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Chapter 2

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Rukia's birthday party, people they know and don't know are popping up everywhere. Byakuya is gone for most of the day until dinner and then presents. Everyone, even Ichigo, is wondering what Byaku...

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"Rukia-sama, time to get up." A maid said gently nudging Rukia awake who opened her eyes and sat up looking at her with sleepy eyes. Rukia looked up, eyes clouded over, before she blinked the sleep away and her lips pulled into a wide happy smile. "Happy Birthday, Rukia-sama." The maid said bowing before she turned and left to go do her other chores.

"A year older! Nee-sama... I can't believe he planned me a birthday party." Rukia said before looking at her chair in front of her desk only to blink. It was a silver silk kimono with a black silk obi to go with it. She smiled bemused as she muttered," Nee-sama.. maybe Captain Junshiro was right... he does spoil me, it seems."

She shrugged and slipped her night yukata and put the silver silk kimono on. She then tied the black silk obi around her waist in a bow. She looked closer at the silver kimono and saw faint pink silk outlines of sakura blossoms blowing in the wind. Her smile grew and her eyes softened before she put her sandals on and calmly walked out of her room.

Once she enterred the dining room she heard Ichigo start choking and Renji gaped at her. Uryu grudgingly helped Ichigo and Rukia looked around the room in confusion before turning to them and she asked softly," Where is nee-sama?" A servant had just enterred the romo and bowed to Rukia and answered," Kuchiki-sama, had some business to attend to and will be gone all day."

"All day..." Rukia muttered before nodding and the servant put her plate on the table before leaving. Rukia settled herself down before looking over at Ichigo and Renji and noticed their odd looks. "What is it? Does the kimono look bad on me?" Rukia asked confused and her eyes filled with sadness. "No not at all! You look good, Rukia!" Renji answered quickly and Ichigo nodded his head in agreement.

Rukia shrugged as she started eating slowly and soon Junshiro looked up and said," Rukia, your guests will be here soon." Rukia suddenly looked hesitant as she asked slowly," You helped nee-sama invite guests, didn't you, Captain?" "That's correct." Junshiro answered wondering where this was going exactly seeing that he was confused.

"Who did you all invite?" Rukia asked blankly and Junshiro suddenly smiled knowing at what she was getting at and answered," You know.. friends. You may not even get around to all of them anyways." Rukia smiled slightly as she looked towards the window.


Rukia looked around the room full of friends and adoptive family. Only one person she knew of was missing... her nee-sama, Byakuya. Rukia frowned slightly before she was pulled over to Karin's group of girls. "Did Kuchiki-sama get you that kimono?" Kukaku asked smiling innocently only for Rukia to look at her mistrustingly.

"He did." Rukia answered truthfully and Kukaku yelled triumphantly and said," Hand over the money, Yoruichi! I won the bet!" "You two.. put bets on who gave me the kimono?" Rukia asked before shaking her head, she didn't put it past these two women at all. She spotted Shunsui and her gaze brightened as she walked over to him and bowed respectfully.

He smiled down at her easily as he said," Happy birthday, Rukia. You won't turn out like your brother will you?" "Hopefully she won't. Can you imagine, two Byakuya's?" Junshiro asked beside him and Rukia shook her head amused as she smiled and answered," I won't, Captain Shunsui. Have either of you two seen, nee-sama? I haven't seen him at all."

The two men shared guarded looks and neither wanted to give away, Rukia's biggest surprise at all. "No, I heard he had important business to attend to, but i'm sure he'll be here soon. You are after all, his little sister, and he wouldn't miss your birthday party, the one he set up himself. DOn't worry, Rukia, he'll be here." Junshiro answered and Rukia sighed.

She knew the two were keeping something from her, but she couldn't decide what it was they were hiding from her. Ichigo walked over to the two after Rukia walked away and all he said was," Spit it out. What is Byakuya up to, now?" Junshiro blinked and said," You really don't have any manners at all. Byakuya was right about that a few days ago."

"We aren't hiding anything and what we know Byakuya isn't up to anything. Then again, he could be, but he's mysterious, no one knows anything about him, and if they do, not much." Shunsui answered and Ichigo knew they were lying and he knew Rukia knew they were lying. "You know, I know you two are lying and so does Rukia." Ichigo stated and the two's facial expressions stayed the same as if they really didn't have anything to hide.

"We have no idea what you are talking about." Junshiro said looking over at Rukia who was talking and laughing with Ichigo's sister's and Orihime.


Rukia looked up when she heard the front door open and then shut quietly. Her eyes widened in surprise before it turned to glee when she saw Byakuya standing in the door way. "Nee-sama!!" Rukia said walking up to him to greet him and he looked down at her and nodded. He wasn't carrying anything but walked towards the table.

He was in between Junshiro and Shunsui who whispered to him softly and he looked back at Rukia before nodding to the two. Rukia didn't see him put anything down but he had went to the table piled with presents. Byakuya finally stepped away from the table but nothing had been added and Rukia just shrugged. She didn't care if he didn't get her anything she was just glad that he was there on her birthday.

Ichigo stood beside her and was watching Byakuya closely as he said," I'm even wondering what he got you... if he got you anything." Rukia sent him a scathing look but before she could say anything Byakuya was in front of them and asked her calmly," Are you ready to open presents yet, Rukia?" "Hai, nee-sama." Rukia answered and Byakuya escorted her over to the table.
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