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No Food, No Sleep...What Can We Do?

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Short chapter. yup, thats all.

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"Pete that's a lot of drama..." Sighed Andy.

"I know, and it's me too but-"

"No..the point she broke down after just that..she's fragile man."

"I know, I'm just afraid I'll break her."


"Shut up."

" doesn't bug you at all that you've just met this girl and she's staying at your house?"

"It bugs me a little but-"

"Or the fact that you're trusting her very quickly.."


"Or the fact that-"

"Shut up!" Andy was laughing hysterically. "Well I'll go...leave you two alone..."

"Bye." Andy shut the door behind him. I crept back upstairs to my room and opened the door. Roxy jolted awake.

"Sorry!" I exclaimed.

"It's okay."

"Light sleeper eh?"

"Now I am, what time is it?"


"Damn, now I cant sleep until 2:00!"

"I wouldn't be able to either way."

"Really? Why?"

"I've had problems sleeping since I was little. Constant nightmares, too many thoughts running through my head..."

"I can relate now." She smiled sadly.

"Well, since you'll be up until 2:00..."

"Let's do something fun!"


thanks to everyone who reviewed, good inspiration to keep this going!
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