am I forgiven?"

"I dunno... what do you think?" Michael asked his bandmates.

Sisky smiled. "I would say yes. As long as you promise to never ever ever ever do it again. You scared the shit outta me."

"I wont."

"Your safe with me then."

"Yeah, do you want to sleep or can we tell the guys they can see you?" Butcher asked.

"Sleep sounds nice."

"Ha, alright. See you tomorrow."


Everyone left his room and his head crashed back into the pillow. Looking to the side he found a card.

I've heard about your experience with drugs and how it's been effecting everything and everyone. And it's about girls? Oh come on. The William Beckett that I've known would never let a girl get into his head. But I really hope you get better because if it weren't for you guys, I'd be dead as well. I think that it was my turn to save you. Be yourself and never let anybody get into your head. You have so much to be proud of. Your in an awesome band with awesome people, you have a great voice, a great writer, handsome. Those are only a few. As you told your fans, 'hold your head high, heavy heart' I guess I can say the same to you. Just don't give up.
And if you ever need to, gimme a call.

A peace of paper slid out from under, turning out to be the young girl's number.
"What a fucking psycho path. I guess I'll call her once I'm outta here..." He said to himself. He finally closed his eyes and slept.

I have a rant.
New TAI... vid.
Makes me cry, everytime I see it.
It's not only that vid though.
Slow Down makes me cry. We've Got A Big Mess makes me depressed.
Seed makes me cry though. You Might Have Noticed makes me depressed.
Works out that way.
New FOB vid.
Makes me cry.
I don't favor the song. I like Hum Hallelujah better.
What's with depressing vids these days?!
What now, MCR coming out with a video about a bunny that blows up?
Cha, how about a Panic! one about a little girl who gets taken by the beast.
I still luffle them though.
School's good. I made a lot of friends.
Uh-huh. They listen to that stuff.
I don't think as long as I have but pretty long.
(I've been listening to rock since I was 5. Blink 182 was my first favorite band)
I still love 'em.
I was reading something about Jonzetta-their keyboardest killed himself. I cried.
My mom caught me watching Txt Message Break-Up by Kelly and she got pissed at me.
It was kinda funny.
Stranger than Fiction sucked. It looked so much funnier but it wasn't.
I still haven't finished my videos.
I should do that today or tomorrow.
I'm aiming for today.
I'm listening to the (After) Life of the Party right now.
On the verge of crying.
You know... I wrote this while ripping a box to shreads with my teeth?
Paper offically makes me gag.
Before I get you pissed.... I'll leave.

Elena the Punk Rock Pixie
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