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Smiles all around

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Frank as a secret.

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Frank's Point Of View

"Frank, I know what your doing" Mikey said from right behind me.
"what are you talking about?"
"dude, I know you like Carrie"
"Nah, what makes you say that anyways?"
"well for starters, the way you always look at her, the way you always have to hug her/hold her hand/be arm in arm with her, oh and when she walks in the room you can't help but smile, face it you have a crush."
"we're best friends Mikey. I'm allowed to hug her and smile while doing so."
"whatever man, just don't hurt my brother"
"I don't plan on it"
With that said Mikey passed Frank and headed towards the back of the bus.
'I plan on her breaking up with him for me, I like her and I'm going to try to get her to like me back' he thought to himself.
What he didn't know was that Carrie was sitting in her bunk reading and heard their whole conversation.

The Next day

Normal Point of View

"Gerard shouldn't you and Frank be at the stage with the other guys now?"
"Yeah but I'm not done with my make up and hair yet. You and Frank should go so I don't make him any later."
"Do you want some help?"
"I'm okay, go ahead, I'll be there in a couple min."
"alright" with that you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and went and got Frank and you two started walking to the stage.

As you two were walking arm in arm you were trying to think of something to say, so you looked at him and he had his eyes shut, his face towards the sunlight, and a smile on his face, so you just let him enjoy that moment and kept your mouth shut. All of a sudden you tripped over your own foot and went flying down the hill pulling Frank right behind you. All soon as you two hit the bottom (him to the side of you) you were still in shock of falling but then just started cracking up because you couldn't believe you fell. Frank looked at you like you were insane and then started laughing himself. You both didn't want to get up right away so you just layed there looking at the clouds.

You on the other hand were trying to think of some way to bring up what you heard yesterday between him and Mikey so you flipped overput one of your hands on the other side of his body so you were looking directly above him. He then opened his eyes and gave you a what are you doing look. You realized you were in a weird position and then forgot what you were going to say to so you moved your hand and stayed sitting looking straight at the stage area.

Out of nowhere you heard Frank start singing a Frank Sinatra song and it made you smile so you started to sing along too. He always had that way of making an akward situation go away, that's why he is your best friend. Once the song was over you stood up and held out your hand to help him up. Once you both were up and quickly kissed him on the cheek and said "thanks"
"for what?" he asked
"for making me smile." Right after you said that you looked and saw Gerard walking down the same hill you just rolled down so you let go of Frank's hand and ran to Gerard jumping into his arms and he carried you to the stage both of you smiling and laughing. Frank following behind still in shock that you kissed his cheek, but bummed that your arms were around Gerard.
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