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Chapter 1

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Dinner with Byakuya, Renji, Jushiro and Toshiro was a very interesting thing. Especially when Ichigo gets angry with Byakuya and demands for a fight.

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Rukia walked them to their rooms and gave each of her friends a smile and a small hug. She then went to her own room to see a silk black kimono and silk black obi with cherry blossoms on her bed. Rukia's lips twitched upwards, she knew, her nee-sama, had bought it for her and obviously wished for her to where it tonight. She wondered why tonight of all nights.

She shrugged before going into her bathroom and soon all you heard was rushing water. Five minutes later she was out of the shower and back into her room with only a towel wrapped around her breast and waist. She had a hand towel and was using it to dry her short purple hair. She walked to a ancient carved dresser and pulled a drawer open.

She pulled out black lacy underwear and a matching bra. After making sure her door was alone Rukia stripped to her bare skin. Her body was shaped nicely, her hips curvy, stomache thin and her breasts nice and full. She slipped inside of her underwear before putting on her bra. She then slipped inside of her black kimono and tied her obi in a bow around her waist.

She looked on top of her cabinet to see a golden bracelet with a amethyst stone carved into the middle, given to her for her birthday by her nee-sama. She slipped it onto one of her wrists and then put a necklace on with her initials on it, which they were made of silver. When she was satisfied she slipped her sandles on and walked down the stairs only to be met by Byakuya at the end.

"The others are patiently awaiting your arival." Byakuya said glancing over her quickly and showed no emotion which made Rukia's heart drop in disappointment. She suddenly blushed deep red when he whispered," You look nice, Rukia... You aren't trying to impress one of those three boys are you?" "Of course not, nee-sama." Rukia answered flushing.

Byakuya didn't do anything as he held out his arm and escorted her into the dining room. Ichigo and the others gasped at the sight of Rukia, while Jushiro, chuckled and said," I should have known, Byakuya would spoil you rotten if he got the chance, Rukia." Rukia sent him a evil look as she said politely," He isn't spoiling me Captain Jushiro."

Toshiro rolled his eyes and asked," Captain Kuchiki, do you think it was wise bringing Captain Ukitake here?" Byakuya looked at him coldly as he answered," There is no reason for him not to be here." "Aren't you just a cold cocky bastard?!" Ichigo asked snapping at Byakuya and Rukia stiffled back a gasp as Orihime reprimanded softly," Ichigo-kun, don't say things like that in a guest house."

Byakuya barely glanced at Ichigo before he replied," You are a little boy with no manners and can't be even civil in my house, when I didn't have to even invite you in." "That's it! We'll settle our differences with our swords!" Ichigo exclaimed and Uryu shook his head sighing as Orihime looked at Ichigo with worry and Jushiro and Toshiro looked amused.

"He's asking for it alright." Toshiro muttered softly and Jushiro just nodded his head in agreement. Byakuya didn't even say anything as he just stared at a fairly pissed Ichigo. Rukia shook her head and hoped for the best when it was most likely going to be the worst. "Don't break the dishes boy and maybe i'll fight with you after dinner. You are scarying quite a few girls." Byakuya said calmly and coldly.

Ichigo blinked and looked at the girls before settling down and he mumbled," Sorry." Byakuya ate calmly and when he was finished he waited patiently for Rukia to finish. Once she was done Byakuya said," We will be having... a ball of sorts to celebrate, Rukia's birthday." Ichigo blinked shocked before he thought," Rukia's birthday is coming up?! Why didn't she tell us?!"

Rukia looked at Byakuya blinking slightly surprised but mastered her expression as she asked calmly," Who's idea was it, nee-sama?" Byakuya looked towards her and met her gaze calmly as he answered," Mine." "Like someone like you could come up with a idea like that much less go through with it." Ichigo spat out towards him bitterly.

Rukia looked towards him stunned before she narrowed her eyes slightly in regret and anger as she said firmly," Ichigo, stop! Don't talk to my nee-sama, like that, and in his own house. He rules this house and anything he says is law here." Ichigo looked at her shocked and thought," Rukia has changed so much here... he's changed her! She's like her brother!"

Rukia stood up when Byakuya stood up and bowed a little as she said," Nee-sama." Byakuya nodded his head and said," Rukia. I'll see you later." He just barely nodded his head towards the others before he walked outside and disappeared into darkness. Rukia looked towards Ichigo who was staring at her blankly and she said softly," Ichigo... i'm sorry. It's just that.... you were being so disrespectful."

"It's nothing for you to apologize about, Rukia. It wasn't your fault he was being a stupiid, stubborn jackass." Junshiro said leaning forward and a vein throbbed in Ichigo's temple but before he could do anything Junshiro, suddenly leaned forward and started coughing. "Captain Junshiro!" Rukia said shocked and took a step towards him.

She stopped when he lowered his hands to see blood splattered over them. "Nothing to worry about, Rukia. I'll be fine with a nights rest. You wouldn't mind helping me to my usual room, would you, though?" Junshiro asked calmly as he grabbed his napkin and wiped his hands free of blood and then his mouth. "Of course i'll help you, Captain." Rukia answered and moved towards him.

Toshiro stood up and put one of Junshiro's arms around his shoulders and Rukia went to his other side. She put her hands around his waist and nodded towards the others as she said," You may stay or come. I'll be back after we place, Captain, into his room and in bed so that he can rest." "You should probably tell, Captain Kuchiki what's happened." Toshiro stated.

Rukia nodded and they started walking away. Ichigo and the others followed worried for the sickly man. Rukia released one hand and opened a dark oak wood door to reveal a light room even in the dark. Rukia and Toshiro moved forward and placed him sitting on the bed. "Do you need help, Captain, or can you take care of yourself from here?" Rukia asked blankly yet respectfully.

"I'm fine, Rukia, Toshiro. Thank you for helping me, both of you." Junshiro said bowing his head slightly in respect and Toshiro said," It was nothing, besides we can't have another Captain end up dying, and we need you." Rukia bowed and when he motioned for them to leave they did, and Rukia looked at him while closing the door behind her.
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