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Rukia's feelings towards Byakuya aren't what they seem and it is going to be hard to tell Ichigo and Renji. Her two bestfriends.

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"Ichigo, come on already! You are so slow!" Karin, Ichigo's sister with dark shoulder length hair and flashing dark eyes. "Alright, alright i'm coming already!" Ichigo, Karin's and Yuzu's older brother yelled back towards her. He had orange hair and red orange hair. "Hurry, before we are late and we won't get to see Rukia in time." Uryu, Ichigo's rival stated calmly.

"Shut it, Quincey!" Ichigo yelled and Orihime giggled, Ichigo's close friend that was a girl. She smiled brightly at Ichigo who rushed down the stairs to meet them. He smirked at everyone cockily before he said," Let's go!" They then followed Ichigo out of the house.


"Kuchiki-sama! Rukia-sama is no where near her rooms! Her friends are waiting in the lounging room!" A nervous slightly harrassed maid said busting into Byakuya's office. He looked up and stared at her with his cold grey eyes pinning her to the spot she stood at. "... I see. Don't worry i'll deal with this." Byakuya and the maid bowed before leaving the room.

Byakuya calmly left his study and down into the lounging room to see Ichigo pacing and ranting about Rukia being late or... "That cold jackass of a older brother could always come down to greet us or at least give us a explanation as to why Rukia's late!" Ichigo yelled not realizing Byakuya was right behind him and all Byakuya did was lift an eyebrow.

"Welcome to the Kuchiki house." Byakuya said coldly and everyone spun around to stare at the man. "Where's Rukia?!" Ichigo demanded ignoring that he was talking to the head of the Kuchiki Clan himself. Byakuya stared at him calmly yet coldly as he answered," I am not obliged to answer your questions." Ichigo gaped at him before he started turning red with anger.

Before he could explode Byakuya intervened and said," Wait here and I will get, Rukia." Without waiting for anyone to say anything he walked away. "What a.... jackass!" Ichigo finally exploded only to cause Orihime to giggle and Uryu along with Karin to sigh in annoyance.


"Rukia." Byakuya called out and looked up on the sakura tree's limb and Ryukia looked down meeting his cold gaze. She smiled brightly but slightly nervous as she jumped down to face him and she asked nervously," Yes, nee-sama?" "Ichigo and your friends from the real world are here. They are awaiting for you in the lounging room." Byakuya answered seriously.

Rukia's smile grew and relaxed as she said," Alright, nee-sama." Byakuya nodded his head and watched Rukia take off running towards the Kuchiki house but she seemed to hesitate. Byakuya walked in the opposite direction and towards the Kuchiki gardens.


"Ah! Sorry i'm so late!" Rukia said pausing in the lounging room's doorway. Orihime ran over to her and hugged her as everyone greeted her and smiling or smirking. "Where's that icicle of a brother of yours?" Ichigo asked looking around as if to spot Byakuya hiding from their sight. Rukia looked around blinking before her eyes saddened slightly.

"He's not used to... strangers being at our house, so we won't see much of him." Rukia answered and Ichigo sighed as he said," It's too bad, I wanted to see who was better once and for all." "Ichigo, if you push, nee-sama, he would go too hard on you." Rukia said gently yet firmly as she wondered how he had such a rivalry with her brother when they didn't even see each other that often.

"Hey, Rukia-chan, can you show us the gardens?" Orihime asked happily and Rukia smiled slightly as she nodded her head and answered," That's alright. Follow me." They put their things down and followed Rukia.


Rukia suddenly motioned them to stop and they looked through the bushes to see Byakuya in the garden sitting on a bench. He had his eyes closed and was breathing deeply. It was like he was almost... meditating, he seemex so relax. The most relaxed they had ever seen him or ever would most likely. Rukia watched him almost curiously when Byakuya's suddenly shot open.

He tensed up before stating calmly," Instead of staring at me like all of you have for the last five minutes, just come out and join me, if you wish." Rukia walked out from behind the bushes and sat next to him as the others stood a few feet away almost ackwardly. "Nee-sama? Was something on your mind?" Rukia asked looking up at Byakuya who looked down at her coldly.

"It's nothing, Rukia." Byakuya answered and turned up as he stared at the Kuchiki house and walked towards it. He paused and looked over his shoulder as he said," Make sure you and your friends are in and presentable before dinner, Rukia." "Hai, nee-sama." Rukia said bowing towards Byakuya's back and didn't stand up straight until Byakuya left.

"Finally! The stiff left!" Ichigo said and Rukia sent him a scathing look as she said," Ichigo, don't talk about my, nee-sama, like that. It's not polite and you will never gain his respect that way."
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