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Chapter 4

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Rukia and Ichigo train in the Kuchiki training room. The Captains feel that Ichigo's spiritual pressure gets out of hand and they go to try and get it under control. Byakuya interferes and stops th...

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Rukia stood opposite of Ichigo her zanpakuto held loosely in her hand. "Are you sure about this, Rukia?" Ichigo asked grabbing his zanpakuto's handle from on his back. "Ichigo, don't hold back on me." Was all Rukia replied as she pulled her zanpakuto in front of her. Ichigo narrowed his eyes slightly as he said," If are you sure, Rukia."

Rukia and Ichigo ran at each other their blades clashing.


Byakuya looked up from his paper work when he felt to spiritual pressures collide in the location of the Kuchiki house. "Rukia and Ichigo must be training like they promised this morning after you left, Kuchiki-taichou." Renji stated also feeling the two spiritual pressures colliding. Byakuya didn't say anything as he went back to doing paper work along with Renji.


"Shirio-kun, where are you going?" Momo asked as she fell into step with Toshiro. "Ah, Hinamori. I felt Ichigo and Rukia's spiritual pressures collide and i'm going to go check it out." Toshiro answered before catching Momo and catching his footing when suddenly there was a shock wave of spiritual power. "Shirio-kun, what's happening?!" Momo asked suddenly terrified.

"Shimatta! Ichigo's spiritual pressure is out of control!" Toshiro said and took off towards the Kuchiki house with Momo right behind him.


Shunsui looked up and asked himself," What's going on?" He stood up and left.


"Kenny, did you feel that?" Yachiru asked on top of Kenpachi's shoulder as he left the 11 division office. "Ichigo's spiritual pressure is getting out of control. If we don't go get it under control, he'll kill whoever he's against." Kenpachi answered before taking off into a run towards the spiritual pressure.


Junshiro suddenly looked up shocked as Kiyone asked clearly shaken and startled," What's going on?! What's with this... this out of control spiritual pressure?!" "It's Ichigo's! Shimatta and he's going against, Rukia! She's in danger!" Junshiro answered before ordering," You and Sentaro stay here, i'll go there personally."

He took off leaving Kiyone to pick herself up from the ground.


Unohana looked up eyes widening a little and Isane asked," Unohana-taichou, whats' up with this spiritual pressure?!" "This is Ichigo's spiritual pressure and it's out of control! Rukia.. Rukia is in danger! Isane take care of everything here, i'm going to go help over at Kuchiki-taichou's home, since that is where it's coming from!" Unohana answered before leaving.

"Kuchiki-taichou's place..? Wasn't Rukia training with Ichigo? What happened?" Isane asked as she picked herself up and went to check on the others.


Sajin looked up and took off when he felt Ichigo's spiritual power go out of control, without saying anything to anyone.


Byakuya looked up as Renji asked," What is Ichigo doing?! If he doesn't get his spiritual pressure under control he'll kill Rukia!" Byakuya stood up as he grabbed his zanpakuto and looked out of his window. "Renji.... let's go." Byakuya ordered and Renji looked at him surprised before nodding his head and following Byakuya as he took off towards the Kuchiki house.


Kisuke looked up and said," Ichigo's spiritual pressure is out of control. Yoruichi, let's go and try and help them get things back into control." "Hai." Yoruichi said as the two took off towards Kuchiki's house.


Rukia jumped backwards as Ichigo swung blindly at her as her eyes widened and she said," Ichigo, stop! If you don't stop someone will be seriously hurt!" Ichigo didn't seem to here her as the door busted down and most of the Captains enterred the room. "Rukia!" Junshiro yelled just as Ichigo slashed down and cut Rukia along her arm.

Rukia cried out in shock before jumping back and holding her wound as blood soaked her shinigami outfit at her shoulder and her hand became soaked with her own blood. "Ichigo, stop!" Junshiro yelled as he ran towards Ichigo only to be pushed backwards at the oncoming wave of spiritual pressure. "Captain!" Rukia exlcaimed and sighed with relief when Momo steadied him.

Rukia made the grave mistake of looking away from Ichigo and suddenly Toshiro yelled," Rukia, watch out!!" Rukia looked back and her eyes widened just as he stabbed her through her stomache and his zanpakuto went out of her back. "Rukia!!" Junshiro yelled as Ichigo pulled his sword away and blood pulled around Rukia's feet.

Rukia coughed and blood splattered from her mouth and fell down in a thin trinkle down her chin. Kisuke and Yoruichi appeared and their eyes widened at the sight before them. Before they could interfere another wave of spiritual power came from Ichigo and kept anyone from trying to help Rukia. "Rukia, no!" Junshiro yelled as Rukia dropped her zanpakuto.

"Nee-sama.. forgive me.. I... I can't... continue." Rukia thought but before Ichigo could go through with killing her Renji busted in and yelled," Rukia!!!" Suddenly a different spiritual force washed over them freezing even Ichigo in his place. Everyone looked in the door way to see Byakuya standing there one hand on the handle of his zanpakuto.

Byakuya glanced from Ichigo to Rukia and all he said was," Rukia." Rukia looked up at him and said," Nee-...sama..." He suddenly disappeared and when they looked over at Rukia and Ichigo, Byakuya was in between them. He had drawn his zanpakuto and knocked Ichigo's zanpakuto out of his hand. Ichigo's spiritual pressure suddenly disappeared and everything stopped.

Ichigo rubbed his head and asked," What... happened?" Byakuya put his zanpakuto back in it's sheath at his side and turned to Rukia and easily picked her up in his arms. He turned around and at the sight of Rukia's condition Ichigo's eyes widened. "You bastard!! What did you do to, Rukia?!" Ichigo asked eyes flashing with anger and hatred.

"You did this to Rukia, not I." Byakuya replied calmly but he was frowning a little and that seemed to set off a train reaction. "Byakuya, we must hurry! Her stomache wound is fatal!" Unohana said and Byakuya nodded as everyone followed Unohana and Byakuya carrying a now unconcious Rukia. Ichigo lifted his hands up and asked himself," What... have I done?"
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