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[1] Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us

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Benji is a chic who decided that her boyfriend of four days was moving too fast with the talk of kids and running away togeather. She was 18 and she had a life to live! So instead of being smart an...

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Benji pulled her blanket tighter around her as she sat at her computer typing away, Instant messages going back and fourth between Sonny and herself. They were discussing their most recent planned downfall of the masses. Their most recent target was David, Benji's soon to be ex-boyfriend. She had it with him, they had only been going out for four days and already he was planning moves to Chicago and kids....and damn she was 18, she had a fucking life to live! She and Sonny created a myspace to go with their plot and posted an article on her faux internet tabloid. All for the world to see, but they only were concerned with one person. Sonny phoned David and told him there was something he needed to see. (
David was sent the links to the tabloid and the Myspace, both which stated that his girlfriend was seen outside Vegas the last past weekend, leaving a wedding chapel with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Being the idiot that dear old Davie was he believed every word of it.
"This is fucking beautiful...I have to tell my sister." Benj reported to Sonny, signing offline and smiling devilishly to herself. Benji flopped down on the bed and called her sister.
"Cade...he bought it."
"No fucking way is he that stupid..." She laughed. "You guys are so mean...but I'm photoshopping you wedding photos, you'll get them in an email later tonight."
"Sweet." Benj grinned, no way would Cade let herself be left out. "So what are you doing?"
"Working on your pictures, on my laptop, Billy's crashed on the sofa." There was annoyance in her voice but it was controlled.
"He's in a band...he get tired." Benj tried to save Cades Good Charlotte fiancé.
"We both know he's drunk off his ass." Cade sneered.
"Well I tried" Benj laughed. "So How is my favorite guy whose name I share?"
"He's a jerk-off...I haven't really spoken to him since you two tried to kill each other over a fucking name."
"Good times." Benji smirked. "So Madden hasn't mentioned me at all?" She questioned further.
" can breathe death." Cade was holding back her laughter. "So..anyway about your fake husband G-rad..." Inside nickname, Cade had met him once but that was it, but he seemed like he would like it if he heard it.
"What?" Benj asked after a long pause.
"Aren't you going to their show?" Cade asked, surprised that Benj had forgotten.
"Oh shit...yeah...why you going?" Benj asked.
"Billy got tickets, so yeah maybe we'll see you there." Cade sounded distant.
"Everything ok?" Benj checked.
"Yeah...just worrying about the dumbass...I'll call you later alright?"
Benj said goodbye and hung up the phone, knowing better then to get too deeply involved. Benj fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.
There was a knock at the door around 3am. Benji picked herself up out of bed after the knocking hadn't ceased in over twenty minutes.
"BENJ!...Babe I know your in there!....How could you do this to me? All he has is fame...I have more then he could ever give you. I love you!" Of course it was David.
"Go the fuck away!" Benji yelled through the door.
"Not until you face me." David sounded like he was crying.
"Oh Fuck" She mumbled to herself. "If you don't go the fuck away I'm calling my husband to kick your fucking ass." Sure it was complete bullshit, but she told one lie, why not a couple others? Eventually he stopped knocking and left. Benji poured herself back into bed and awaited the concert that came at noon the next day.
Benj woke up late, rushing to find bondage pants and a hoodie. She quickly got dressed, then applied mass amounts of eyeliner and black shadow. She brushed her black and red short hair straight and headed outside to her car.
"Shit I'm going to be so fucking late...." She pulled out of the driveway and sped onto the highway, hoping she didn't run into a car that might delay her passage to the promise land.
Sure she was going to be six hours early but she would be damned if she wasn't in the front.
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