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What a Beautiful Mess We Have Made

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a little drama never hurt anyone

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"So..." I said, trying to think of something to do. I didn't want to bore her. "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Uhm, sure." She followed me into the basement. She seemed a little depressed.

"What do you want to watch?"

"I don't mind." I grabbed Texas Chainsaw Massacre and turning on the TV.

"Which movie is that?"

"You'll see, you said you didn't care what we watched."

We watched the movie. I sat next to her on the couch. I longed to be closer to her, but I think I had already come on strong enough.

She screamed and shoved a pillow in front of her face when she heard the chainsaw in the movie. I mocked her and she hit me with the pillow.

"What was that for?" I asked, pretending to be offended.

"I'm easily scared. Stop it." She laughed.

The movie ended, I couldn't tell if she hated it, or was just scared of it. I looked at the clock-4:52 PM.

"Shit! I have to go pick up Andy!"

"Where is he?" She asked, confused.

"He was taking his car to get fixed and needed me to pick him up at five...shit,shit,shit."

"Hurry and go then! Can't you call him?"

"He's going to end up waiting almost an hour anyway."

"I'll stay here."

"You can come."

"No, I need to take a shower, I'll meet him later..."

"Okay, use my bathroom and call me if you need anything." I couldn't believe how much I sounded like a relative to her or something.


"Bye." I ran out the door. I felt bad for leaving her alone but I figured she would be okay.


I grabbed my bag and searched the house for Pete's bathroom. I walked into his bedroom-messy. There were posters on the walls, books, old toys, cds, and God knows what else scattered everywhere. I found his bathroom and undressed, a little creeped out by the Morrissey posters in his bathroom. My cell rang.


"Hey Roxy, it's Casey, how is..everything?"

"If your concerned about me, don't be."

"I'm not. Whatcha guy's up to?" She asked me.

"We watched a movie and now he's picking up Andy." She laughed.


"Patrick said you two would probably watch a movie together."


"Because...uh...that's what he does with all his girl-female friends."

"Okay...well I'm getting in the shower so..bye."

"Bye." She sang and hung up.

I turned on the shower. Pete's bathroom was worse than his room. The shower was the only thing that appeared to be near clean. I got into the shower and sighed.

Was this a mistake?


"So what's this girl like?" Andy asked me about three-fourths of the way to my house.

"She's great. Nice, smart, beautiful."

"Looks like somebody's got a crush." Andy laughed. "You just sighed the most cliche description of a girl ever."

"Shut up."

We pulled into the driveway. Lightening flashed through the sky.

"Bad weather." Said Andy, looking at the sky.

"Got that right." I sighed, I wondered if Roxanne was out of the shower yet.

"Roxy?" I called through the house. No reply. I walked up to my bedroom and opened the door. My room was a fucking mess, she was probably a little freaked out by my room. I knocked on the bathroom door.

"You in there?" I heard a scream.

"Roxy!" I tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked.

"I'm fine! You just scared the shit out of me."


"I'll be out in a second."


I walked downstairs.

"Did you walk in on her?" Andy asked, grinning.

"No, I knocked on the door and scared her."

Andy laughed.

"Your an asshole you know that Hurley?"

"Who's an asshole?" Asked Roxy, coming down the stairs in a pair of jeans and a Blink-182 shirt.

Roxy giggled. I looked at Andy, who was pointing at me.

"I see you've met Andy." I said dully.

"Roxanne Locke." She said, shaking Andy's hand.

"Sir Andrew John Hurley." Said Andy, bowing.

"Sir?" Roxanne asked questioningly.

"It sounded more formal." Said Andy laughing.

"Anybody wan't supper?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Sure." Said Andy. "What?"

"Since Roxy refuses to pick the place, and your the pickiest out of all of us, you tell me."

"I'm not picky!" Exclaimed Andy.

"Your vegan." I stated.

"That's it. We're eating out at my choice and Wentz is paying..and driving." I laughed.

"That all you got?"

"I got more!" Said Andy, tackling me to the ground.

"Guys?" Asked Roxy nervously.

"Yeah?" I asked, getting up.

"You sure you want to drive in this weather? I mean, the roads are wet and slick and..."

"It's okay, I'm a good driver." I said.

"So was Bethany." I felt stupid immediatly. I didn't even think about her sister.

"Roxy, I'm sorry.."

"It's okay."

"I'll go get take out." Said Andy, catching on and heading out the door, leaving me and Roxy in an awkward silence. I ran up the steps into my bathroom. I shut the door and looked at my self in the mirror. I hated myself. I hurt her, because I didn't think. I slammed my head against the wall and sunk to the floor.

"Pete?" Roxy asked from outside the door. I didn't answer her.

"Pete!" She tried the doorknob.

"PETE!" She sobbed. What was going on? I opened the door, she ran into me.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to lash out! Oh God, your bleeding..Pete I'm sorry!"


"I'm sorry!" She sobbed.

"Don't apologize to me." I told her. "I'm the one who-"

"No-oh God Pete, why did you do that to yourself?! This is all my fault!"

"Roxy shhh...I'm fine."

"Don't hurt yourself like that!" She screamed at me. Her knees buckled, I helped her onto my bed. She was sobbing hard, I was afraid she'd cause herself to vomit.

"Hey, calm down...."

"I'm sorry..."


"God, I'm such a-"

"Shhhh..stop Roxy.." We sat there for ten minutes. The front door opened from downstairs. I laid her down on my bed and walked down the steps.

"Hey, where's Roxy?" Andy asked.


"Hey-Pete-your bleeding."

"I know." I said, grabbing a napkin and dabbing my forehead.

"What happened?"

"I can't even explain."
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