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Feeling loved!

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Around two weeks later...

"Hey Carrie, your here to see the show again?" Andrew (the backstage security when not being your security guard because Gerard asked him to be) asked you.
"Yup, how are they doing?" You asked
You smiled and walked right back stage while he followed and left a different guard to the attend the backstage doors. You reached the side of the stage and just stood there watching Gerard with a huge smile on your face. Fans noticed and started taking pictures of you singing/dancing along to My Chem. A song after you came to watch, Gerard, noticed you came and he came to you and gave you a quick hug during Ray's solo in I'm Not Okay. Then for the rest of the show he kept on looking at you and making sure you could always see him. What you didn't know was that Frank was trying to get your attention the whole time too. After the show you went up to you merch table, took a few pictures and sold a shit load of merch with Andrew standing behind you. While walking back you heard "Hi Carrie" from some of the fans who were waiting for the band to come out. So you yelled and waved "Hi" back. Then continued on your way to the MCR bus. As soon as you got there Frank was heading out with Worm to meet and greet the fans.
"Hey Frank!" you said with a smile and a huge hug.
"Hey care, how's the famous life treating you?" he asked hugging you back
"Not bad, in fact it's crazy! I kind of miss my old life though"
" I know what you mean, but you have to addmit you love being loved" he said while laughing. You just stood there and laughed along.
"Hey come with me and worm, I think they will like it more."
"alright hold on let me get a sweatshirt, I'm kind of cold"
"Ok, just come on out when your ready"
with that they left and you went to your bunk and pulled out your pajama sweatshirt then went back to the front of the bus and watched the fans. You noticed their faces were either in shock, tears or joy or just pure smiles across their faces. You also saw a lot of flashes because they just couldn't get enough pictures of him. You then stepped out side and started to walk to them.
"Carrie, can I get a picture with both you and Frank please?" a girl fan around the age of 14 asked.
"Of course!" you said
You then surprised both of them by putting the girl in a Frank and Carrie sandwich hug. She was so happy she didn't know what to say after that. After a couple more photos and questions you and Frank went back to the bus arm in arm. The fans knew that you two were just best friends but you still did hear "why are they walking like that togther" and things like that along with pictures of you two walking back together. it didn't bother you or him one bit because rumors are silly and you and him plus the rest of the guys know the truth. You turned to him on the way back to the bus and said "Nice tat by the way, the new one you got of your grandfather. Kat did an awesome job"
"thank you and yes she did".

Once back in the bus you were sitting in the seat next to the driver still watching how many fans were waiting for more members to come out when you felt two arms come around and hug your sholders. You then let let out a deep tired breath/sigh turned around and stood up wrapping your arms around his stomach while his were still around your sholders. You and Gerard just stood there for at least 10 mins.
"Carrie, buzznet called brian and he called us, they want to talk to you"
"Alright, when?"
"tomorrow, their number is by the phone"
"you do know they want you to make an account like Alicia and her friends have" Gerard stated
"Probably, I don't mind though, it will make fans happy right?"
" Right."
"Now smile" you said to him
and you both looked up at your sidekick as you took a picture of you two hugging eachother and smiling.
"Oh and no that is not going on buzznet, it is going as my new background for my phone."
He laugh and then Worm came out.
"alright I think the fans have waited long enough."
"I agree"
with that you both hugged eachother alittle tigher and then kissed eachother ever so softly until he had to go and take Frank's place outside.

Next day...

"Hello, this is Carrie, Brian, MCR's manager told us (me and the guys) you called?"
"Hey! Good to hear from you. I'm going to get straight to the point. Since so many people want to know more about you and want to hear from you we were hoping you would make a buzznet account."
"sure, I'll have one up by the end of this week"
"thank you, do you want to be a buzzmaker?"
"nah, not unless I become extremely popular or something. Until then I'm good, thanks though.
"alright we will be looking forward to seeing your profile."
You then hung up the phone and went to the back of the bus and to and made your profile . Within two weeks you made some friends and you felt loved.

ps. that is my actual buzznet, but it's not based on a made up character, its my actual one, me.
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