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your famous and you don't know if you like it

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You walked into the back area and found Frank sitting at the computer.
"Frank?" you asked
With out saying anything he got up and went straight towards you then pressed his lips against yours. You backed up right after he did this.
"you didn't feel anything did you."
"I'm sorry Frank"
"don't be, I just wanted to see if you and Gerard were truely ment for each other, I guess you are"
"Frank, I don't know what to say. I love you as my best friend, we are so close and I don't want to lose that."
"nothing will change, I promise"
with that he gave you the biggest hug and you two walked into the living room area arm in arm like old times. Once there you saw the other guys giving you a weird look.
"what?" you asked
"you two are still being all lovey dovey" Mikey said
"no were not, were being best friends, just because Carrie is dating Gerard that doesn't mean anything between us has to change"
"I have no problem with that, I know that they were best friends before we became an item" Gerard stated
"see so no side comments thank you very much. Now who wants sushi?" you said
"Me!" Mikey said jumping up.
And so every one went out for sushi, and you and Gerard walked hand in hand there. Once there you all took your seats outside the place since it was a beautiful night. Then flash flash flash you saw a male reporter taking pictures of you guys.
"please stop, we are trying to have a peaceful dinner" Ray said
He understood and got up and left.
You then followed them.
"hey wait"
"I know it's your job to get pictures, but who are you trying to get?"
"you, and Gerard. You two are the new gossip"
I had a bad feeling that that was the case. Alright old on right here. I'll see if Gee will be okay with that." and you left to talk to Gee leaving the reporter to himself.
'wow, she's really nice and understanding, not like most famous people' he thought to himself.
You returned to the table.
"Hey the reporter just needs a quick picture of us, is that okay with you or do you want us to try and stay a secret. I don't care personally, it's up to you."
"well, you were already on t.v and they did get a few shots of us already, but I would rather not get our picture taken. I try to keep my personal life out of my famous life."
"alright, I'll go tell them maybe next time."
"thanks for understanding" he said
you laughed
"whats there to understand? it is our personal life, no one needs to know about it." with that you walked away and back to the reporter
"sorry, he's not up for pictures tonight"
"oh, alright, thanks for trying, do you mind if I just get you then?"
"I don't know, I would rather you not"
"ok. thanks anyways"
with that he left and you joined every one back at the table.

The next night there guys had another concert. You were busy trying to sell merch but instead you had to sign autographs and have your picture taken with fans. You ended up being taken backstage by worm.
"thanks man, its crazy out there. since when am I so important?"
"since your Gerard's Girlfriend."
"That should't change anything. I'm still their merch girl, and now I can't even do that with out a fan asking to take a picture with me."
"Carrie, your famous now, girls want to be you, they envy you, and you have to understand that your life is different now."
"I never thought it would change this much."
with that you walked to the side of the stage to watch your man perform. After the show he walked off stage and made sure you were completely off when he embraced you in the biggest hug. You two just stood there no gap between you two at all. It was like neither of you wanted to let go at all. Then Bob came back stage.
"guys its been a good 15 min since the shows been over, we need to head back to the bus"
you stopped hugging each other, and took eachothers hand then walked back to the bus you resting your head on his shoulder.
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