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Chapter 5

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Rukia's recovery and the Captains have a meeting with Ichigo who is aloud to have his friends with him.

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Unohana was leaning over Rukia's unconcious figure when Rukia's eyes shot open and she let out a terrified pain filled scream. "Rukia, calm down. Don't worry i'm healing you, so calm down." Unohana said soothingly when Rukia's frightened eyes landed on her and she screamed again. "Isane, get Captain Kuchiki in here." Unohana said to her lieutenant.

"Hai." Isane said before running to the living room full of highly annoyed and worried captains. At the sight of her the ones that weren't standing up stood up. "Captain Kuchiki, we need your help! Rukia just woke up in mid operation and she's screaming. We need you to come see if you can calm her." Isane siad and Byakuya nodded his head and followed her.

Byakuya walked into the room and automatically went to Rukia's side. "Rukia." Byakuya said calmly and Rukia's eyes darted to him and she suddenly gritted her teeth as blood slowly flowed out at the corners of her mouth. "Rukia!" Unohana said before starting to work on Rukia's stomache again. Byakuya took notice of how bad the wounds were up close.

They were a lot worse than what they were when he first caught glance of them. He lifted his hand and wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and Rukia said softly and in pain," Nee-sama..." "Rukia. Don't worry... i'm here." Byakuya said and he stood beside Rukia and she reached out to hold his hand.


"Ichigo, what the hell do you think you were doing going out of control like that?" Kisuke asked after appearing behind Ichigo who hadn't even moved a muscle. The captains were there as well the only person not there was Byakuya. When Ichigo didn't answer Renji bit his lip in anger before asking," Ichigo, why!? You hurt Rukia really badly!"

"I didn't mean to hurt, Rukia! We were training and I relaxed... and the next thing I know Byakuya, that bastard, was holding a very badly injured Rukia." Ichigo answered vehonemently and Renji stiffened in defense before he stated his voice hardening," Ichigo, at the moment, you are in no place to call Captain Kuchiki, a bastard. If it wasn't for him you would have killed Rukia."

Ichigo's eyes widened at that as he span around to look at him. "I would have... killed Rukia?" Ichigo asked in shock and Junshiro answered unemotionally," You would have and if you had, you would have had to deal with us." "I didn't mean to hurt Rukia at all! I even asked her if she was sure she wanted to train with me." Ichigo said in his defense only to see no one was listening to him, not even Renji was.

"You all think.. I was doing it intentionally?" Ichigo asked shocked and Shunsui sighed slightly before he answered," We know you wouldn't have... but Rukia is precious to Captain Kuchiki. If he didn't kill you, we would have because she is also important to us." Junshiro watched him impassively before he said," You are a fool, Ichigo."

"Meeting, now. Ichigo you are going to be joining us and if you want, bring your friends." Byakuya said and they turned to see him in the doorway. They hadn't even heard him come in. Ichigo paled when he was faced with Byakuya who he knew was pissed but he didn't show any of his emotions, so Ichigo wasn't sure how pissed Byakuya really was.

"Captain Kuchiki, where is it going to take place?" Renji asked politely and blankly as Byakuya turned to him before he answered," Office, you know where it is, Renji." Byakuya then turned away and walked away. Ichigo watched as the captains slowly started leaving and Junshiro said," If you want your friends we'll send someone to get them. Come."

Ichigo followed Junshiro and he wondered how badly they all wanted to kill him at the moment. He walked into a clean and ordered office... a huge one. He recognized that they had already arranged the chairs while Junshiro was leading him up here. Four chairs lined up in a semi-circle. In front of the four chairs were a lot of chairs in a semi-circle.

Ichigo was pushed into one of the chairs not to gently by Renji. "Renji must be mad as well, who am I kidding? Of course he is... he knew Rukia ever since he was younger." Ichigo thought when he heard Orihime gasp before she said," Ichigo-kun!" She ran to his side closely followed by Chad and Uryu. "What happened here?" Uryu asked or more like demanded.

Byakuya who had been writing something looked up and said curtly," Sit in the chairs. We are having a meeting and it deals with Ichigo." They listened not dare even try to go up against the Captain of Division Six, Kuchika Byakuya. He seemed to finish when Unohana walked into the room, her eyes tired and yet at the same time troubled.

Before Ichigo could ask how Rukia was Byakuya asked calmly," How is Rukia doing?" "She didn't start screaming when she woke up again, but she was in immense pain. She'll have to at least rest for at least... a week to two weeks at most three to four months." Unohana answered looking down instead of meeting anyone's shocked eyes.

Byakuya seemed to harden as he said," I see." Unohana took the empty seet beside Renji and Orhime asked confused, shocked and scared at the hard looks that the captains were sending Ichigo," What's going on here? What's wrong with Rukia-chan?" Byakuya glanced at her and she froze when he stated," Do not talk until you are talked to first."

"She is not the one who had hurt Rukia, Byakuya so don't treat her as if she was the one who did it. You know it was Ichigo." Unohana reprimended softly but knew it wouldn't affect Byakuya at all. The three turned to look at a distraught and unhappy Ichigo. "Ichigo-kun... did you really hurt Rukia-chan?" Orihime asked softly, hoping that they were lying.

Ichigo looked down as he answered," I lost control.. and almost killed Rukia." "Ichigo-kun..." Orihime whispered softly as she saw the wretched pain visible in Ichigo's eyes. Byakuya after murmuring softly with the other captains looked at Ichigo and asked softly yet cold and unemotional," Are you willing to take your punishment for what you have done to Rukia?"

Ichigo looked up with strength as he answered," Of course, I will do whatever it is that you want me to do, to make ammends with Rukia and everyone else, Kuchiki-taichou." His three friends paled slightly as Byakuya stared at Ichigo before he said," Very well. You are never allowed to be with Rukia alone, one of us Captains, or lieutenents must be with you when you are with Rukia."

Ichigo's eyes widened but he also seemed relieved, he knew it could have been worse but it seemed Byakuya wasn't finished. "Also, if you are ever caught alone in the same room or anywhere, you will deal with me personally. Also you are never allowed in this house unless you ask me, myself and you are not to see Rukia at all while she is healing." Byakuya stated.

"Also the other captains, would like to add their own punishments." Byakuya said when Ichigo couldn't say anything at all. Ichigo couldn't believe all of the punishments, how heavy it really was but then... he had almost killed Rukia. "Especially Junshiro." Byakuya added after a few moments and Ichigo flinched knowing that he was Rukia's captain.

"You are to never show your face to Rukia when she is on a mission to the human world. Nor are you to ever train with her again, without us captain's there to watch over the training." Junshiro said and the other captains murmured agreements but Toshiro said," If I ever see you alone with Rukia or training with her alone.. I will kill you personally."

Ichigo made it where he didn't flinch, he would be strong during the times ahead, and he knew that even though he was short and only a teenage by shinigami rules, he wouldn't hesitate to keep his promise.
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